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Originally published as a light novel on the user-generated novel site of Shōsetsuka ni Narō, the Japanese series has found major success both as the anime and the manga comics. Although this article is focused on the manga series, if you want to know about the updates regarding the animated series of The Rising of the Shield Hero, figure out every detail of the upcoming season of the hit Japanese anime series here.

Now, onto the manga series. The popular manga that has been adapted from the Japanese LN is published by Media Factory. The adaptation has been carried out by Aiya Kyū as the artist along with character design illustrator Seira Minami.

The Rising of the Shield Hero | New Releases

With as many as 22 volumes of the novel having being published as of June 2019, the manga series from the English publisher ‘One Peace Books’ is still going strong. Having started its run as early as in Feb 2014, The Rising of the Shield Hero manga fanbase has been a patient one.  

The ongoing Japanese manga has a list of over 70 chapters adapted from the 18 volumes of the Japanese comic. With the latest chapter being Chapter 79, head over to the chapter list section of The Rising of the Shield Hero for more information.

Synopsis of The Rising of the Shield Hero

The storyline of the manga follows a Japanese high school student, Naofumi Iwatani. Naofumi who spends most of his time on games suddenly finds himself in a parallel reality along with three other men called upon to be the Cardinal Heroes. 

Having inherited the legendary shield, the plot follows Naofumi being falsely accused of sexual attack and ultimately leaving him all alone in the new world with nothing but his shield. Join Naofumi Iwatani in his journey as he sets out to train and protect the world in order to regain the trust of the people.  

Manga Volumes

Volume No.Chapters Covered
Volume 11-4
Volume 25-8
Volume 39-12
Volume 413-16
Volume 517-20
Volume 621-24
Volume 725-28
Volume 829-32
Volume 933-36
Volume 1037-40
Volume 1141-44
Volume 1245-48
Volume 1349-52
Volume 1453-58
Volume 1559-62
Volume 1663-66
Volume 1767-70
Volume 1871-74
Volume 1975-78

The Rising of the Shield Hero | Chapter-List

Here is a full list of all the chapters that have been released till now.

Chapter NumberReleased
Chapter 79March 23, 2021
Chapter 78March 23, 2021
Chapter 77March 23, 2021
Chapter 76March 23, 2021
Chapter 75March 23, 2021
Chapter 74March 23, 2021
Chapter 73March 23, 2021
Chapter 72March 23, 2021
Chapter 71November 21, 2020
Chapter 70November 21, 2020
Chapter 69November 21, 2020
Chapter 68November 21, 2020
Chapter 67November 21, 2020
Chapter 66July 20, 2020
Chapter 65July 20, 2020
Chapter 64July 20, 2020
Chapter 63July 20, 2020
Chapter 62February 22, 2020
Chapter 61February 22, 2020
Chapter 60February 22, 2020
Chapter 59February 22, 2020
Chapter 58September 8, 2020
Chapter 57September 8, 2020
Chapter 56September 8, 2020
Chapter 55September 8, 2020
Chapter 54September 8, 2020
Chapter 53June 23, 2020
Chapter 52June 23, 2020
Chapter 51June 23, 2020
Chapter 50June 23, 2020
Chapter 49June 23, 2020
Chapter 48December 10, 2019
Chapter 47December 10, 2019
Chapter 46December 10, 2019
Chapter 45December 10, 2019
Chapter 44May 28, 2019
Chapter 43May 28, 2019
Chapter 42May 28, 2019
Chapter 41May 28, 2019
Chapter 40April 16, 2019
Chapter 39April 16, 2019
Chapter 38April 16, 2019
Chapter 37April 16, 2019
Chapter 36July 17, 2018
Chapter 35July 17, 2018
Chapter 34July 17, 2018
Chapter 33July 17, 2018
Chapter 32May 15, 2018
Chapter 31May 15, 2018
Chapter 30May 15, 2018
Chapter 29May 15, 2018
Chapter 28November 14, 2017
Chapter 27November 14, 2017
Chapter 26November 14, 2017
Chapter 25November 14, 2017
Chapter 24May 16, 2017
Chapter 23May 16, 2017
Chapter 22May 16, 2017
Chapter 21May 16, 2017
Chapter 20October 18, 2016
Chapter 19October 18, 2016
Chapter 18October 18, 2016
Chapter 17October 18, 2016
Chapter 16July 19, 2016
Chapter 15July 19, 2016
Chapter 14July 19, 2016
Chapter 13July 19, 2016
Chapter 12May 17, 2016
Chapter 11May 17, 2016
Chapter 10May 17, 2016
Chapter 9May 17, 2016
Chapter 8April 19, 2016
Chapter 7April 19, 2016
Chapter 6April 19, 2016
Chapter 5April 19, 2016
Chapter 4November 17, 2015
Chapter 3November 17, 2015
Chapter 2November 17, 2015
Chapter 1November 17, 2015

The Rising of the Shield Hero | Main Characters

With so many characters in the whole The Rising of the Shield Hero universe, we’ll cover the main characters of the manga series.

