5 Things Not To Do If Arrested

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Getting arrested is never a fun experience, and you may not entirely be sure what you should or should not do, so here are 5 things not to do if arrested. Just stay calm if you get arrested and take things one step a time, and you will find that your experience is slightly better than it could have been. 

Resisting Arrest Is A Big No

If you happen to get arrested, even if it’s for DWI charges, do not resist the arrest. This will only lead to more problems for you since resisting arrest itself a crime. Whether or not you are innocent does not matter at this point. That can get decided in court. Just let the officer arresting you do their job and deal with the rest of it after you are in communication with your lawyer. 

Keep Your Mouth Shut Except When Necessary

Another big no-no when it comes to being arrested is saying more than you have to. Everything you say when you are arrested can and will be used against you in the court of law, so why give them more information than they ask for. You can not get in trouble for not telling them your life story, so only speak when directly asked a question, and only answer the question that you are asked. 

Cooperation Is Not Needed And Should Not Happen

There may come a time when you are arrested that the officer making the rest promises you some type of deal if you cooperate with them. Do not fall for this, and do not do this. That officer  can not decide that type of thing, and they can say whatever they want to you to get you to talk. Just keep your mouth shut and wait for your lawyer since they will be more likely to get you some type of deal if you cooperate with the law if that is needed.

Do Not Try To Say Someone Else Did It

When you get arrested, do not bother trying to implicate another person. By listing off the names of people that could be connected to the crime, you help give the appearance the police were correct in arresting you. You do not want that, so do not give out names or any other information that the police could use to support the validation of arresting you. 

Get A Lawyer

When you get arrested, make sure that you get a lawyer. Lawyers know the legal system far better than you and will be your best bet in overturning your arrest and getting out before too long. Do not waste your time trying to defend yourself if you can get yourself a lawyer to help you out there. 


Getting arrested can be a tough time, but as long as you take the time to keep a clear head and do some basic research, you can avert possible problems for yourself in the future. You now know 5 things not to do if arrested. 


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