10 The Office Valentines Episodes Worth Binging This V-Day

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“Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

— Michael Scott

Wow, It’s 2022 already! I feel like it was just months back when I used to excitedly wait for the new The Office episode to come, and now 9 years have passed since the show ended. I guess time does fly when it’s about your favorite things. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get to the list I have prepared for you of all the romantic The Office Valentines Episodes.

Though you never need a reason to watch this epic show, if you do need a reason to satisfy your guilt consciousness, Valentine’s day sounds like the perfect getaway. The historic show The Office includes two of the greatest love stories of classic sitcoms- Jim and Pam, and Michael and Holly. Their love story is so much more than the typical Valentine’s day movies with all their engrossing drama, amusing incidents, hilarious jokes, sarcastic dialogues, and ever-lasting memories. So, why settle for just any good movie when you can have the taste of these flavorsome The Office Valentines Episodes.

Since this is the only office, we don’t mind returning to again and again, I have shortlisted and prepared you the list of all Valentine-themed and love-filled The Office Valentines Episodes for your ultimate Date night.

How many Valentine’s Day Episodes Are There In The Office?

There are officially 4 Valentine’s Episodes in The Office but the show also includes many other romantic episodes that will fit perfectly on your binge-watch list of The Office Valentines Episodes.

List of All The Office Valentines themed Episodes

  1. Valentine’s Day | Season 2 – Episode 16
  2. Casino Night | Season 2 – Episode 22 
  3. The Job | Season 03 – Episode 24
  4. Blood Drive | Season 05 – Episode 18
  5. Niagara I,II | Season 6 – Episode 4 and 5
  6. The Delivery I,II | Season 06 – Episode 17 and 18
  7. PDA | Season 07 – Episode 15
  8. Garage Sale | Season 07 – Episode 18
  9. Couple’s Discount | Season 09 – Episode 16
  10. Finale | Season 09 – Episode 23

1. Valentine’s Day | Season 2 – Episode 16

Valentine’s Day is the first official The Office Valentines episode that came in season 2. Its’ Valentine’s day and Michael leaves for the New York branch for this meeting with the branch manager and CFO. There he starts a gossip that he and Jan are dating but later when the news spreads he had to confess that it was a joke in order to save his and Jan’s jobs.

The Office Valentines Episodes

Meanwhile, the rest of the office celebrates Valentine’s day in their own traditional way by exchanging small gifts. Phyllis receives multiple gifts from her boyfriend and Angela and Dwight get to have their secret gift exchange session. Awww, soo cute!

This is a cute, light The Office Valentine’s episode filled with comic elements and romantic moments (it’s literally in the name) like Dwight giving Angela a key to his place.

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2. Casino Night | Season 2 – Episode 22 

Not exactly a Valentine’s Day episode, but definitely a Valentine-themed episode. After all, it’s the first time Jim expressed his love for Pam. Michael has organized a Casino night for charity and by chance invited 2 different dates. Though he finally ends up with Carol. 

Jim on the other hand is considering opting for another branch though he is hesitant to explain why? By the end of the night and all the drama, Jim finally confesses to Pam that he is in love with her. Initially, she claims she doesn’t but later they both share a perfect kiss making it a worthy Office Valentines episode.

3. The Job | Season 03 – Episode 24

Again, season 3 does not give us any proper The Office Valentines episode but in the specific episode something happens, that makes it a deserving nominee. Can you guess what?? Yesss..!! After seasons of buildup (and I mean that literally), Jim finally asks Pam on a date and she accepts it. Now that wasn’t so hard? Was it ?!

On the other hand, Michael is repelling any advances from Jan until he has the chance to see her with breasts enhancement. After which, suddenly he has a change of heart (not heart specifically..!!) and gives her a second chance.

Meanwhile, Michael, Jim, and Karen travel to New York to interview for a corporate officer’s position. Jim’s interview goes well until he realizes he cannot leave Pam and then asks her for a date.

4. Blood Drive | Season 05 – Episode 18

The Office hosts another Valentine’s episode in this season which starts with all the members buzzing with Valentine’s excitement except Michael. Since it’s Michaels’ first Valentine’s Day after his break up with Holly, he is feeling dejected and lonely. When he goes for Valentine’s Blood Drive he ends up falling for a woman who is a very cinderella style has left only her glove. Irrespective of his continuous tries, he fails to find her.

The Office Valentines Episodes

At the same time, the whole staff shares their worst break-up stories and band together hosting a “Lonely Hearts Party.” Jim and Pam celebrate their Valentine’s by having lunch with Phyllis and Bob Vance which obviously doesn’t quite pan out as expected and is way out of control.

It is an amusing episode which gains a high rank among The Office Valentines episodes.

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5. Niagara Part I,II | Season 6 – Episode 4 and 5

Yayy..!! It’s the wedding season. Valentine’s day is all about Love and what screams Love more than the wedding of our favorite Sweethearts Jim and Pam.

