TikTok Launches Test Of TikTok Stories That Vanishes After 24 Hours

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TikTok is the most viral video-sharing platform that has taken video creation to an extremely huge level. People are using this platform to earn tons of money so as to build a career out of it. Though it seems to be a full-fledged app yet the makers are trying to add some of the engaging aspects like TikTok stories. But why? Let’s find the reason for this post.  

From Instagram to Snapchat, every leading platform has the stories feature and the users love it. You can post a picture, short clip, or any post so that your followers can see it for a span of 24 hours. Well, this feature didn’t work for Twitter which was why Twitter removed this feature the previous week. 

Twitter might have removed its story section but it seems that the other leading platforms have loved the idea. That is why Tik-Tok is now coming up with an exciting idea that allows its user to explore the stories section. Just like Instagram, this feature will allow you to create short clips that will disappear automatically after 24 hours. But, will it be helpful? 

Well, without a doubt, Tik-Tok is already equipped with features of Videos, Duets, Stitch, and LIVE, yet the makers are about to run a pilot test for the TikTok stories. This means that you can see the stories of people you follow on TikTok. Now, the question arises as to how long will the pilot test run?  
Would it result in a public launch? If yes, then when?
Ahh!! So many questions!
Don’t worry, you will find the answers to all these questions below in the post.

TikTok Confirms Pilot Test Of TikTok Stories

It is hard to believe that TikTok became so popular in only four years! 

Yeah, You read this right. Just four years. 

In such a short span, TikTok became the platform for all viral videos. It is the fastest-growing app in the internet world. Be it a comedy video, a makeup tutorial, a dance video, or a singing video, TikTok has proved to be the best social sharing platform where people create content in a variety of categories. 

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Recently, Matt Navarra took to Twitter to reveal TikTok’s biggest experiment of pilot testing the TikTok Stories. 

According to the makers, this exciting addition to the platform will allow an add-on to the creative side of its users. Just like the other platforms, you can react to any story. Along with reaction, you will be allowed to comment on their stories as well. 

How to see other’s stories?

Simple! You have to tap on the user’s profile picture and this will load the story.

Yeah! It’s that simple. 

No matter if you use TikTok for fun or to boost your business, TikTok stories will help you out. This new vanishing clip feature will allow its users to see the content posted by their favorite influencers in a time-limited of 24 hours just like other social media platforms. 

How to use it to create stories? 

Creating a story is a simple task as well! All you need to do is to tap on the create button, available at the sidebar. Add on usual captions, trending music, and text, just like the way it happens on other platforms. 

However, TikTok might have to face disappointment as it seems to have no room for the still images.

So, how long will this test last? 

Well, TikTok makers might have confirmed the news but they did not say how long this test would run. Also, it’s not sure if this operational test will run worldwide or not. However, some of the creators have already got access to their new addition. 

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What We Predict: Is it Going To Be A Hit Or Not? 

The story is said to be a powerful tool that is known to inspire people to take action frequently. Moreover, if it is authentic, then it can improve trust too, ultimately leading to a great impact on the followers. 

Since TikTok is at the point of the next stage of growth, it is said that it will become the next billionaire app soon. 

Why Not?

After all, it thinks for its user. Right? You must have heard about the expansion of maximum length. It is now 3 minutes instead of 60 sec. This is why the analysts suggest TikTok come up with such an intriguing feature. 

But, is it really helpful?

The prediction calls for a yes! Obviously, if it has worked for Instagram and Snapchat then why not for TikTok? 

Moreover, using the TikTok stories can enhance your popularity especially if you are an influencer or a seller. As it can, 

  • Add on to your watch time.
  • Will allow you to get to understand your audience 10 times more, too in a better way. 
  • Will help in building connection and trust with the followers and a lot more.

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Wrap up: 

So, that is all for the news of Tik To Confirms Pilot Test of TikTok Stories. Well, it is just an experiment by the makers and they have not allowed everyone to use this feature, so no need to worry if you cannot use this feature for now. If things continue to perform well in the longer race, you will also get the feature, but no one knows now. 

Tell us in the comment section, what are your thoughts on this pilot test. Also, don’t forget to tell if this was helpful for you or not? 


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