The Arvo Wrap: Australian Open COVID-19 cases; Cyclone sends wild weather to Queensland and NSW; ASX finishes higher

The Arvo Wrap: Australian Open COVID-19 cases; Cyclone sends wild weather to Queensland and NSW; ASX finishes higher

It’s January, so obviously cricket, the Australian Open and wild weather are dominating the headlines.

But, at least with the tennis, those headlines have a 2021 spin on them.

As the international tennis stars arrive, so do international cases of COVID-19.

Here’s what you need to know this afternoon:

The Australian Open and the related COVID-19 cases have dominated much of the day’s news cycle.

Two players are included in the latest COVID-19 cases connected to the Australian Open, bringing the total infections linked to the event to seven.

Victoria today recorded a total of four new cases, three of which are linked to the fast-approaching tennis tournament.

Residents in south-east Queensland face a major clean-up after pockets south of Brisbane received more than 200mm of rain in under five hours.

Ex-tropical Cyclone Kimi was downgraded overnight and a weather warning that was in force has been cancelled, with the chance of it reforming is considered “low”.

What else is happening around the world?

ASX up, Aussie dollar holds

  • The Australian stock market has finished higher after a solid day of trading, ending the day up 1.19 per cent or 79.6 points to 6,742.6 points
  • Major sectors that rose today include finance, IT, materials and health
  • Utilities were the only sector to finish in the red
  • The biggest gainer for today was waste management company Bingo Industries, which gained a whopping 20.44 per cent
  • The stock that retreated the most was engineering company Worley, which only dropped by 2.77 per cent
  • The Aussie dollar is currently buying 77 US cents, remaining flat since the start of the week
  • Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is maintaining a strong $47,180, continuing what has been a stable week.

Most-read story of the day

Sometimes people just want to read about a muscle car. Today was that day, with this story about an HSV Maloo auction proving to be extremely popular.


Most talked about social media post

Other than the Australian Open, it’s been all about the cricket today.

The final Test between Australia and India is still going at the time of publishing.

But it’s not looking good for the Aussies, who need to snare a whole lot of wickets in the final session to win the match, and series.

And if you are looking for something to take your mind off the news, see if you can beat the crossword here.
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