The Top Computer Specs To Consider When Investing In New Tech

The Top Computer Specs To Consider When Investing In New Tech

Did you know that almost 60% of our population now uses the internet

With internet users growing every day, the need for a device also increases. Computers are one of the most diverse devices in the market today. There are many with different designs and computer specs. 

How will you know if that computer has all you need? In this guide, we’ll talk about all the computer specs and aspects you need to watch out for. Read on for a summary of each specification. 

Match the Computer Specs With Your Needs 

What will you be using your computer for?

Computers are available for many tasks, but some specialize in certain workspaces. Some computers operate better for work, gaming, school, and so on. 

Going for computers with certain usability helps narrow down your options. For example, computers with higher RAM and graphics benefit your gaming experience. If you’re a student or worker, you should go for computers with more functionality. 

Without a clear picture of your workload, your computer may run slower and get overloaded. Avoid expensive tech unless you tend to do graphics-heavy tasks. However, you can go for custom computer specs to create a computer that matches your needs. 

Research On A Certain Brand 

For some people, brand plays a huge part in performance and availability. Top brands have more reviews, which makes it easier to choose the best computer. 

Every popular brand excels in different aspects to minimize competition. They also hold specialized components that may only work for their brand. You can also choose a brand with the best design and body material. 

Take your time to research the brands that stay on top. Check the warranties and software packages with the best deals or promos. 

One of the top brands to research is Lenovo. Check them out and take a look at their collection of different laptops and desktops. 

Check Your Budget 

Your budget is the most important factor that you need to consider before buying your new tech. Nowadays, even cheap computers have enough power to run everyday tasks. This doesn’t necessarily mean that cheap computers are the way to go. 

If you want to make the cheapest purchase, you may end up buying another computer much sooner than you think. Some cheap computers break easier since they contain cheaper components.

Surround your budget with the brand and usability of your computer. You should also consider the timing of buying a certain computer brand and model. Brands come up with new versions quickly, making the older versions more affordable. 

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It’s best to get into the logical loop and wait for the certain model to get cheaper. You should also do your research online for any drops or sales. Go for a budget with the right balance between performance and price. 

Pick the Right Computer Type 

Computers come in two main types: desktop and laptop. This is a choice that can impact your expenses and maintenance. To make your choice easier, here’s a brief rundown between the two types:


This type of computer generally stays in a single location due to its size. It also requires more power to run all its components. A desktop computer is much easier to customize and add higher spec components in the future. 

You can choose from the different subtypes of desktop computers:

  • Compact desktop
  • Full-sized desktop
  • Gaming desktop
  • All-in-one desktop 

Desktop computers are more suitable for building a steady workstation. With proper maintenance, desktops typically last longer due to their powerful fans. Their ability to cool down helps the machine maintain its best performance levels. 

What makes a desktop computer more expensive is the additional accessories. You may need to purchase a mouse, keyboard, headset, camera, and monitor. 


If you want a portable computer, a laptop is the best choice. Laptops are more compact with smaller specialized parts. It acts as an all-in-one computer with a keyboard, touchpad, and camera. 

Although they’re convenient to move around with, laptops are harder to maintain. Due to their size and specialized parts, it’s more difficult to repair components. 

Laptops have two different subtypes: tablets and convertibles/detachables. Chromebooks are the more inexpensive laptops that you can find in many brands. They are generally designed for users who are willing to work and store files online. 

Convertible and detachable laptops are also known as two-in-ones. These are the laptops where you can fold the keyboard backward until it touches the back of your display. You can also detach the keyboard from the display entirely. 

Choose An Operating System 

Computers have two main competing operating systems: macOS and Windows 10. Both operating systems have very different interfaces and workspaces. 

Apple has a unique top-down strategy that leads to a highly controlled OS. This allows Apple to run more intense quality testing and software optimization. The interface of macOS is much more simple compared to Windows 10. 

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Many new users can find what they’re looking for, but troubleshooting can be confusing. If you work with graphics and videos, macOS has a huge app library for design and media. However, macOS does not have any desired gaming computer specs. 

They may have the power to run intensive apps, but the games may not be available to Mac laptops. Windows 10 has a wider library for games with better hardware compatibility. Windows is the more popular choice, with about 1.5 billion PCs that run this OS. 

The biggest advantage of Windows over Mac is the consistent and meaningful updates. Your system gets better security and new features now and then. In contrast, Apple can take a few months to years for a system update.

Find the Best Processor 

The processor is the brain of your computer. It is a critical component that helps boot up your programs. The better the processor, the less you have to wait for apps to open and tasks to complete. 

You can check the processor speed by looking for the Gigahertz or GHz labels. The speed will tell you the amount of data that gets processed for a certain time. A simple aspect to remember is the higher the number, the better the speed. 

Be sure to run it through a computer specs test to check reliability and speed. Intel Core i3 is an affordable processor, but it can’t handle heavy intensive tasks. You can go for Core i5 for mid-level processors if you want a balance between performance and cost. 

Opt for computers with i7 and i9 for more intensive tasks. They can load and render screens faster and more efficiently. Most recent generation processors are expensive, but they offer a powerful performance. 

Invest On Enough RAM 

Random Access Memory or RAM is where your active data get stored. It’s the component that lets you multi-task or jumps from one app to another. RAM acts as your scratchpad where your computer does real-time operations and calculations. 

Running apps simultaneously with more open tabs becomes smoother with more RAM. Go for at least 8GB RAM for a smooth experience with heavy intensive tasks. Opt for 16GB RAM if you plan to game or open many heavy programs simultaneously. 

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Get Enough Hard Drives 

Every computer comes with storage, but you need to decide how much is enough. Opt for the new computers with SSD or solid-state drives. These are much faster and safer compared to HDD or hard disk drives. 

HDD are rapidly spinning magnetic disks, while SSD doesn’t have any moving parts. This makes SSD cooler, lighter, quieter, and more efficient. The only downside to choosing SSD is that it’s quite costly. 

Better Graphics, Better Resolution

New computers now have tagging stickers that boast their NVIDIA or AMD graphics card. Graphics cards have two main types: dedicated and integrated. 

Integrated graphics cards are those that get built into your desktop computer’s motherboard. In contrast, a dedicated graphics card will get installed separately. This type of graphics card is more powerful and can come with its own memory and processor. 

Don’t Forget About Connectivity 

The connections on your computer should match your everyday needs. Do you need a DVD drive or plenty of USB ports? You can also go for a computer with fewer ports to avoid dust or spills from entering the circuits. 

Check your USB ports if you have the new version called a Type-C USB. If you need to connect your computer for entertainment, find the HDMI. Ensure that the computer you pick has Bluetooth, WiFi, and an SD slot. 

Check the Services After Sale 

You need to take a look at the whole picture before going into a store or brand. It’s best to also consider the service after you purchase the computer. 

Does the store offer a fair warranty policy if you have something wrong with the computer. Warranties allow you to go back to the store and replace or repair the computer with no extra charges. 

There should also be a period where you can return faulty computers with no cost to return. Be sure to check the service agreements for new versions and updates. Ask the staff about their after services and how to check computer specs on the computer itself. 

Always Go For the Top Computer Specs 

Now that you know what computer specs you need, it’s time to go shopping. Are you looking for a certain model or branded computer? Consider checking out our other guides that will help narrow down your choices.

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