TikTok Houses You Wished You could Live In!

‘Okay, I’m bored in the house and I'm in the house bored.’

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Muskan Gupta
Muskan Gupta
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Well, if you are also feeling bored in your own house, let’s crash into some amazing TikTok houses of the time.

TikTok, a video-oriented social networking platform was launched in 2017 and soon became the talk of the town. By 2020, it ranked as the third fastest-growing brand as people shortly became obsessed with creating content and getting likes leading to the creation of multiple content houses named TikTok houses.

Just imagine!! What’s the best way to create content other than living in a house full of friends and that too with no supervision? Sounds fun, isn’t it? Well, welcome to the 21st century, where creating videos could be a profession, and having a million followers means you can live in a mansion with your friends. After all, having a house reserved for fun is everyone’s dream come true especially when u can get paid for it.

Though the concept of TikTok houses is not new and seemed to be inspired by Youtube collaboration houses, the idea captured a lot of attention leading to the popping of numerous TikTok houses every week. Keeping up with this trend is no small task, but that’s where we can help you to keep you on track.

List of TikTok Houses

Recently, TikTok creators have risen to too much popularity and are competing shoulders with prominent social media influencers. They are constantly searching for unique and creative ideas to make their videos viral. That’s where these content TikTok houses come in demand as there is a great chance for creators to connect with different creators, expand their reach and connection, collaborate with other creators, and produce unique content.

1. The Hype House

Tiktok: TheHypeHouse
Followers: 19.5M

YouTube: The Hype House
Subscribers- 1.61M

Instagram: thehypehousela
Followers- 5.6M

The Hype House was the first created OG TikTok house consisting of a bunch of teenage TikTok personalities. Located in Los Angeles, California, It is a collaborative mansion allowing different content creators to either live in or visit for creating trending videos for TikTok. Initially, the house was established by Thomas Petrou, Chase Hudson, and Daisy Keech but they left this TikTok house in the hands of the new members-

Influencer TikTok Handle
Addison Rae@addisonre
Alex Warren@alexwaarren
Avani Gregg@avani
Calvin Goldby@calvingoldby
Chase Hudson@lilhuddy
Jack Wright@jack.wright
James Wright@jameswrightt
Kellianne Stankus@keliannestankus
Kouvr Annon@k0uvr
Larri Merritt@larrayeeee
Mia Hayward@miahayward
Michael Sanzone@sanzone
Nate Wyatt@nate_wyatt
Nick Austin@nickaustinn
Olivia Ponton@iamoliviaponton
Ondrea Lopez@ondreazlopez
Patrick Huston@patrickhu5ton
Ryland Storms@rylandstormss
Taylor Holder@itstaylerholder
Thomas Petrou@petroutv
Tony Lopez@tonylopez

The residence of this TikTok house is a Spanish-style mansion alighted at the top of a fenced street, containing a deluxe pool, grand backyard, large halls, and dining and living quarters for the members. Out of these,19 members live in the house full time and the others keep their rooms to crash when the need arises

The group is in constant mention and the hashtag #hypehouse has generated nearly 100 million views on TikTok. Even Netflix announced of airing a reality show at the Hype House

2. The Sway House

Tiktok-  theswayla
Followers- 5.3M               

YouTube–  The Sway House
Subscribers- 3.34K                      

Instagram – swayla
Followers- 1.7M

The second most known TikTok house includes a group of popular young male creators living in The Sway House. Located in Bel Air, California, it is most talked about. Well, how it couldn’t be when u have members looking like this !?

No doubt, every girl in the world wants to be a part of it, after all, it would be like living with the cast of The Vampire Diaries. Ok, stop with the dreaming and back to reality. Although  Sway House has the least numbers of members, it had held a prominent position with its members like-

InfluencerTikTok Handle
Anthony Reeves@luvanthony
Bryce Hall@brycehall
Kio Cyr@kiocyrrr
Noah Beck@noahbeck
Griffin Johnson@imgriffinjohnson
Blake Gray@blakegray
Quinton Griggs@qgriggs

The residence is a 7,800 sq foot mansion which was initially occupied by 6 young TikTok creators known as “ One Direction of TikTok ”. The house has become infamous for hosting a lot of parties that were attended by hundreds of people including many VIPs. 

The members of the TikTok house Sway were successful in recreating ‘the college experience without the college’. What else could you expect? with a house full of boys. 

Irrespective of the fact that this house was a dream of every boy and the fantasy of every girl, it was disbanded in Feb 2021 when members started pursuing their own careers and paths.

