The Country Life: Here’s Why Rural Living Can Be Good For You

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City living is starting to lose its appeal, and more people are thinking about moving to the country to start a new life. According to a recent survey, nearly half of all US adults say that they would prefer to live in a small town or rural area. Moreover, more young people are seeing the appeal of living in the country, as there has been a significant increase in adults ages 18 to 34 who want to live a small-town life. Most people move to the country to live a simpler lifestyle, but did you know that rural living can be beneficial to your wellbeing? Here are all the reasons why living in the country can be good for you. 

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Better Mental Health

Most people are aware that living in urban areas can be detrimental to your physical health, but research has revealed that city living can also have a negative impact on mental health. According to a study published by Cambridge University, urban dwellers are 20 percent more likely to develop depression than those who live outside the city. Moreover, having to deal with constant traffic and noise can add to stress levels, and being under constant stress can cause health conditions ranging from obesity to heart disease. Living in the country enables you to be in a relaxing and stress-free environment, which can lead to a calmer, worry-free, and healthier life. 

Access to healthier and cheaper food

Being in the country offers the opportunity to eat fresh organic food on a regular basis. Since everything is locally grown, you’ll always have access to fresh vegetables and fruits, and since they aren’t transported for long distances, you can be assured that they’re cheaper then the organic produce that you buy in city groceries or markets. You can also find your own food through hunting or foraging. For instance, if you move to a small town in Texas such as Fredericksburg or Dublin, you can go to Texas hunting land and hunt for white-tailed deer or mule deer. You can also forage for edible greens such as lamb’s quarter peppergrass and mallow, as well as wild mulberries and blackberries, which are plentiful in these areas. 

More opportunities to live an active lifestyle

Once you move to the country, there will be no need to sign up for a gym membership: you’ll have a lot of opportunities to live an active lifestyle. Having access to wide open spaces means that you can play outdoor sports, go on hikes, take bike rides, or even go horseback riding. Other outdoor activities such as gardening, caring for livestock, and fishing also enable you to stay active while reconnecting with nature. 

Living in the country is a great way to establish some peace in your life.. If you want better mental and physical health, access to fresh and inexpensive food, and a stress-free lifestyle, consider rural living – it could be the key to your happiness and overall health.


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