The whole office is ready to travel to Niagara Falls for their wedding celebrations and be a part of this grand ceremony. But of course, someone had to create the problem and this time, the groom himself is the culprit. He accidentally reveals Pam’s pregnancy during his speech causing chaos. But wait Michael is there… not to save the day but make the situation worse with his speech.

Everything is messy and chaotic, even Andy somehow injures his scrotum while dancing. But after all the bad, comes the good times- 

Jim and Pam decide to delay the wedding and instead sneak off to marry the Maid of the Mist, allowing them to calm their nerves and actually enjoy their wedding. Seems like a befitting end to their love story. Though this episode has no direct relation to Valentine’s day, all these romantic moments make up the perfect ingredients for your Valentine’s binge-watching date.

6.The Delivery I,II | Season 06 – Episode 17 and 18

Another episode that deserves an unofficial place among The Office Valentines episodes is The Delivery. A few months have passed after Pam’s wedding and now her delivery date is due. Her contractions have started and all the office members are trying to distract her with entertainment and food.

 Season 6, Episodes 17 and 18: "The Delivery" …

Though the show had a 9 season run, this was the last true episode of Jim and Pam’s relationship that stole our hearts away.  Pam gave birth to their first child Cecilia and the look on both of their faces is enough to mention this in the Office Valentines episodes.

Back in the office, Erin eats Lunch with Kevin making Andy Jealous and finally giving him the motivation to ask her out. Also, Dwight and Angela make their final revisions to the parenting contract but Dwight is again confused after he meets Isabel.

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7. PDA | Season 07 – Episode 15

The Office Valentines Episodes

You can’t complete the office Valentine episode marathon without giving a shoutout to Michael and Holly’s relationship. Their love story had been brewing from earlier episodes but now they have gone for it. They’ve become a bit too attached in the office and subsequently get themselves banned from kissing or even touching each other.

Though it’s Valentine’s day, the office is disgusted with their continuous PDA. Meanwhile, Andy is helping Erin to solve Gabe’s gift hunt, and Jim and Pam seemingly too drunk and horny are searching for a place to have s*x.

8. Garage Sale | Season 07 – Episode 18

One more worth acknowledging the office Valentine-themed episode is the Garage Sale. Michael is serious about Holly and finally decides to propose to her. How? Well, he is still confused on that part but surely has his diamond ring and outrageous ideas ready to set up. 

Adding to the fun, he seeks advice from Oscar, Ryan, Jim, and Pam which leads to a hilarious series of events. But guess what?? He finally proposes to her and she says Yes..!!

Michael takes Holly on a walk pointing at significant events that happened throughout their courtship and leads her to the kitchen revealing all the employees holding candles and proposing to her. Then he leads Holly to her desk surrounded by dozens of candles and gets on his knees. Just as he begins to make a speech, the fire sprinklers go off drenching everyone as he proposes.

Meanwhile, Dunder Mifflin Scranton’s warehouse and crew host a public garage sale where Dwight is duped by Jim into buying Magic beans. 

Well, We all love this show because of its amusing comedy and fascinating drama but this office episode literally defines the term bitter-sweet. On the one hand, we have happy tears of Michael proposing to Holly but on the other, we have sorrowful tears when we hear him announcing he is leaving the team and moving to Colorado

9. Couple’s Discount | Season 09 – Episode 16

This was the last The Office Valentines episode of the show. Sad… isn’t it ?! but I guess even the good things have to come to an end. 

The Office Valentines Episodes

It’s Valentine’s Day at the Office and the mini-mall is offering a couple’s discount. Making sure no one misses the opportunity, office employees are divided into pairs so they could avail the benefits. But Andy returns after his 3 months of the trip to an angry office and an even angrier girlfriend. 

Meanwhile, Jim’s Valentine’s Day with Pam also does not play out as planned. Watch this Office Valentine’s episode to relive all those humorous incidents.

10. Finale | Season 09 – Episode 23

Even though episode 15 was the last office valentine episode, you can’t end a binge-watch without bidding a Proper farewell to the series. This last valentine themed episode is worth all the time spent on the series. 

The show concludes with the last marriage of the season- Dwight and Angela. The drama continues till the very last episode as Dwight chooses Jim to be his best man but Michael steals his position. Finally, everyone gathers for final interviews during which Erin ultimately reunites with her parents, and Everyone is left with tear-filled eyes.

Trust me you’ll love this overwhelming episode as… what’s a valentine’s day without those soul-stirring tears !!

Wrapping Up

Well, these are the Valentine-themed Episodes that you were looking for your The Office Valentine Episodes binge-watching. Wow, that was a hell of a ride. But a ride I could take again and again. If you are a true fan of the show, you know you can never get enough of these. No matter what year it is, you’ll always love to sneak a peak and relive those joyous memories.

So, save the list or better bookmark the site for your any-time visit to the world of The Office. For you, I have also made you a list of –

The Office Christmas episodes for your Christmas vibes, The Office New Year episodes for your New year celebration, and  The Office Halloween episodes for your fun creative mood.

I hope you got what you are searching for. Keep visiting Path Of EX for more intriguing collections.


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