3. Clubhouse

Tiktok: Clubhousebh
Followers- 1.3M   

YouTube: Clubhouse BH  
Subscribers- 67.3k                     

Instagram: clubhousebh
Followers- 493k

The co-founder of Hype TikTok house, Daisy Keech after leaving her former house formed the Clubhouse with another creator Abby Rao. Located in Beverly Hills, California, it gave membership to actors/actresses, models, and celebrities. Though initially, the idea was to create an all-female house, it was soon improvised and allowed male creators to join. Its members include-

Influencer TikTok Handle
Abby Rao@abbyrao
Alexa Montes@814kid
Alicia Montes@aliciamontesss
Carrington Durham@carrington125
Chase Keith@chaser
Christopher Romero@christopherromero
Emmy Combs@emmycombss
Isaak Presley@isaakpresley
Isabella Durham@isabellabronzen
Katie Sigmond@katiessigmond
Katrina Stuart@katrinastuart
Kinsey Wolanski@kinseywolanski
Lindsay Brewer@lindsaymbrewer
Mariana Morais@maarebeaar
Sebastian Topete@sebastiantopete
Teala Dunn@ttlyteala
Tessa Brooks@tessabrooks

The residence is a seven-bedroom luxurious and deluxe mansion that houses many models and actresses. As the notion of the TikTok houses gained popularity, there was an increase in demand for them all over the world. Shortly, the Clubhouse parent company at Beverly Hills expanded from North America to a few other branches. These include 

  • Clubhouse Europe 

TikTok: clubhouse_europe 
Location: Malta

  • Clubhouse For The Boys

TikTok: clubhouseftb
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

  • Clubhouse Next

TikTok: clubhousenext
Location: Beverly Hills, California

Another concept of  Clubhouse Explore is soon to be launched, which will act as a roaming travel house that will explore different exotic and tropical places like Bali, Hawaii, the Maldives.

4. The House Nobody Asked For

Tiktok– thehousenobodyaskedfor       
Followers: 2.7M                                                   

Instagram: thehousenobodyaskedfor
Followers: 75.8k

The House Nobody Asked For is a group of eight young friends came together and decided to join the trend of creating videos in a house. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the members of the group already had a large following with their own fan base. But what makes this house unique is the fact their content is primarily comedic, funny, and enjoyable.

The uniqueness of the concept gave them popularity at the very initial stage and the audience loved the chaotic, messy personalities of their members-

InfluencerTikTok Handle
8illy (billy)@8illy
Caroline Ricke@richcaroline
Dawn Morante@thedawndishsoap
Marco Borghi@polo.boyy
Tobias Phillips@toborowitz
Tyler Funke@tylerfunke

As the name suggests, it was a concept no one thought of and no one tried. The eight creative members stayed together for 5 months creating acts and parodies with self-deprecating comedies and humor.

People loved these skits and started making memes on them and using hashtag #THNAF

But sadly, the group decided to end the journey and bid goodbye by posting twelve final videos and named them “the ending nobody asked for”

5. Kids Next Door (K.N.D.)

Tiktok: kidsnextdoorla           

Instagram: kidsnextdoorla

Kids next door LA
Kids Next Door LA

Age is just a number, proved Marcus Olin when this 21yr old launched a content house – ‘Kids Next Door. Sharing a house with seven other influencers, including his girlfriend Stephanie Margarucci, they created a buzz with their multiple posts and creative content. Located in Los Angeles, California, these members are trying to live up to their name by respecting their neighborhood and showing content can be created even without causing chaos and creating the so-called college vibes.

Influencers TikTok Handles
Stephanie Margarucci@beasteater
Marcus Olin@marcusolin
Jesse Underhill@jesseunderhill 
Hailey Ona@real.ona
Brandon Westernberg@beyondbrandon
Jack Riyun@jackriyn
Claire Hesser@clairehesser 
Alex King@akv

The residence of this TikTok house is a million-dollar manor with a capacious backyard, photogenic amenities, a luxurious pool, and extensive outdoor space in a quiet street. The house gained its name because of the power couple that was well known for their matching Neon-coloured hair. Initially, people started complaining about their frat-like behavior but the group soon changed their ways.

Living with your friends and girlfriend at 21 sounds intriguing and fun but Marcus showed it doesn’t mean all play and no work. He successfully created the content house and lead it to a victorious height. The audience admired them and enjoyed their voluminous content.

6. Vibe Crew

Tiktok: vibecrewla
Followers: 268.7k                   

Instagram: vibecrew   
Followers- 108k             

Youtube: Vibe Crew
Subscribers- 101k

Vibe Crew is a children’s content creation TikTok house made up of eighteen popular young creators aged from 10-15 yrs, for creating viral content for the group while exploring their talents.

