The Witcher Season 2 Episode 1 Story Revealed

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Season 1 of Netflix’s most popular Original series set in the fantasy world of witches, wizards, and monster hunting premiered more than a year and a half ago back in December 2019. And while the sequel of The Witcher is scheduled to hit Netflix this December 17th, fans have received important revelations regarding the series ahead of its release.

The Witcher TV drama is based on the international best-selling book series of the same name and the work of Polish author – Andrzej Sapkowski. And just like the first season that adapted the collection of short stories from The Last Wish, The Witcher Season 2 will be following that same tradition.

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S02E01 Officially Takes On From ‘A Grain of Salt’

While the pilot episode of the series took its inspiration from The Lesser Evil short story that featured Renfri, the opening episode for season 2 adapts the story of A Grain of Truth. Although this short story was expected to make it into the first season, it’s only in Season 2 that we’ll get to see the tale of A Grain of Truth. 

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Moreover, the same was confirmed by the showrunner and executive producer, Lauren S. Hissrich, who in a video posted to the Netflix Geeked Twitter account, revealed the story details of the first episode of season 2. Describing it as one of her favorite short stories, Hissrich confirms Episode 1 as the adaptation of Sapkowski’s ‘A Grain of Truth.’ 

Here’s what Hissrich exactly said in the video,

It’s been the worst-kept secret that we’ve had but we are adapting ‘A Grain of Truth’ for the opening of our season two of The Witcher. After season one I thought our chance to finish the short stories, that we lost that. And instead, we were able to adapt this story and to bring Ciri into it. It’s a story of a father and daughter coming together in a place that doesn’t quite feel safe for them. And, of course, we really get into Nivellen who’s played by the incomparable Kristofer Hivju. And we get to explore his character and his backstory as well with Geralt. It’s really the perfect kickoff for season two because it’s about family. It’s about the secrets that we keep from each other and it’s about the monsters that we are inside sometimes.

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Story Behind The Witcher S02E01

So what exactly goes down in the events of the short story of A Grain of Truth? Read along to find out but consider yourself warned as there are potentially Major Spoilers Ahead!

The Witcher Season 2 Episode 1 Story Revealed
Source: Screen Rant

The Witcher Season 2 Episode 1 will cover the encounter of Geralt with a newly added character named Nivellen (played by Kristofer Hivju). In the short story, Geralt runs into Nivellen while on the mission to investigate the killings of a merchant and a young woman.

In the following series of events, Nivellen, who is a cursed man-beast, explains to Geralt how it was his own misdeeds that got him in this cursed state. Nivellen recalls that it was during a temple robbery where he was coerced into raping a young Coram Agh Tera priestess by his squadmates. 

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As a result, the priestess cursed Nivellen to become the monster that he is today. Episode 1 will also see the introduction of Nivellen’s love interest, Vereena who is a powerful and deadly vampire. But as a twist in the story, Geralt finally kills Vereena eventually breaking and undoing Nivellen’s curse. While this is the crux of the short story but how it’ll pan out on the screens is something we all need to look forward to.

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