Things To Do On Valentine’s Day To Make It Ultra Special

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Why is Valentine’s day overrated? If we can celebrate our love for the nation on Independence day, then why can’t we dedicate one day to celebrate our love for our lover and things to do on valentine’s day to make it more special.

Valentine’s season adds a shiny bright effect to every city around the globe. I myself being a romantic person gets super excited about valentine’s. Having said that, I believe in today’s era where everyone is super busy in their routines, ‘QUALITY TIME’ is the best gift. Quality time along with efforts to do something unique for your partner is just way beyond impressive than bringing roses or gifts.

How about I share a few of the romantic, cute, and unique ideas of the things to do on valentine’s day. These ideas will also help you to tick mark some points from your bucket list of a couple of goals. I am sure you will thank me later for the ideas. Let’s read more to explore them.

Seven Amazing Ideas Of The Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

The most awaiting mind-blowing ideas list of the things to do on valentine’s day is released here. Do not think twice before getting on board with these ideas.

1. Baecation

things to do on valentine's day: baecation

How romantic it is to be far away from home but along with your partner. Just you and him, spending all day in a beautiful resort. Doing nothing, just spending time with each other, having breakfast in bed, watching some movie, swimming together, and a good comfy dinner at room’s balcony of the room with some wine.

Staying in a cozy place is great, along with that you can have an evening walk together. Enjoy the scenes in or outside your staycation place. The baecation is one of the most relaxing things to do on valentine’s day. This works best if your phones are switched for a day. Hence time is the best gift over any expensive gem.

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2. Take a Scenic Drive

things to do on valentine's day: take to scenic drive

One of the most romantic things to do on valentine’s day will be to take your partner on a surprise drive. If your partner is a nature lover, a short road trip to watch the sunset together will be an incredible surprise.

A road trip with a small pantry inside is just way beyond expression. It is filled with munching snacks and listening to music and talking on just senseless topics, with a great dose of laughter. It will be a great way to recall how you guys started your relationship as teenagers or adults, and now where you have taken your relationship to. How you two used to fight and make up for each other than compare it to today’s time when maturely celebrating it by recalling the memories. So don’t wait to choose a perfect place to have a road trip to relive your memories.

3. Can Go On a Hike

things to do on valentine's day: can go on a hike

One of the most trending things to do on valentine’s day is hiking. It is not just a walk, in our urban city’s busy life environment. Hiking is romantic in itself, you can take your partner to the countryside, or to the woods or the mountain hills. Sharing your experiences along the trail will unintentionally make your bond double stronger than ever before. 

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Ohh my God!!! Just the thought of immersing yourself more deeply with your partner in beautiful woods all around gives me butterflies in my tummy. If he actually does this for me, I’ll be in the seven skies. Take my word, have a hike this time, you will be amazed to see its aftereffects on your relationship.

4. Staying Up All Night And Create Music Playlists Of Your Relationship

things to do on valentine's day: staying up all the night

Late night talks + music + midnight meals + silence in the aura + moonlight = romance. If you both can just be in your comfy clothes, go to the beach or to your terrace, this valentine. There you can have a small tent to be comfortable and relive your relationship memories. Open your memory bank of late-night low volume calls, having maggie along with calls, romantic fights, and romantic chits chats. 

I surely wanna enjoy my memory bank with my partner. Appreciating a memory bank is one of the cutest things to do on valentine’s day. I would definitely like to tell my partner, that I deserve more pampering now, for handling him. And our songs list is better because of my choice. If you are up for this idea, do share your relationship playlists.

5. Food Tour Of Your City

things to do on valentine's day: food tour of the city

Any foodie couple in the house??? You guys must agree it is a special blessing of God to you if your partner enjoys the food as much as you do. So don’t go for overrated, expensive restaurants to have lavish dinners. This valentine’s your go-to-do thing should be a street food platter. 

How fun it will be to move around to different corners of your city, to explore new food places???? The idea is so yummy in itself. Create a very delicious platter of memories, this valentine with your favorite person and your favorite food. Have a yummylicious valentine’s day this 2022.

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6. Sparkling Swimming Pool Date

swimming pool date: things to do on valentine's day

So water babies, looking for your ideal date plan for this valentine’s day. This year try to select a remote pool site location. The remote location will enhance the curiosity in your partner’s mind, about your surprise. When the curiosity bubble of your partner will burst in the pool site location. Don’t forget to share their expressions with me……

How exciting it will be for you two. You can go swimming first, and have some fun in the pool!!!  After that, you can enjoy the sunbath there and relax with your partner. Then get your candles ready for the evening casual and super comfy dinner around the swimming pool with some drinks. I’m already in love with this plan.

7. Sunset Dinner Cruise

sunset cruise: things to do on valentine's day

I myself agree that going to a luxury dinner is very common. But for the corporate slaves, who are always running with the clock, getting no time to spend with their respective. With this dinner, you can just revive the romance between you two. Taking your partner to a cruise dinner to watch the sunset, will create magic.

Corporate slaves this valentine is your chance to sparkle the things. Imagine how adorable it will be to take your partner on the cruise, being kissed by a fresh breeze there. Enjoying seafood with cocktails and watching the sun melt into the ocean. Just close your eyes and have your visuals for this date. I bet you, by this time you will be searching for cruise options available in your city.

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Wrapping Up

Being a romantic person, and in love my with corporate slave boyfriend. I would really like to surprise my busy bee boyfriend by kidnapping him this valentine to have a romantic baecation, at the new resort recently opened in the peripheral area of our city. So, Girls let’s break the chain this year and surprise your boyfriends and make them feel special. Why should boys have all the credit !!!


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