All of them either have their unique talents, such as dancing, singing, and acting, or have their own substantial social media platforms. Most of the kids have appeared in some of the other shows

InfluencerInstagram handleFollowers Known for-
Txunamy @txunamy4.5MYouTuber and actress- on Chicken Girls
Lilly Ketchman@lillykofficial3.3MDance Moms
Enzo Lopez@enzoelopez371kGamer, TikToker
Stefan Benz @stefanbenzofficial218ksinger signed to CAA
Elliana Walmsley@ellianawalmsley_2.1MDance Moms, Dancing with The Stars Junior
Akira Akbar @akira_akbar243kCaptain Marvel, Young Beth on This is Us, Family Reunion
JD McCrary@jdmccrary221kThe Lion King, Little, Tyler Perry The Paynes, singer, dancer, vocal prodigy
Ava Kolker@avakolker1MSydney to the Max, Girl Meets World, singer
Lexy Kolker@lexykolker307kNetflix’s Freaks
Evan Hernandez @evanalexander06
12.7kAmazing breakdancer
IndiStar@indistar1.1MYoutuber, KidzBop, Netflix’s Dead to Me
Walker Bryant@walkerjbryant
1.1MYouTuber, Actor/Creator;
GiaNina Paolantonio@gianinasjourney978kDance Moms, Broadway star, The Greatest Showman
Artyon Celestine @artyoncelestine64.5kAmazing dancer – Dancing with the Stars Jr, America’s Got Talent, Little Big Shots
Corrine Joy@itscorinnejoy760kSinger, dancer
Merrick Hannah @merrickhanna1.8MSydney to the Max, America’s Got Talent-  dancer 
Lexi Hernandez @lexisoleil0835.8kAmazing breakdancer
Madison Rojas@madison_rojas28113kJane The Virgin, American Housewife, dancer

The mansion and the base of this group is located in Los Angeles, California, USA. Within a few months, they have gathered over 70 thousand Instagram followers, and 200 thousand TikTok followers.

This social media collective is blowing upTikTok and Insta with catchy songs, iconic photoshoots, trending dances, and the bonds of friendships we’ve never seen before. Recently, this Crew got into the -” Spooky Season Spirit and released a recreation of Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” dance routine. Wow, it is worth a watch..

Though there has never been any official announcement, the vibe crew has faded out making people question.. Is the vibe crew still a thing.. ?? After all the rumors we found out, technically, the group hasn’t split but just moved on with their lives, with many of them still being in contact with each other and some making their way into Hollywood.

7. Wave house

TikTok: thewavehouse    
Followers- 4.1M                 

Instagram: thewavehouse
Followers- 51.4k              

Youtube: The Wave House   
Subscribers- 25.3k

Wave House is a TikTok group and a house known for their dramatic and mysterious mask reveals of their members. It is the TikTok account that was created on September 1st, 2020 which brings together the most sensational new content creators to make a reality show of the TikTok generation. With an immense large fanbase of 4.1M followers on TikTok and 46.5M on cross-platform views, it was successful in piquing the interest of the audiences and leaving them all curious..about their concept and especially their Memberss..!!

Influencers Handles 
Eloise Fouladgar@eloisefouladgar
Jimbo Hall@jimbo__h
Kate Elizabeth@kateelisabethxo
Millie Taylforth@milliet25
Spencer Elmer@elmofilms
carmie sellitto@touchdalight

The Wave house members live in a $20 million luxury property, a  £5million mansion in the British countryside near London. The residence is 13-acres of land including a spa, a swimming pool, gym, and a 100-inch TV which cost almost £30,000…!! This seven-bedroom red-brick dream house is the largest collab house in the U.K

Initially, the members were kept secret as they used spiked masks to adorn their identities, keeping an air of mysteriousness, which are revealed one by one each day. Another thing that added to their mysticism was the vibe they created..with an air of luxury and splendor. Their videos feature milk baths, snakes, and colored smoke in the background.

This trend took social media by storm…there were countless tweets, memes, and discussions on the topic. More drama came into the cards when the chaos was created with the management.. the original members were replaced just after 3 months.. and a new cast was announced with the return of 2 original members.

Influencer Handles Followers Nationality
Ehiz Ufuah@_ehiz9.7MBritish 
Zack Fairhurst@maddzak3.3MAmerican
Reagan Yorke@reaganxo2.8MAmerican
Eloise Fouladgar@eloisefouladgar2.7MBritish
James ‘Jimbo’ Hall @jimbo.h1.3MBritish

The level was raised even higher when season 2 was announced with a new concept of a weekly reality show that will air on YouTube..!! In them, the internet celebrities will be taking on crazy and nail-biting challenges.

Along with the Weekly episodes of the show, regular posts and videos will be uploaded to the ‘The Wave House’ TikTok account. Also, the house members will be broadcasting over their own TikTok, YouTube as well as Instagram accounts.

Wrapping Up

Recently, many TikTok creators have risen to the height of immense popularity inspiring a great deal of the youth to consider it as a career path and convert hobbies into a profession. Gone are the days when social media and content apps were only meant for entertainment, nowadays people are using this to expand their reach, make connections, explore their talents and create a name for themselves in this fast pacing world. Thus, generating high demand for unique and fascinating concepts like TikTok house. 

Well, the idea of staying in.. in a house never have sounded so fun before..!! There is a huge number of TikTok houses now active at the moment..Well, what’s stopping you, go ahead and make your choice.. Personally, I loved the idea to be in Wave house since drama and mystery are my weaknesses.. but what will you prefer and why..?? Do comment and share your thoughts… I’m waiting..!!!


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