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Was there a pre-meeting before Anchorage’s Assembly meeting on Friday night to determine who would be the acting mayor of Anchorage?

It appears that way. At least there were conversations between those dominating the liberal Assembly. They were conversations that were evident to many in the audience during the meeting that was to swap out Quinn-Davidson for Assembly Chairman Felix Rivera. Both are far-left radicals on the Anchorage Assembly.

Rivera was placed in the second slot — vice chair — and when Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’ resignation takes place on Oct. 23 at 6 pm, Quinn-Davidson will become mayor and Rivera will once again take the gavel in the Assembly as chair. A win-win for the Left.

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The chamber was empty at 4:30 pm, but soon filled up with supporters of Austin Quinn-Davidson. Regular attendees found it hard to get into the meeting with all the newcomers who mysteriously arrived. Rep. Zack Fields showed up and sat right next to the microphone, so he could be first to testify. AFL-CIO boss Vince Beltrami showed up. The room was full of people unknown to these meetings.

There was no public testimony at the beginning of the meeting, but this was a “special meeting” called by Rivera, and he didn’t go by the usual agenda. It soon became apparent that the fix was in, and that John Weddleton, the moderate on the Assembly, would not have the votes. Quinn-Davidson had them before the meeting even started.

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As soon as public testimony began, Rep. Fields was ready, and was first to the mic. He whipped out his phone to read from its screen his pre-prepared congratulatory speech to the new soon-to-be-acting mayor Quinn-Davidson. Boss Beltrami did the same — reading his already prepared remarks to praise the choice of Quinn-Davidson. They both knew before the meeting where the votes were.

The vote had taken place in secret, out of the eye of the public.

Activist Bernadette Wilson was having none of that, and when it finally came to her time at the mic, called the Assembly members “cowards” for voting in secret. She also noted that Rep. Fields’ had his comments already prepared.

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“Ladies and gentleman, THAT’S Astro-Turf,” she said, referring to a remark Mayor Ethan Berkowitz had made recently calling protesters of his policies “Astro-Turf,” which means fake grassroots activity. Fields is heavily involved with union activities in his day job, when not working as a legislator.

Thus, the Anchorage Assembly’s far left continues to rule over Anchorage. Quinn-Davidson will become the first openly gay mayor of Anchorage on Oct. 23, but will be able to return to her Assembly seat after a new mayor is seated.

During the meeting, activist Dustin Darden sat with a box over his head. Some yelled. Quinn-Davidson warned they would be thrown out, and one man was. She had to take a break to restore order.

Many in the audience who testified after the vote were angry, and others who were not allowed into the chambers but remained outside also expressed anger.

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