The ‘Jamapanese’ Love Story: Meet Davia and Katsushi Hirao

The ‘Jamapanese’ Love Story: Meet Davia and Katsushi Hirao

Mandeville, MANCHESTER:

“Love is the ultimate truth at the heart of the universe and transcends all boundaries.” – Deepak Chopra

If someone told you that your soulmate was more than 8,000 miles away, would you be surprised? Would you take the trip to find the love of your life or would you rubbish the claim?

When Davia Hirao visited Fukuoka, Japan, five years ago, she had no plan to make it her long-term home. Much like the over 20 countries she has visited, her plan was to stay for a period, enjoy the culture, then allow her free spirit to choose her next course.

But not only did she find the country most fulfilling, she found the love of her life to share it with.

In her words, destiny had it all worked out.

The teacher and salon owner met her husband, Katsushi Hirao, through a mutual friend at an English dinner and surprisingly realised later that their paths had crossed prior to that introduction.

Davia believes this must have been fate.

“…A year before I met my husband, I went to a Kawawatari Jinkosai River Crossing Festival, and took some photos and videos. After we got married, we were discussing the festival and I told him I had attended one before. I then showed him photos and videos of the event, and lo and behold, we saw him in one of the floats in which he was participating. Was it coincidence that I took a video of my future husband one year before we officially met? Perhaps not. So I like to think that fate brought us together.”

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Prior to dating Katsushi, Davia had never pursued a relationship outside of her race and gave no serious thought to it; though race was never a determining factor for whom she dated.

With a strong connection, it was not long before Davia tied the knot with her love.

“Because we are both Sagittarius – I was born December 15 and he was born December 10 – we both have a passion for outdoor activities. We like the adrenaline rush of kayaking down the river, snorkelling, diving, hiking, or just driving along the countryside, so we clicked instantly. Because of this connection, our friendship and relationship developed pretty quickly and we got married within a few months,” she told Family and Religion.

There was no pomp and pageantry at the wedding, particularly because Davia had never envisioned the traditional wedding for herself and her family was in Jamaica. Instead, a simple courthouse ceremony sufficed.


“Our simple courthouse nuptial was on March 27, 2018, and we honeymooned in Cambodia, where my husband had real coconut water for the first time in his life (not the bottled one)! While there, we went dirt-bike riding and zip lining in the jungles of Cambodia. We are also big on philanthropy, so we built a classroom in an underprivileged area of Cambodia and donated all the chairs, white board, books, pens, and toys for the students, and we also provided supplies for the toilet. And even though we did not expect it, the following morning, a representative from the school came to our hotel and gave us a certificate for our philanthropic endeavours.”

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But though the two have similarities, there are cultural barriers that require a little work.

“My husband speaks English; however, the Japanese/English words translate differently, and sometimes the meaning is lost on both sides. When we (Jamaicans) speak, we have expressions to go along with them, and many times he does not pick up on these cues, and vice versa. Case in point: One day I was talking to my mom on the phone, and my response to her was ‘you mad’ and he was very concerned thinking my mom was going crazy” she said laughingly

Davia added that Japanese women are usually docile, which can make a strong-willed Jamaican woman come off as bizarre. Nonetheless, these are some of the things that make Katsushi love his wife even more.

“I love my wife’s caring, loving, and giving ways. I also like the fact that she will not allow others to walk over her, and that she will always stand up for herself. She is also very passionate about various causes and about helping others. And of course she is a fashionista” he said

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As a military officer, Katsushi is deployed frequently and it can be quite a challenge for the couple, but Davia says they are always finding ways to make their reunions exciting.

“Spending time away is difficult, but we talk to each other on the phone every day. However, when he is away, I spend much time at work, I hang out with my friends, and as an only child, I am accustomed to spending time alone, so I also enjoy spending time with myself. Then of course, when we do see each other, it is like an adventure all over again, and we find various interesting activities to do to ensure that we spend quality time together.”

As persons who live in the moment, enjoying activities such as quad biking, deep sea diving, river rafting, spearfishing, zip lining, jet skiing, skiing (snow), barbecuing and a quiet evening dinner, the couple eagerly awaits the years ahead of them.

“Call us adrenaline junkies, but we always look forward to the next ‘adrenaline rush’ activity. Importantly, we also look forward to growing together and learning more about each other.”

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