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Goh Chok Tong’s dream of Singapore qualifying for World Cup 2010 some 20 years ago started off as a beautiful dream but died quietly in the darkest of nights. It didn’t go beyond being just a pipe dream and recently another pap ministar, Edwin Tong talked about Singapore qualifying for World Cup 2034 lalala…

It is not an impossible dream if we as a country and people are spineless enough, cunning yet clever enough, unscrupulous and shameless enough and yet all can be done legally.

The Singapore government is rich, no, should be very, very, very rich and since money is not an issue, I would like to remind Edwin Tong why not just buy the World Cup indirectly like buying Championship Belt by enticing and making the world’s top 50 footballers from 2030 or there about become our new citizens, Singaporeans.

Having done that, let them all don the Singapore footballer jerseys. The pap government will then lead the way and call them Team Singapore and suckerporeans in large enough numbers will unthinkingly as always rally and scream their lungs out ‘Team Singapore Team Singapore go go go…’ This is one game that the pap government is so expert in manipulating, ooops sorry, playing la.

With the world’s top top footballers all citizens now, all on our side and all playing for Team Singapore, winning the World Cup will become a piece of cake or a stroll in the park.

I believe that my reminder, although not new is still worth revisiting by the pap government and if we Singapore being such a small nation with such a small population can win the World Cup, all pap ministars will once and for all shut the mouths of all their critics and prove that they are worth every single cent of their million dollars political salaries and bonuses that they know how to pay themselves so well over the years.



Simon Lim



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