What is Remnant 2 Bulwark Effect: Secrets to Get Bulwark | How to Get Bulwark Effect?

What is Remnant 2 Bulwark Effect | Learn How to Get Bulwark

Are you confused about the Bulwark effect in Remnant 2? Don’t worry! You have arrived just in the right place! In this article, I have explained everything about the Remnant 2 Bulwark effect. Join in and explore!

Similar to the Assassin’s Dagger and Tommy Gun, Bulwark is a very significant part to boost your gaming in Ramnent 2. The word “Bulwark” might leave fans puzzled since there’s no in-game glossary available for clarification.

However, there’s good news as Remnant 2 Bulwark effect is actually quite simple, and in the following text, players can discover all the details about it. Read this article and learn the meaning of Bulwark and how to get it in Remnant 2.

What is Remnant 2 Bulwark Effect? 

What is Remnant 2 Bulwark Effect | Learn How to Get Bulwark

Remnant 2 Bulwark Effect is a beneficial effect that bestows damage reduction to the character. Precisely, it offers a 5% damage reduction and has the ability to stack multiple times. Players who enjoy third-person shooters and aim to create a resilient tank character are strongly encouraged to make the most of opportunities to apply the Bulwark effect. Accumulating damage reduction through this buff significantly enhances their survivability.

It’s worth mentioning that players can access details on active status effects within the game. To do this, simply open the Character menu and hover over the active effect located in the top-left corner of the screen. While those familiar with the information provided above won’t need this method to understand the Remnant 2 Bulwark effect, it may prove useful if they encounter other ambiguous effects while striving to conquer Remnant 2.

How to Get Bulwark Effect in Remnant 2? 

What is Remnant 2 Bulwark Effect | Learn How to Get Bulwark

The Remnant 2 Bulwark effect is a valuable defensive ability that can greatly increase your chances of survival during battles in the game. Have a look below and explore the steps to get the Bulwark Effect in Remnant 2.

Steps to Get the Bulwarn Effect in Remnant 2:

Step 1: Choose the Challenger Archetype

To easily acquire multiple stacks of Bulwark in Remnant 2, start by playing the Challenger archetype. The Challenger archetype specializes in close combat and offers unique abilities to enhance your survivability.

Step 2: Reach Level 5 and Unlock Juggernaut

Progress through the game and level up your character until you reach Level 5. At Level 5, the Challenger archetype unlocks a powerful skill called Juggernaut.

Step 3: Use Juggernaut Skill

Activate the Juggernaut skill to gain three stacks of Bulwark instantly. Each stack of the Remnant 2 Bulwark effect provides your character with an additional 15% damage reduction. The Bulwark effect from Juggernaut lasts for 25 seconds, granting you enhanced defense during that period.

Step 4: Equip Face of Danger Relic Perk

Additionally, equip the Face of Danger Relic Perk to your character loadout. This Relic Perk allows you to gain two stacks of Bulwark for 10 seconds when you use your Relic. For the Face of Danger Relic Perk to activate, you must be within 10 meters of an enemy.

What are the Alternatives to Remnant 2 Bulwark Effect | List of Items With Their Effects

What is Remnant 2 Bulwark Effect | Learn How to Get Bulwark

It’s important to note that players are not restricted to the Challenger archetype to obtain the Bulwark effect in Remnant 2. There are several items in the game that can provide this beneficial effect.

For Soulslike fans who desire to equip their characters with the ability to endure relentless attacks, incorporating these items into their builds could prove highly advantageous. Have a look below and explore the items along with their effects and locations –

Fae Bruiser RingDealing melee damage grants 2 stacks of Bulwark fo 7s. Does not stack with itself.Random Drop
Guardian’s RingAdds 1 stack of Bulwark when within 7m of an enemy. Increases to 2 stacks for 10s after taking melee damage.In Nameless Nest (Yaesha)
Hardcore Metal Band (Ring)Taking damage adds 1 stack of Bulwark which individually falls off after 10s. Max 5 stacks.Random Drop
Rusted Heirloom (Ring)Grants 2 stacks of Bulwark below 50% HealthSafe in Losomn
Soul Guard (Ring)Gain a stack of Bulwark for each active Summon.Craft at Bloodmoon Altar (Yaesha)

Wrapping Up

The Bulwark effect in Remnant 2 serves as a valuable asset for players seeking to bolster their characters’ survivability. Offering a 5% damage reduction that can stack multiple times, it becomes especially potent when utilized strategically. Whether players opt for close-combat-focused classes or wish to experiment with different builds, incorporating the Bulwark effect into their gameplay can greatly enhance their ability to withstand the challenges that await in Remnant 2.

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