The ship behind oil spill discovered; Libyan owned ‘terror’ ship from Ira

The ship behind oil spill discovered; Libyan owned ‘terror’ ship from Ira

Israel has located the offending vessel responsible for a recent large-scale oil spill that has covered the country’s beaches in tar, Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel announced on Wednesday.The minister described the pollution as an act of “environmental terror” undertaken by a 19-years old Libyan-owned ship when it sailed from Iran loaded with crude oil. Gamliel claimed the ship sailed in darkness with its communication devices shut down before it dumped the toxic materials into Israeli waters. 
“Our long arm will reach all those who defile our nature, sea and beaches,” she said in a statement. Israel will seek compensation from the insurance agency which dealt with the ship and will not let Iran harm wildlife or the sea, she said.

The Environmental Protection Ministry estimated that around 1,200 tons of tar has so far washed ashore since the spill, with additional stains of oil expected to hit Israel’s northern shores in the coming days.

The ministry on Wednesday released an interactive map that tracks the current levels of pollution at every beach hit by the spill.

The map is based on a “traffic light” model, with red pins marking beaches that have not yet been cleaned at all, or have not had their more rocky areas cleaned.


Orange pins signify beaches which are in their initial cleaning stages, yellow pins indicate beaches with low pollution levels, or beaches which are in the advanced stages of cleaning, while green pins mark beaches with very light pollution levels.

A quick glance at the map shows that the situation along Israel’s northern coastline is much more dire than its southern beaches, with most green pins appearing south of Hadera’s beaches.

So far, the spill has resulted in the death of a young whale calf, and wildlife protection groups are working to rescue seagulls and sea turtles caught in the sticky black substance.

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