The Good Doctor Season 4 Ending | All Major Moments Explained [SPOILER ALERT!]

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Do you want to get a detailed overview of the major happenings from The Good Doctor Season 4 ending? We’ve written the article for that very fact. In this article, we’ll discuss all major moments running down the season finale.

The ABC’s hit medical drama follows an exceptional performance by Freddie Highmore playing the lead as Shaun Murphy, an autistic surgical resident at a hospital in San Jose who proved time and again his capabilities of being a superb surgeon with his memory prowess.

From an unexpected pregnancy to miscarriage, the plot follows a lot of ups and downs for Shaun and Lea along with the whole surgical team struggling to handle the pandemic in this latest season of The Good Doctor.

Read along with the article as we explain the various endings portrayed in the season finale along with a major cast member leaving the set for good.

The Good Doctor Season 4 Ending Discussion

The new season’s finale saw a lot of surprising plotlines with romance budding among various characters in the show and an unexpected proposal. Without further ado, let’s discuss each of the major moments in the following subsections.

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The Good Doctor Season 4 Ending | The Proposal

Earlier in the season, Lea and Shaun share the trauma of the loss of their unborn baby to miscarriage leading Lea to plan a short visit to her hometown in Pennsylvania in order to process and recover from the profound grief.

Though the couple seemed to be separating for the time being, that all changed when a series of events led Lea to help a mother with her baby’s respiratory illness much like the fatal lung complications faced by the couple’s unborn daughter. 

The Good Doctor Season 4 Ending

With Shaun’s patient guidance, Lea is able to save the infant’s life which somehow enables her to find some sort of closure over the loss of her own baby eventually leading her to scrap her plans to move back to Pennsylvania.

Seeing how supportive and gentle Shaun has been during these tough times, Lea makes it known that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She then goes on to ask Shaun to marry her to which Shaun unhesitantly replies with “Of course, I love you!”

Though the fans’ long-sought-after wishes have been granted, they’ll have to wait for the official ceremony to take place in the next season.

The Good Doctor Season 4 Ending | Claire’s Exit

With the season finale, Antonia Thomas playing the all-time fan favorite, Dr. Claire Brown, officially leaves the series for good. In the series, this is reflected at the end of the season finale in ‘Vamos’ where Claire decides to depart from San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital in order to stay and work as a surgeon in Guatemala.

The Good Doctor Season 4 Ending
Source: Digital Spy

As revealed by Antonia, the decision to leave was bittersweet in itself that came after a lot of thinking and the ultimate realization to explore different creative opportunities in order to try something new.

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While she is leaving the show to do some other projects, Antonia hasn’t ruled out a possible return sometime ahead in the future evident by the interview that she gave to Deadline,

It has not been an easy decision for me to leave, so I absolutely would love to come back every now and then and say hi, bring Claire’s skills from Guatemala and her stories. I’m very much looking forward to that.

The Good Doctor Season 4 Ending | Budding Romance between Lim and Osma

The fourth season of The Good Doctor follows Dr. Lim and Dr. Mateo Osma bonding over their troubled pasts so much so that they end up sleeping together. The duo opened to each other about their uneasy past with Dr. Lim acknowledging her PTSD while Dr. Osma discloses the fact that he was wanted for assault in the States. 

The Good Doctor Season 4 Ending

In the final episode of the season, Osma reveals his plan to visit her in San Jose giving hope for a budding relationship between the two.

With Osvaldo Benavides likely promoted among the regular cast for the next season, fans can be certain to see more of Dr. Osma’s character in The Good Doctor Season 5. 

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The Good Doctor Season 4 Ending | Dr. Morgan Lets Her Guard Down

In the series finale, fans got to witness a vulnerable side of the usually tough Morgan as she allows herself to open up to Dr. Park. She expresses the fear of her surgical career being over on which Park comforts her and the duo is finally seen getting on the bus running back to the airport.

The Good Doctor Season 4 Ending

Regarding Fiona Gubelmann and her character of Dr. Morgan Reznick during the next season, Executive producer, David Shore, said in an interview with TVLINE, 

“I think Fiona’s done a great job of making her a fully dimensional character… She will probably let her guard down a little bit more, especially with Park — and that may turn out to be a challenge in that relationship.”

Where to stream The Good Doctor Season 4?

If you’re wondering where to stream the fourth season of The Good Doctor, we’ve got you covered. While you can catch the show airing on ABC Network in the US, in order to enjoy it in the UK, you need to switch to Sky Witness and NOW streaming service.

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Wrapping Up

This brings us to the end of our article on everything major related to The Good Doctor Season 4 Ending from Lea’s proposal to blossoming romances between the various characters. Let us know which season 4 moment you didn’t anticipate that caught you by surprise in the comment box below.

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