1. Naofumi Iwatani

First up, we have the lead protagonist of the Japanese comic series, Naofumi Iwatani.

Appearance: Naofumi rocks short black hair along with green eyes. Along with that, he can be seen wearing Barbarian armor throughout most of the series. 

The Rising of the Shield Hero | Main Characters: Naofumi Iwatani
Source: Best HD Wallpaper

Personality: Although he is cynical of the world, he masks it well behind his calm personality. After the betrayal, Naofumi becomes distrustful towards the whole world until he meets Raphtalia and Filo in his journey.

Abilities: Apart from the various defensive abilities of the legendary shield, Naofumi also boasts offensive abilities including Energy Blast, Night Terror, Shield Bash along with being an excellent Potion crafter and even an animal whisperer.

Quotes:I hoped the whole place burned to the ground, the whole damn world.

2. Raphtalia

Up next, we’ll be looking at the lead female protagonist of The Rising of the Shield Hero manga series.

Appearance: While she has gone through significant changes from her early days, the adult Raphtalia can be seen dressed as a warrior with a full-sized sword instead of the previous small knife. Apart from that, she also has dog-like fluffy ears along with a bushy tail. 

The Rising of the Shield Hero | Main Characters: Raphtalia
Source: KDo Makes

Personality: Even though Raphtalia was quite shy and fearful due to her initially slave status, she eventually became Naofumi’s first real companion after the latter bought her and cared for her as her own daughter.    

Abilities: Apart from magic abilities including Drifa Light, Illusion, and Zweite Hide Mirage, Raphtalia also became the Katana Hero after obtaining the Vassal Katana with attacks such as Crescent Moon Sword, Powder Snow, Misty Moon, Shadow Strike, and many more.

Quotes: “Please believe me… You are the great Shield Hero, and I am your sword. No matter how rough the path, I will follow you.” – to Naofumi Iwantani

3. Filo

After Raphtalia, we have Filo as the next main character of the popular manga series.

Appearance: Filo has two transformable forms with blue-colored eyes in both forms. While in the human form, she resembles a young girl with wings on her back, in the final Filolial form, Filo appears like an owl with a size larger than an ostrich.

The Rising of the Shield Hero | Main Characters: Filo
Source: Aniplus Asia

Personality: After gaining the transforming ability, Filo’s personality changed from a normal animal to a spoiled child. Apart from that, Filo also has a pretty good judgment of character.

Abilities: Filo’s magical abilities include Spiral Strike, Drifa Tornado, Zweite Wind Cutter, Typhoon, Fire Song alongside the Demon Dragon Magic.

Other Characters

Legendary Heroes

  • Motoyasu The Spear Hero
  • Ren The Sword Hero
  • Itsuki The Bow Hero
  • Kizuna The Hunting Hero

Vassal Holders

  • Aultcray The Staff Hero
  • Fohl The Gauntlet Hero
  • Rishia The Projectile Hero
  • Glass The Fan Hero
  • L’Arc Berg The Scythe Hero
  • Ethnobalt The Book Hero
  • Raphtalia The Katana Hero
  • S’yne The Sewing Hero

Writer and Illustrator

Aneko Yusagi served as the writer of the Rising of the Shield Hero. His notable works include the spin-off manga series of The Reprise of the Spear Hero.

All the character design of the manga as well as the light novel is carried out by Seira Minami. Seira has also worked on the Spear hero spin-off manga alternatively known as Yari no Yūsha no Yarinaoshi.

Wrapping Up

This brings us to the end of this section of the manga article series. We hope that the article on The Rising of the Shield Hero manga was helpful in giving you the information that you came looking for. 

Share the article with your friends and comment down below with some of your favorite moments from the Japanese comic of The Rising of the Shield Hero. And for more interesting stuff related to Entertainment, keep visiting Path of Ex – Your Spot For Trending Stuff!

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