Senator Tiara Mack TikTok Controversy Causes Sparks Along With 4th of July Fireworks

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Senator Tiara Mack TikTok Controversy was caused by posting a video on the app. The video did go viral but created a lot of rows. While supporters of Senator Mack appreciated her for it, her peers from the political sphere weren’t so thrilled. Some made sexist and disputable comments. Many of the comments were targeted at her body and had less to do with her being a political figure.

TikTok is known for more controversies now than for its content. Recently there was a request from FCC asking Google and Apple to ban the app from their app stores. TikTok is always in the news for its newest trends. But lately, TikTok trends are causing more drama.

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TikTok isn’t quite the platform that it used to be. The app now has more drama that is detrimental to the creator involved. Let’s see what happened on the 4th of July over the app. Here is what was the real reason for Senator Tiara Mack TikTok Controversy.

What Happened with Senator Tiara Mack TikTok Controversy?

Senator Tiara Mack TikTok Controversy

Senator Tiara Mack has landed herself in a rather controversial position. What she believed was a fun video on TikTok ended up causing a lot of criticism from her fellow politicians. The video shows Tiara Mack twerking in a yellow bikini while doing a headstand. Not only did the TikTok video go viral on the app, but even the media was hooked to it. The fans of Mac were quick to come to her defense. They applauded her for all the work she has done till now, rather than holding one video against her.

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Sitting Senator, Jonathon Acosta addressed the fact that the criticism was thrown at Senator Mack from sexist politicians. He addressed that if it was a man doing something similar there wouldn’t have been much trouble to anyone.

To address the rising criticism, Senator Mack finally asked the media to also cover her winning a National Championship back in May. She asked the media to hold the opposing party responsible for refusing to hold a session for the 10+ bills that she proposed. Just like she is being scrutinized for her alleged irresponsible behavior.

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Wrapping Up

So this is all that caused the Senator Tiara Mack TikTok controversy. Tiara Mack posted the video on the 4th of July on TikTok. Little did she know the controversy a small video would end up creating. Do you support the freedom of expression regardless of sex or the career one is in? Let us know your views in the comments below! We will be back as soon as we have something new to tell you. Keep visiting Path of Ex!


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