The Top Nursing Technologies Transforming Patient Care

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Most professional nurses agree that as new technology and modern equipment come into play, it will positively impact patient care. We live at a time where new technology seems to be creating an impact in nearly almost every part of our daily life. It is changing our approach to everyday life, and its impact on the healthcare industry cannot be ignored.

When you think of the nursing shortage, you can only place high hopes in new medical innovations to fill in the gap. The new technologies being integrated into the healthcare industry only mean that the future is promising as routine processes to take care of. Overall, it is bound to minimize human mistakes mostly caused by fewer nurses working longer hours than they should.

With every innovation brought on board, the focus should be on improving patient care, but that does not mean human interaction should diminish. Nurses still have a massive role to play, considering interactivity promotes ease among patients.

It is good to keep in mind that while technological advancements are making things better and more comfortable, they can’t solve everything. However, there is no arguing that the new technologies are making a positive impact, and the following are some standout examples:

Introduction of Telehealth

Modern healthcare is seeing emerging systems that make it more efficient with each passing day, and telehealth is something worth keeping an eye on. While we are always used to healthcare being provided in person, that’s not necessarily a must, thanks to telehealth.

The introduction of Smartphones means that you do not have to walk to the clinic anymore. Video calls bring many possibilities where care can be dispatched without physical contact between the doctor and patient.

The Top Nursing Technologies Transforming Patient Care

All these might only seem effective to patients at home who are not seeking new technologies that are moving telehealth even to ICUs and other sections of the hospital. It allows remote monitoring of a patient by healthcare professionals, which is a development that has allowed smaller hospitals to provide various services without having a qualified team in-house to do it.

In nursing education, especially with Lecturio nursing courses, it is easier to conduct learning without students missing anything they would get from physical campus presence.

Smart beds

The Top Nursing Technologies Transforming Patient Care

Smart bed technology is making inroads into many healthcare facilities, and there is no arguing about the impact it creates. With this innovation, the work of nurses gets more comfortable since the bed takes note of the patient’s movement, weight, and vitals. Likewise, it increases safety and comfort, especially for long-stay patients. It is the best way of monitoring patient activity and doing what needs to be done in due time.

3D printing in healthcare

What 3D printing is capable of has been something worth keeping an eye on. It is a development that impacts not only nursing education but also the practice as a whole. Imagine the possibility to print prosthetic parts, organ models, finger splints, and others in 3D.

The Top Nursing Technologies Transforming Patient Care

It is something that improves the job of a nurse. For instance, if a nurse is tasked with explaining a medical procedure to a patient, using a 3D model makes the process easier and more comfortable. 3D printing goes even further to diets and medications. Its application is bound to make a significant impact on patient care.

Electronic health records

Time to move around with the manual charts is long gone. Electronic charting is one of the best ways to keep patients’ records. Paper charts that were challenging to read and at risk of getting misplaced are now a thing of the past, and now computer charting systems have made everything much better.

The Top Nursing Technologies Transforming Patient Care

Accessing information is more comfortable than ever, especially when a nurse can review orders, check out essential information, and assess a specific patient. 

Many technologies have been brought into the healthcare industry, and it is all part of transforming patient care. It is a step in the right direction, but that also calls for proper nursing education. Unfortunately, students have to deal with the impact of Covid-19, which means attending online learning.

Luckily, Lecturio nursing courses are in place to ensure no student misses out on the quality education they would love to pursue. Nothing should stop you from pursuing a registered nursing career as long as you put your mind to it.


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