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Shivangi Gupta
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Do you want to get a new watch that fits your style? Or do you want a watch that is wearable on many occasions for formal, semi-formal, or just for your everyday use? Bell & Ross brand is what you are looking for. Whether you are an aficionado or a watch collector, you surely know this brand. But, for those who are new collectors or just want to buy a watch, but don’t have enough knowledge about this brand, you are on the right page. 

There are so many interesting facts about this high-end brand. It may not be as popular as other high-end brands that have been in the market for more than a century, but Bell & Ross watches will take you to another level. Bell & Ross have become an exemplary brand in a very short period of time.

From their famous square watches to their vintage watches. I’m sure you are here because you are curious to know more about this high-end French brand. So, let’s get to it. We bring you 8 facts and guides to Bell and Ross watches.

1. The Beginning of Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross is a French luxury brand that started in 1992 with two friends named Belamich (Bruno Belamich) and Rosilio (Carlos A. Rosilio). They are the founders of Bell & Ross, which was named after them. This brand was founded just for a university project.

The designer of the watches was Belamich, while Rosilio was the operational head of the company. Where are Bell & Ross watches made? They manufactured the watches in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. 

2. Bell & Ross donates watches

In the history of Aviation watches, Bell & Ross is famous for their technological advancement and military specification. Since 1992, Bell & Ross has supplied pilot watches for the French air force.

They are also the official watch supplier for the Escadron de Chasse 2/4 LaFayette and the French Space Program. In 2013, Bell & Ross donated six watches for the Only Watch charity auction. 

3. Professional watches

This brand specialized in producing watches for extreme professions. Impressed by the military history and values, the founders created professional watches that you can use on the battlefield on land, water, or air. One of the most sought-after professional watches is aviation watches that can surely keep you on time.

Their professional watches tested for UV radiation, chemical, air pressure, and shock before launching into the market and introducing to the people to make sure that they can last long even on the battlefield.

4. The first jumping hour watch with a power reserve

Bell & Ross was the first inventor of the jumping hour watch. In 2012, Bell & Ross presented it as one of the high-end watches in the world. These are the jumping hour watches that the style and complication suit very well.

The jumping hour watch is a unique masterpiece that has an 18k pink gold and platinum model, which is why it is hard to get your hands on because it is a limited edition model. Bell & Ross Vintage put a power reserve indicator to know whether the watch is in good condition or not.

5. First automatic chronometer in space 

Bell & Ross created their first automatic watch that is wearable in space. The model SPACED 1 was the first automatic chronometer made in 1994. It was Bell & Ross’ first self-winding watch, and it was known as a chronometer watch.

This watch resembles an aircraft cockpit for being reliable, precise, style, and legible. This watch features chronograph functions, displays hours, minutes, day/time, and the label Bell & Ross by SINN.  

6. Guinness World Record holder 

Yes, Bell & Ross was a world record holder. Bell & Ross known for their consistency and reliability. In 1998, the Hydromax 11 100 M was the Guinness world record holder for water resistance watch up to the depth of 11,000 meters.

They hold the title for 44 consecutive years in the Guinness World Record. This watch is very well known for its durability and shockproof. Bell & Ross make sure that Hydro Max will defy the pressure under the deep blue ocean.

7. Bell & Ross’ famous wearers

It might not be as famous as other luxury brand watches, but Bell & Ross watches are something that you should not miss out on as a watch collector. Even if Bell & Ross has been in the industry for 29 years, it’s one of the high-end brands celebrities go for.

Who doesn’t know Robert Downey Jr? Robert Downey Jr. is very enthusiastic when it comes to unique and high-quality watches. This high-end brand met his standard. Robert Downey Jr. isn’t the only one. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gordon Ramsay are some of the many celebrities that love this brand.

8. Best-selling watches

They have a lot of best-selling watches. First on the list is BR03-94 Blue Steel. It is sturdy and the color of it is luxurious blue, calfskin material that can withstand many natural elements and ultra-resistant aesthetic fabric. They also have the BR 03-92 Bi-Compass.

It was for an aircraft-based cockpit timepiece. The BR 03-92 Bi-Compass is also a limited edition that is famous for its legibility, precision, performance, and reliability. Lastly, the Bell & Ross V2-92 Military Beige. This model is not like any other Bell & Ross watch. It is capable of many things and can withstand any situation. The V2-92 Military Beige is available in satin-finished and polished steel bracelets.


Bell & Ross has done great things. These interesting facts and high-quality watches are proof that Bell & Ross can be comparable to other famous luxury brand watches in the world. Having a world record, prioritizing the profession that serves the country, and many best-selling watches.

There are a lot of reasons Bell & Ross should be in your collection. So, what are you waiting for? Why not go and buy these high-quality luxury watches? At, you can buy various Bell & Ross watches, where you can choose from their vintage collections to their instrument collections.

We hope this article gave you a good introduction to this wonderful watch brand. Check them out for yourself!


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