The Wave House: Drama and Mystery Of Masks!!!

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Muskan Gupta
Muskan Gupta
Muskan has walked a long journey through literature and poetry to finally find a home in words. Mystery and Drama are the two words that best describe her. She makes sculptures come to life, turns noise into solace, improvises ordinary to extraordinary through her words. You'll feel her presence in her art. With her whole heart open wide, she invites you to look at the world through her mind.

A wave house is a TikTok group and a house known for their dramatic and mysterious mask reveals of their members. It is another content creation house that took the concept to another level and raised the bars so high. Recently, the times have been challenging and while lockdowns have proved to be fatal for many businesses, they had also been a boon for others. The pandemic had driven people back to their homes with no one to meet and nowhere to go. At these isolated times, TikTok and its unique ideas provided the exact distraction people needed. Where youth was bored and restless, started channeling their time and creativity into something productive.

As a result, TikTok grew rapidly and became one of the most influential social platforms making many young talented people famous overnight. Within a few days, people were reaching stardom or as the gossip girl used to say becoming the -it-people of the town. Influencers started experimenting and exploring unique concepts to amaze people. One such was the content houses made famous by the hype and sway houses. But when others started to join and compete with more twists like ‘clubhouses’ or ‘house nobody asked for’, stakes went higher and so did the creator’s creativity..

Mystery and drama..!! are the two words that drove me towards literature, they just best summarize my view towards life.. C’mon, you have to admit, everything in life gets a little dull without a little mysterious and dramatic flare. And that is exactly what this new house was built around.. 

With its mystifying and dramatic introduction videos, it definitely made me wish I was there.. If you are still not convinced, have a read till the end, and I bet you will be chanting them as well..!! 

What Is The Wave House?

The Wave House is the TikTok account that was created on September 1st, 2020 that drives together the most sensational new content developers to make a reality show of the TikTok Gen Z generation. Like others, it is a collective of content influencers living together in this case in the UK collaborating on different platforms and projects to earn money, fame, and most importantly fans.

The Wave House tiktok
The Wave House TikTok

Last year in September, six young social media influencers in their early 20s came together and dubbed themselves ‘The Wave House’. The group moved into a luxurious mansion near London and started their journey with hidden identities. Unlike other collab houses, they didn’t promote or endorse their members instead kept their faces and identity secret adding to the mystical element.

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With an immense large fanbase of 4.1M followers on TikTok and 46.5M on cross-platform views, it was successful in piquing the interest of the audiences and leaving them all curious. And even before they had released any official content, they already had crossed 1 million TikTok followers and had received almost 10 million likes on their handful of short videos.

Woww.., now that’s a start everyone desired. Even though people had no idea what exactly they were doing, I guess they were doing something right..!!

Where Is The Wave House Located?? Wave House Mansion..!!

If the group failed to capture your attention, their mansion will surely sweep you off your feet.. This latest TikTok house appears to be the most Luxurious and Mysterious than all the others. The Wave house members live in a $20 million luxury property, a  £5million mansion in the British countryside near London. The residence is 13-14 acres of land including a spa, a pool, a gym, and a 100-inch TV which cost around £30,000…!! Yes, you heard that right..!?! 

A seven-bedroom red-brick dream house is the largest collab house in the U.K which houses six influencing youths whose social platforms are followed by millions of people.

In their very first video, they showed off a magnificent country home in the UK with the caption: “INTRODUCING THE WAVE HOUSE, influencers announced soon… who do you want to see?”

It filled the surrounding with amazement and excitement.

Dramatic Mask Reveal of The Wave House!!!

If there is anything that matched and followed the level of debates about the U.S elections, it was the discussion about the secret members of the Wave house. This TikTok account gained fame for its peculiar and bizarre series of a face reveal videos in which house members revealed their hidden identities one by one by taking off the spiked masks covering their entire face. 

Initially, the members were kept secret as they used spiked masks to adorn their identities, keeping an air of mysteriousness, which are revealed one by one each day.

In each of their videos, the house members are seen wearing fancy suits and glamorous dresses, while each person’s face is covered with a spiked glittery mask. And they promised the viewers that each day a new member will reveal himself/herself by taking off their mask.

