The Last Monday Story Explained | The Last Monday Full Ending Explained (2024)

The Last Monday Story Explained | The Last Monday Full Ending Explained (2024)

If you remember the old cute orange feline Garfield and still adore him for his bubbly acts, wait for a moment and explore the mind-blowing Garfield-inspired psychological horror game, The Last Monday. If you are new to the name, worry not! I have compiled all the necessary details on how to play The Last Monday Story, what is The Last Monday Story, and what was The Last Monday ending. Stay for a while to get all the information.

The Last Monday was released on 27 December 2023. The horror video game was produced by Alex Craig. Currently, it has only one episode. It is a single-player game and is available for Windows. Let’s explore more about The Last Monday story and its ending in the following sections.

The Last Monday is a twisted game with lots of scary jump moments. It has garnered mixed reviews, and players have responded positively to the game. If you want to play The Last Monday on your device, this guide will help you. Let’s dive into the details now.

How To Play The Last Monday?

The Last Monday video game is pretty straightforward. Since it is a single-player game, you must follow the plot and use your console controls to navigate it. The game requires the player to help Garfield to get inside his locked room. The player can find a hidden remote control in the garage. However, the room has a mysterious entity with scary plans for the player. It will take 40- 45 minutes to complete the game

You can play the Last Monday by using the following command keys on your keyboard:

  • WASD – Movement
  • Spacebar – Jump 
  • E – Interact
  • Shift – Run
  • LMB – Use the firepower 

The Last Monday Story Explained 

The Last Monday story revolves around an orange feline, Garfield, who has lost his house keys and is locked outside his home. His home is the only house at that place. Now, he wants to get inside, but no one can help him. As the player starts the game, he/she gets teleported outside the Garfield’s house.

Garfield asks for help and wants the player to find a way for him. The player tries to find the keys by exploring the isolated region. He manages to open the garage door. However, someone throws a knife at him, and his vision gets blurry. 

When the player becomes stable, he finds that everything is back to normal, and Garfield is standing there. It seems that Garfield is controlling the whole scenario. The player manages to find a hatch door to get inside the house. 

However, Garfield suddenly pushes the player inside the door and locks him in the basement. Garfield explains about satanic symbols on the walls and asks him to find the sigils in the house. The player then starts to look for the symbols and finds a notebook. 

The player finds a drawing stating that the Cat is evil and must be avoided. It contains a code that opens a safe containing a relic. Then suddenly, Jon appears in the scene, revealing that he is the main evil master. 

The player tries to escape by exploring the bathroom, living room, etc. Garfield instructs the player to throw the relic in the fire, transforming the eerie-looking house into a cozy place. Now, Garfield breaks into the house and relaxes on the couch. He asks the player to look for something the dog buried outside. 

However, the player finds that the mud has the body of a dead dog, and the house is on fire. The story gets shifted, and the player gets teleported one month before the event. A voice tells the player to navigate the place and find the culprit.

The Last Monday Full Ending Explained (2024)

As the story unfolds, the story shows that Garfield is controlling Jon and making him do all his sinister jobs. Moreover, Garfield has kidnapped a child in the house. Garfield manipulates the child into killing humans in the gas station. However, Jon gets an Egyptian spell to eliminate the evil entity possessing Garfield. 

It is revealed that the relic and sigils are the only tools to stop and resist Garfield. The player finds Jon’s note explaining the Voice and its connection to Garfield. It says to wait for the month’s end to get aligned stars. However, Jon must kill the child to perform the ritual. However, the entity says that he is very powerful and cannot be defeated. 

The game again gets reset, and the protagonist sees Garfield, who is asking for help as he is stuck outside the house. The evil entity seems to have reset the timeline and is doing all of his sinister things again.

Wrapping Up

The article on how to play The Last Monday and its ending covers all the major events. The video game becomes sinister scene by scene. The player must find a way out by dodging the evil Garfield entity to complete the game. However, evil Garfield has other plans that will blow your mind. If you have any questions or doubts related to The Last Monday game, drop a comment below.

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