7 Remarkable Things to Learn from Tony Stark

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We all admire the man behind the iron armor – Tony Stark. Tony is super rich and a genius by birth but he doesn’t get carried away by those privileges. There are a lot of things to learn from Tony Stark, our favorite Avenger.

Stark has been a major name in the MCU and Robert Downey Jr. has played the character to its literal perfection. Stark’s way of dealing with threats in a comical yet insulting manner is absolutely unmatched. Remember the time he snubbed Ebony Maw off with one of his famous dialogues: ‘I’m Sorry, Earth is Closed Today’? Yeah, one of the best savage moments of Stark in Infinity War.

Without further ado, let’s get into the real deal of the article and check out the list of things to learn from Tony Stark.

  • Learn from your Mistakes and Improve
  • Have A Never Quit Attitude
  • Always Have an Emergency Plan Ready
  • Love Unconditionally
  • Be Bold and Courageous
  • Do More Good than Bad
  • Be Kind and Selfless

Read along the article to know more about how Tony showcased such traits in the movies and how that can be motivational for you in your own life.

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7 Remarkable Things to Learn from Tony Stark

Remarkable Things to Learn from Tony Stark
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Before we begin, consider this as a warning. There are a lot of MAJOR spoilers ahead in the article. Now that’s made clear, let’s dive right into the lessons that the life of Tony Stark teaches us.

1. Learn from your Mistakes and Improve

Why is it one of the best things to learn from Tony Stark?

This is an important lesson that all of us should learn from Tony. We won’t sugarcoat this but Tony did make a lot of mistakes but he worked on them to become a better version of himself and we should try to incorporate this lesson into our own lives.

In the aftermath of his kidnapping in ‘Iron Man’, Stark realized that the very weapons he created to save the American lives were being used against their own forces. Soon he decided to shut down the weapons manufacturing division of Stark Industries, leaving everyone stunned. 

2. Have A Never Quit Attitude

Why is it one of the best things to learn from Tony Stark?

Even in the worst of times, we see Tony Stark with his never-giving-up attitude. This fact is made evident in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ when Tony figures out a way to make time travel possible after Thanos is successful in wiping out half the Universe in the events of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.

All of us go through some tough and terrible times in our lifetime. We are made to fall to the ground by the obstacles life throws at us but it is up to us to bounce back stronger and better than before and the character of Tony Stark teaches us the importance of this Never Quit Attitude.

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3. Always Have an Emergency Plan Ready

Why is it one of the best things to learn from Tony Stark?

It always pays off to have some contingency plans in place if things ever go south. In the events of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ when Wanda uses her mind control powers on Dr. Banner, well, needless to say, he HULKS OUT.

Apart from the fact that we get to see an amazing HULK vs IRON MAN fight scene, we also learn the fact Tony had already planned for such an event where Hulk might lose control and start SMASHING. We should take this teaching into account and be ready with Plan B’s.

4. Love Unconditionally

Why is it one of the best things to learn from Tony Stark?

Even before Morgan Stark was born, Tony took Peter Parker (SpiderMan) under his wings and recruited him in The Avengers, not because he needed him but because he saw potential inside of Parker. 

Stark took care of Peter as his own child and when in the events of Infinity War, after the SNAP, Peter turns to dust while in the arms of Stark, we all could sense how broken and devastated Tony felt at that point. The relationship portrayed between Tony Stark and Peter Parker is one of the most cherished bonds in the entire MCU.

5. Be Bold and Courageous

Why is it one of the best things to learn from Tony Stark?

Honestly, we all could use this tip in our lives to be more courageous in our actions. This is clearly seen when Tony takes on the Winter Soldier in the events of Civil War in hand-to-hand combat without his SUIT, like either you’ve to be super courageous or stupid to pull off a stunt like that. Either way, it is a big deal.

Another example of Tony’s boldness could be seen in his acts when he takes on the Mad Titan and makes him BLEED. However, eventually, Tony gets stabbed by the Titan but that doesn’t take away the fact that being only a mere human with no superpowers, Stark took the threat head-on. 

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6. Do More Good Than Bad

Why is it one of the best things to learn from Tony Stark?

Stark sure messed up a lot and we’re not here to cover up his wrongdoings. But we would also like to address that Tony never intended for the innocents to suffer. Stark used his wealth and technological advancement for the betterment of those in need.

The famous dialogue ‘Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist’ that Tony said to Steve might seem cocky but Stark actually did a lot of charitable work. We all should learn to put more good into the world and help others if we are in a position to do so.

7. Be Kind and Selfless

Why is it one of the best things to learn from Tony Stark?

Unarguably, Tony Stark had the best character development in the whole MCU. Tony’s character started as a selfish, irresponsible, and arrogant personality which underwent a major transformation over the arc of his storyline.

This is made evident in the overall conclusive part of the Phase-III of MCU, where Tony sacrifices himself in order to save the Universe. He didn’t even flinch and went for his own sacrifice because it was the right thing to do. Now, we are not asking you to sacrifice yourself (that’d be crazy!) but we should be kind and selfless in our actions towards the world.

Wrapping Up

This brings us to the end of our article on 7 Things to learn from Tony Stark. We hope that you could use some of the advice in your own life and overcome any challenge that you might be facing. Until next time, Love you 3000 from team Pathofex.

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