This trend took social media by storm…there were countless tweets, memes, and discussions on the topic.

Another thing that added to their mysticism was the vibe they created..!! Their videos, filmed in and around the red mansion give off an air of splendor and luxury. Many viewers are in awe of the house itself, which carries a net worth of millions of U.S. dollars and has a 100 inch TV, a dog bath, swimming pool, and spa, among many other magnificent features.

 The videos feature influencers riding into their front garden on a helicopter, sitting on a throne holding a Burmese python, grand milk baths, colored smoke in the background and even bursting their head through a print of the Mona Lisa.

Now, tell me you aren’t impressed..!! I already told you drama and mystery had me sold..but adding Luxury to it would be like Dream Come True..!! 

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Face Reveals of Wave House

First Reveal!!

Eloise Fouladgar revealed her identity first in a TikTok video of herself in a milk bath full of roses with two masked men in the bathroom. While she was sitting in a rose-filled bath, wearing a silver dress and a black mask, two men in suits with golden spiked masks poured a white liquid assumed to be milk into the bath. 

This was enough to blow the viewer’s mind and create a hype like nothing before-  this first influencer reveals video hit a huge 57.2 million views.

Second Reveal!!

Adding to the fire, the second to reveal himself was Jimbo Hall, whose intro video featured him in front of the wave house mansion with a blue smoke that faded away to reveal him slowly removing his mask, while the other masked members stood in the back with two large dogs.

Seeming like an entry of a knight in shining armor to me..!! And which girl doesn’t love that… okayy.. Stop dreaming..!!

Third Reveal!!

Kate Elizabeth became the third member to reveal herself who made her debut with a video of her diving in a pool despite being dressed in a dress and high heels, and removing her mask while she emerged. That even sounds fascinating..and duhhh sexxyy…!!

Fourth Reveal!!

Millie Taylforth recreated the cinderella vibe when she traveled in a white carriage and walked down the aisle while slowly removing her mask and revealing herself in a beautiful dress and a white fur coat.

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Fifth Reveal!!

Spencer Elmer went wild with his reveal video where he is seen sitting on a throne holding a Burmese python. He removes his mask and reveals himself looking divine.

Did anyone have a glimpse of Lucifer..!! 

Sixth Reveal!!

Last but not least Carmie sellitto revealed his face by bursting their head through a print of the Mona Lisa. 

Members Of The Wave House… 

“Isn’t a life creating videos for TikTok a bit unfulfilling, I ask? ‘It beats getting up at 6 am,’ replies Jimbo”

Many TikTok users have left comments on the Wave House account and their videos about not having the slightest idea, wondering who any of them are. Others have simply poked fun at the mysterious dramatic reveals of the members. But whatsoever the scenario may be, the Wave House was successful in triggering major discussions among their followings and it’s off to an amazing start.

Though everyone would have jumped at the opportunity of being a part of this elite group. Their selection was completed by their management company, Yoke, on the basis that they’ve been friends as well as collaborators for years. After joining, the members belonged to a management agency, Yoke, who covers all the costs including the house and the production of videos and thereby treats the mansion as an ‘office’ for their influencers to create content in. 

Influencers Handles 
Eloise Fouladgar@eloisefouladgar
Jimbo Hall@jimbo__h
Kate Elizabeth@kateelisabethxo
Millie Taylforth@milliet25
Spencer Elmer@elmofilms
Carmie Sellitto@touchdalight
Members of the Wave house

Drama With The Management

The drama was the major element of the house from the very beginning but the actual drama came when the chaos was created with the management…When everything seemed to be going perfectly, came the blow to the audience as well as the members…The influencers announced that they were kicked out of the wave house by management just after three months and that too without giving any specific reason…

Eloise Fouladgar claimed in December that the group was due to come back after Christmas, but had their notice period cut short and were then told by their management.. to ‘pack up and leave

We were only given a week and a half notice before we were told we had to move out. We were meant to have a Christmas holiday…I feel a fit bamboozled, kicked out of this house, I could say a lot more but what’s the point?”

