Remnant 2 Length: How Long to Beat the Remnant 2 Game | Gameplay Length

Remnant 2 Length: How Long to Beat the Remnant 2 Game | Gameplay Length

In this article, we will explore the length of Remnant 2 and how much time it takes to complete the game while delving into its randomly generated levels. If you are curious about the hours required to finish Remnant 2, read on as we discuss the main objectives encountered during our playthrough and provide valuable insights into the game’s duration.

Remnant 2 Length and Completion Time

Remnant 2 is available on various platforms, including PC, PS5, and Xbox. The game encompasses several zones, bosses, and secrets, some with alternate outcomes, making each playthrough unique. However, the time taken to beat the game may vary based on your approach and how much content you wish to explore in a single run. For those focused on the main quest objectives, the average time to complete Remnant 2’s story is approximately 15-20 hours, as per our Remnant 2 review.

Navigating the Campaign

To complete the story efficiently, you should head directly to areas and dungeons marked with an exclamation point, indicating important tasks related to the mainline story.

Comparatively, the duration of Remnant 2 aligns closely with its predecessor, 2019’s Remnant: From the Ashes. According to, players of the first Remnant game took around 13 hours to complete the main story, while those who engaged in both the main storyline and side content spent around 20 hours. Completionists attempting to discover everything spent a whopping 55 hours. On average, players finished the game in approximately 18 hours.

Unique Experiences

The progression and experiences in Remnant 2 can significantly differ from one player to another. While playing, you and a friend might receive different main quests, leading to various areas and boss encounters.

Let’s take a look at our playthrough:


Think of Losomn as the horror-themed zone with a dark and eerie atmosphere. During our journey, we learned about the Nightweaver, a spectral entity haunting an asylum. This led us on a quest to collect various dolls to free a trapped spirit, culminating in a confrontation with the Nightweaver boss.


The Labyrinth features portals that transport you to different zones. We encountered two major challenges in this area.


N’erud is an ash-covered wasteland with sci-fi themes, where we faced numerous robots and drones before engaging in a battle with the Sha’hala Guardian, a giant alien creature.


Veterans of the first game will recognize Yaesha, a world once filled with forests, now infested by the Root. Here, we encountered a returning foe, the Corrupted Ravager.


In the final area, we defeated several major world bosses, acquiring quest items to progress further. The paths here were fairly straightforward, and we didn’t need to worry much about other side dungeons. Ultimately, we faced off against the final boss.

Factors Influencing Remnant 2 Playtime

Several factors can influence the time it takes to complete Remnant 2’s campaign:

Solo Play vs. Co-op

Playing solo presents a significantly more challenging experience, as the game seems designed with co-op in mind. Solo players will benefit from choosing the best classes, such as the Medic and Handler, to improve their chances of survival. In contrast, co-op mode allows up to three players to form a well-balanced squad, making it easier to overcome challenges.


Remnant 2 includes various tricky puzzles, some of which can stump players. For example, the Losomn Safe Codes and Cathedral of Omens pose challenges that must be overcome. Additionally, the Yaesha Great Water Harp puzzle is a mandatory progression requirement. If you need assistance, we have handy guides linked for the solutions.

Collecting Gear

While it’s possible to progress with starter gear, most players will explore the game world, which is abundant with dungeons and items to collect.

Alternative Outcomes and Rewards

The game emphasizes dynamic progression and replayability, encouraging players to discover alternate kill methods for bosses and experience different rewards. This can lead to replaying sections and extending playtime.

Adventure Mode

Defeating the final boss of a zone unlocks Adventure Mode, allowing you to replay that zone as a self-contained run with potentially different main quests.

In conclusion, Remnant 2 offers multiple ways to experience its mysterious worlds, making the length of the game highly dependent on your choices and playstyle. For more tips and insights, you can refer to our guide on Remnant 2 multiplayer and how it works, as well as the selection of Remnant 2 classes available to choose from. Happy gaming!

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