10 DIY Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas That Are Easy & Unique

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Smriti Razdan
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Soon Halloween would be over and you’ll be looking for the most aesthetic Thanksgiving decorations. In your long to-do list, you will never forget preparing Turkey, however, the idea of getting an eye-striking wreath is sometimes overlooked. But worry not, we will help you find your ideal DIY Thanksgiving Wreath and it will get all the attention from your guests. 

You’ll be preparing for the dinner, you’ll also be watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on Nov 25 and you have got everything covered. We’re totally impressed! While Thanksgiving is a day where families bond together, making a wreath at home can be another excuse to sit and laugh with your family. You can involve your kids, or even better, give them this task to make beautiful Thanksgiving wreaths. 

Among all the DIY Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas, most can be made by kids. They will require little attention from you but that’s it. You’ll just need stuff like 18” rings, hot glue, ribbons, leaves, and stuff. Invoke the creative human inside and let’s make you a Thanksgiving wreath for your front door.

How To Make A Thanksgiving Wreath

10 DIY Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas That Are Easy & Unique

You can easily make a Thanksgiving wreath at home. As I already told you, they are actually pretty easy to make. You just need some pretty basic stuff that we have mentioned below and you’ll have your wreath made in minutes, I swear.

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Things You Need To Make a Basic Thanksgiving Wreath

  1. A Natural Wreath (easily available for $8 at Etsy)
  2. 17’’ or 18’’ Metal Ring
  3. Acrylic Colors (Neutral colors that match with the Autumn shades, like dull brown, white, golden, and silver)
  4. Dried Leaves (of any tree) or Silk Leaves
  5. Dried Mini Pinecones
  6. Acorns
  7. Hot Glue

Steps To Make A Basic Thanksgiving Wreath at Home

10 DIY Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas That Are Easy & Unique
  1. Firstly make sure you keep the palette neutral. If you want to make a basic wreath them make sure it’s not that colorful. 
  2. Take the silk leaves or dried leaves and paint them white with acrylic color. 
  3. Paint the Pinecones with gold color. 
  4. Paint the Acorns with Silver color and leave everything to get dried. 
  5. Only after everything is dry, take the Natural Wreath and start assembling everything.
  6. Stick the acorns, pinecones, and white leaves with glue. 
  7. Dry and hang on a nail on your front door. 

10 Easy Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas

Trust me when I say that can you make these Thanksgiving Wreaths within an hour. Don’t have fresh flowers? Use fake instead. Don’t have leaves? Use paper leaves instead. Don’t have paper? Use burlap? Shh! We aren’t going to disclose everything here.

Go through all these once and I am quite sure you’ll want to make all of them at home.

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas

1. Paper Cone Thanksgiving Wreath

Take some brown and cream-colored paper. Make small cones and paste them on the metal ring. Decorate it with wheat husk and golden pearls. When your guests arrive, ask them to write something they are thankful for and put those small notes in these cones. After dinner, you can take these notes out and read them.

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas

2. Paper Leaves Thanksgiving Wreath

If you have a book that you have no intentions of keeping then you can use them in a better way (although you should never tear a book). Or you can print some pages of whatever book you like and cut those pages in the shape of Chinar leaves. Now take dull orange and brown colored sheets and paste the printed book leaves on them. When you paste it in a circular fashion and hang it on your door, it will truly vibe with the autumn season.

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas

3. Hydrangea Wreath For Thanksgiving

If you don’t have Hydrangea flowers then you can get some faux ones from your local craft shop. Cut their stems and stick them on the basic natural wreath. The fuller look will truly look amazing, I mean, when have flowers looked wrong at a festival?

10 DIY Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas That Are Easy & Unique

4. White Pumpkin Blessed Wreath

This Pumpkin Blessed Thanksgiving Wreath will make your guests feel truly blessed. If you don’t have a blessed piece then you can make it yourselves. Just write the words on a sheet, make bold lines, and cut them. Take small white pumpkins and paint them white. I am sure you have some left from the Halloween pumpkin patches.

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas

5. Apple Grapevine Thanksgiving Wreath

Grapevine Wreaths are pretty popular in the Thanksgiving season. You can easily get your hands on it. Just put some apples or small fruits on it and if they fall you can stick them with hot glue. Hang it on your windows and be that chic person with the best home decor.

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas

6. Abundance Pinecone Thanksgiving Wreath

At the beginning of this article, I told you how to make a basic Thanksgiving wreath. If you don’t get silk leaves or any particular beautifying item, then you can simply take one of them (either pinecones, acorns, or leaves) and fill your wreath with this only. Since Thanksgiving is an occasion that celebrates abundance, this fuller look will definitely go with that idea.

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas

7. Give Thanks Grapevine Wreath

A simple grapevine wreath is more beautiful than the extravagant wreaths that the big stores offer. You can keep a “Thankful“, “Blessed“, or “Give Thanks” word plate in the middle and it will look simply chic. Also, grapevines are usually warm in colors, like red and yellows so don’t be extra colorful with the color of your words.

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas

8. Pom Pom Thanksgiving Wreath

There are literally hundreds of DIY Pom Pom making videos on YouTube. Just watch one or two, practice a bit with your kids, and take around 30-40 Pom Poms. Take a long thread in a needle and put all the pompoms through the thread. When you have a long thread of Pom Poms wrap them around the metal ring and stick them with the hot glue. Tadaa!! your Thanksgiving Wreath full of Pom Poms is ready.

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas

9. Corn Husk Wreath

Peel around 18-20 dried corns and stick the husks on the back of corns as shown in this picture. Make sure you color coordinate the corns a little bit. Place all the dried corns over an 18” craft ring and place this wreath outside your main door on Thanksgiving.

10 DIY Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas That Are Easy & Unique

10. Autumn Burlap Wreath For Thanksgiving

Okay, you don’t have any pinecones or acorns, neither do you have any silk leaves. What would you do? Take some old burlap, firstly clean it (if it is dirty) Then cut around 10-15 rectangular pieces and pint 3 yellow, and 3 orange. Once the burlap pieces are all dried, take the metal ring and wrap them around it. You can use thread to secure the burlap on the ring. Use Halloween pumpkins to decorate. Or decorate with whatever you have.

Wrapping Up

Everything about Thanksgiving makes you bond better with your family. Whether it is cooking meals or cracking Thanksgiving jokes, this entertaining Turkey day surely brings out the best of us. If you want to make your own wreaths then you’ll love all the DIY Thanksgiving Wreaths from this article.

Tell us in the comment section which one are you going to make and how did it come out. Do you like it? Love it? We want to know all about it.

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