She added: “Our management told us we have to move out and we have no idea what’s coming next.

 Also backing up her fellow influencer’s story, Kate Elisabeth said that she was ‘bamboozled’ when she was ‘kicked out’ of the house, having been told that they had to move out with just ten days’ notice. 

“Listen you’re moving out and you have ten days to move out”.

But Jidé Maduako, CEO of Yoke Network, told that it was the influencers’ choice to end it because the project was only originally supposed to run for the duration of three months. He branded all their stories false, accusing them that they were just keen to create ‘drama’ and get more hyped. 

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“Something is happening, this house isn’t making you guys happy. We have your best interests at heart… We think we can bring something bigger and better to the table, so pack up you’re leaving.”

Season 2 of the Wave House

“We were thrilled with the success of Wave House last year and we have even bigger ambitions for Season 2, with the launch of our new reality show for TikTok fans to rival the likes of Love Island and created with the highest production values”                                   

Jide Madako, CEO

While all the chaos and drama was going on, the management announced that the group is now being replaced with new talented influencers; who are set to outshine their predecessors and surpass their extraordinary record ratings from last season by taking part in an online reality TV show.  

When u thought, it couldn’t get any better.. Here’s a treat for you..!!

Brave Bison launched the second season of the UK’s biggest TikTok Wave house on 21st March 2021 with a weekly reality show that will air on YouTube..!! They are partnering with Yoke Network, the TikTok influencer consultancy, to produce The Wave House, which brings together the most intriguing new content creators to make a reality show for the TikTok generation. 

The same luxurious and magnificent mansion will now be hosting both American and British TikTok influencers. In each eight-minute-long weekly episode over three months, the internet celebrities will be taking on crazy and nail-biting challenges.

The New Members Would Be?

Guess.. who are the new mysterious members joining the next chapter of the journey… and.. which of the old members will be coming back..?? Yeesss..!! they are.. hold your breath and take a look…

Yupp… it’s 5 this time… and guess who’s back..!! (drumrolls…)

Eloise Fouladgar is back at the Wave House..
Influencer Handles Followers Nationality
Ehiz Ufuah@_ehiz9.7MBritish 
Zack Fairhurst@maddzak3.3MAmerican
Reagan Yorke@reaganxo2.8MAmerican
Eloise Fouladgar@eloisefouladgar2.7MBritish
James ‘Jimbo’ Hall @jimbo.h1.3MBritish
New Members of the Wave house

Along with the Weekly episodes of the reality show, regular posts and videos will be uploaded to the official ‘The Wave House’ TikTok account. Also, the house members will be broadcasting over their own TikTok, YouTube as well as Instagram accounts.

In season 2, they are introducing Polydor Records as a new sponsorship partner and the creators will be in the perfect environment for content creation where they can brainstorm unique ideas, motivate and learn from each other and make fresh new content that will increase their engagement and fanbase.

Fran Hale, VP Sales & Marketing at Brave Bison announced..

“We’re delighted to be collaborating with Yoke to create Season 2 of The Wave House, the UK’s biggest and most talked-about creator house. We have ambitious plans to make this season even bigger and better than before and there are a huge number of exciting ways that brands can get involved and connect with our valuable, engaged audience.”

Wave House Handles-

TikTok: @thewavehouse    

Followers- 4.1M                 

Instagram: @thewavehouse

Followers- 51.4k              

Youtube: The Wave House   

Subscribers- 25.3k

Wrapping Up

Trust me writing this article gets more and more difficult when u get lost in dreams after every few seconds… But after a lot of restraint… Here we are with all the information we needed about the wave house before we dive into season 2.

The Wave House, an Essex McMansion with a glittering pool, cinema room, palatial courtyard, gym, jacuzzi, and enormous kitchen is a perfect spot for creating content. The concept of masks in all their mysterious and dramatic flair, and giving Squid game vibes made the crowd wild and excited. After season 1, people had even higher hopes for season 2… and they are definitely living up to their hype. The Wave House Season 2 also became the first content house with UK and US creators under one roof. I loved the whole journey..!! Did you ?? 


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