TikTok Now Vs BeReal: What To Choose Among The Two?

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Despite being in the news for the wrong reasons TikTok has still made its mark as one of the most loved social media platforms. Recently, TikTok announced the launch of its in-house BeReal clone called TikTok Now. The platform has received a huge amount of criticism for copying BeReal blatantly, while others have downloaded TikTok Now standalone app and made it one of the top downloaded apps in many countries. In this article, you will get to know about, TikTok Now Vs BeReal and which app is better for capturing random moments of the day.

Earlier, Instagram confirmed that it is testing the BeReal clone feature for its platform. Snapchat too joined the bandwagon and rolled out its dual camera feature that will help the users to capture two different angles of view. 

5 Surprising Facts About TikTok
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TikTok Now Vs BeReal

TikTok Now Vs. BeReal

Both BeReal and TikTok Now work in the same manner. The app will send notifications to a user any time of the day and ask them to share the moment using the rear-end camera and front camera at the same time. However, it is to be noted that TikTok Now is a copy of BeReal.

Availability & Comparison Between TikTok Now and BeReal

BeReal is a French social media platform that helps you capture the random moments of the day by encouraging people to be more authentic on the platform. TikTok Now is the new feature from TikTok which works in the exact same manner as it sends you a push notification called “Time to Now.” 

Both TikTok Now and BeReal is available on the Play store and App store worldwide. In the U.S, TikTok Now will be available as a tab on the page. TikTok Now is largely available on iOS.

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Price Comparison Between TikTok Now and BeReal

BeReal is available for free globally for both Android and iOS. Since the TikTok app is free, it is understood that its add-on TikTok Now will also be available for free.

Privacy Comparison Between TikTok Now and BeReal

TikTok Now Vs. BeReal

TikTok Now has built-in privacy features. So, if someone under the age of 16 registers for the TikTok Now app, their account will be set to private by default.

Users who are 18 or more can share their TikTok Now to the Explore page. Users between the ages of 13 to 15 only your friends, and people you follow who follow you back will be able to comment on your post.

On the other hand, anything you post on the BeReal app is set to private by default and is only visible to your friends on the platform. But, you can choose to share your post publicly on the Discovery timeline by choosing the option at the time of posting.

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User Interface Comparison Between TikTok Now and BeReal

BeReal is essentially a photo-sharing app, launched in 2020. The app rose to popularity in recent months as users appreciated the platform’s idea of pushing the authentic self by capturing random moments of the day.

The user interface of BeReal is quite simple and easy to understand. The app will not replace any major social media platforms anytime soon but is a great alternative for sharing pictures.

TikTok Now is a new platform, that works in the same way as BeReal. The user interface of TikTok Now is believed to be the same as TikTok which means it is user-friendly and easy to use.

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Who Wins: TikTok Now Or BeReal?

So, analyzing all the aspects, for me it seems like both the social media platforms work in a similar manner. Since BeReal is the original among the two, it is easily better-suited for capturing random moments of the day.

TikTok Now might gain immense popularity than BeReal but the TikTok is essentially a short-form video platform known for its trends and challenges. So, BeReal stands out for me among the two.

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Wrapping Up

After Instagram tested and Snapchat launched their BeReal clone, TikTok has officially won the race by releasing TikTok Now, its in-house BeReal clone. To know about, TikTok Now Vs BeReal, read the entire article, and do share it with your friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TikTok Now?

TikTok Now will allow you to use a front and back camera to capture what you’re doing at the moment. Thus enabling a better way to connect with the wider audiences on the platform.

What is BeReal app?

BeReal as a platform allows its users to click a front and back camera photo at a random time every day.

Is TikTok Now a free app?

Yes, TikTok Now is a standalone app available for free globally.


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