Super-Cute Thanksgiving Nails For Fall & Festivals in 2021

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Can we just admit 2021 wasn’t as good as we thought it would be? The world isn’t a wish-granting factory and we know this because even if the pandemic is almost got over, our lives never got back on track. Amidst all the chaos, you know what will make me feel like I have a tit-bit of happiness left? My freaking nails! 

I swear festivals are the most exciting part of my life right now and if you relate with me then you’ll love to go autumn on your nails. They aren’t cheesy, they aren’t too blingy, just the right amount of sass. From minimalistic to an occasional pumpkin, this collection of Super-Cute Thanksgiving Nails will surely get everyone’s attention.   

We have already told you about Spooky Halloween Nails, now in this list, we will share every idea on the internet about nails that are worth sharing. If you find these nails great then do try them and share this article with your friends. Let’s unravel everything.

Thanksgiving Nails Art You Need To Copy RN!

Thanksgiving Nails’ Art You Need To Copy RN!

Kylie Jenner’s nails got the news out that she’s actually pregnant. As crazy as that might seem, a girl on the internet, found that from her nails. That’s how important they are. And if you think no one is going to notice your nails, this article will make sure they do. So, you just have to go through this article once to pick out an idea.

Round Thanksgiving Nails

From pumpkins to autumn leaves, you’ll want to have a minimum of 20 fingers after going through this section. Some simple colors, a little detail and you have the best Thanksgiving nails of the season.

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  • Simple Autumn Colors

Whether your nails are too short or not, you can have the best of Autumn with this cute nail art design. If you look closely you’ll see more colors than orange and yellow.

  • Ombre Shade Nails

Get all festive with this shimmer on your fall nails. The gel nail paint looks great with the golden shine, so make your you get your hands painted in these ones.

  • Thanksgiving Nail Art with White, Gold and Orange

These details speak for themselves. The white, gold orange and even yellow in with the black little dots have to be your favorite Thanksgiving nails up until now.

  • Pumpkin Nails

It’s the official Pumpkin season and you cannot pass it without having some squashes on your nails. These nails have different shades of orange and light yellow. if it seems cute enough, then do give it a try.

  • Leaves on Nails

Get your nails painted in these beautiful orange round Thanksgiving nails and don’t forget that unique nail art.

  • Simplicitic Nails

Look at that shine. Totally classy and chic. Your nails will have five totally different colors and still give that Autumn vibe. Now that’s something I look for this festive season.

  • Ghosts and Pumpkin

I know it’s a little late for ghosts but why not. The plain peach color totally goes for Thanksgiving and the cute little pumpkins with sharp black outlines really look amazing.

  • Basic Pumpkin Nails

Plain white can also make your nails look festive. How? Just make an orange pumpkin, give it some details with brown, and done. Freshly manicured pumpkins are ready for you?

  • Thanksgiving Nails with Gold

Invoke all the fall vibes cause we are all ready for it. Paint your nails dull yellow and pop orange. Apply some gold paint over it to match the festive vibes and that’s it!

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  • Lovely October Nails

Have you seen anything better than these nails? I don’t think so. Look at the details. that shimmer on the pinky and leaf on the ring finger. Bookmark this article if you love it too much.

Square Thanksgiving Nails

You will get all the warm Thanksgiving vibes from these beautiful nails. They have a breathtaking mix of autumn colors. So, do make sure you try them.

  • Minimalistic Nails

It’s the little silvery stone for me that makes it count among the best Thanksgiving nails of the season. The square orange on the upper corner also gives these nails a classy look.

  • Proper Thanksgiving Vibe

You’ll see white, dried leaves and gold so you have everything to relate with thanksgiving here. Also, the transparent two nails with white make these nails look like royalty. Truly!

  • Sparkly Nails

We don’t go through festivals without some shimmer on our nails. These square Thanksgiving nail idea will really make you have them instantly.

  • Pumpkin On French Tips

Who said you can’t be simple this Thanksgiving. Just have these amazing-looking french tips but with a little change. Either paste a pumpkin sticker on your nail or paint it with your creativity.

  • All Autumn Colors

WOW! That’s the only word I could think of after seeing these beautiful classy nails. There’s brown, with golden. Orange with silver stones. And then there’s the best part. All autumn colors on both hands. Just perfect.

  • Squared Oval Grateful Nails

The perfect Thanksgiving nails for everyone. The husk and peach colors over white look amazing. You don’t even remind yourself to be grateful, you nailed will do that for you.

  • Honeylove Nails

These kinds of nails are my favorite. You see a mix of colors. You see some details and there are checks. So that definitely goes up my list of best nails ever.

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Stiletto Thanksgiving Nails

  • Fall Design Special
  • Pop Orange Nails
  • Pumpkin Patch Nails
  • Multicolored Cute Thanksgiving Nails
  • Autums Collection
  • Fall Colors Stiletto Nails For Thanksgiving
  • Dark Colors

Almond Thanksgiving Nails

  • Some Cute Flowers and Greens For Manicure
  • Little Details
  • Gold, Brown, Pumpkins and Perfection!
  • Orange Silver Shades
  • Mustard Nail Paint
  • Simplistic Dots and Hues
  • Gold-foil Nails
  • 3-D Nails
  • Nude Nails with Lavender Tint
  • Opposite Colors
  • Coffee Nails
  • Marble Nail Art

Wrapping Up

That was all about these beautiful and sexy nails that you can try on Thanksgiving. If you feel they are chic enough then do share this article with your friends and comment below what are you going to try ASAP from this article.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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