List Of All TF2 New Cosmetics: Summer Update 2023

tf2 new cosmetics

The new season of Team Fortress is here, and there is no way we can keep calm, anyway. With the latest patch for TF2, people will find multiple new user-created maps and cosmetics. Let’s go through this patch and grab the ultimate list of TF2 new cosmetics and taunts. Step forward!

Team Fortress is an action-based multiplayer first-person shooter game developed and published by Valve Corporation that brings various cosmetics and gameplay tactics with every new season coming up. Whether it is the Halloween update 2023 or the Bone Chilling Bonanza Case, it never fails to surprise us with new quirky additions.

Make your way through this page and get your hands on the latest TF2 New Cosmetics 2023 and taunts added. Update your collection and unlock endless fun in your game. Head on!

All TF2 Cosmetics Case Revealed | TF2 Summer Update 2023

tf2 new cosmetics

TF2 Summer Update 2023 new cosmetics include a total of 25 cosmetics along with class type, taunts, and war paints. Have a look underneath and what range of various cosmetics you can encounter in this new update.

List of 25 TF2 New Cosmetics

Cosmetic nameClass type
Brothers in BluesAll classes
Full Metal HelmetAll classes
Blast BowlDemoman
Shrapnel ShellDemoman
Cargo ConstructorEngineer
Cranium CoolerEngineer
Hazard HandlerEngineer
Brother MannHeavy
Heavy MetalHeavy
Hog HeelsHeavy
Medical EmergencyMedic
Flame WarriorPyro
Soho SleuthPyro
Brimmed BootleggerScout
Prohibition OppositionScout
Cranium CoverSniper
Glorious GambesonSniper
Preventative MeasureSniper
Cleaner’s CapSpy
Le ProfessionnelSpy
Close Quarters CoverSoldier
Stealth BomberSoldier

Latest Community-Contributed Taunts

  • Taunt: Killer Joke
  • Taunt: Star-Spangled Strategy
  • Taunt: The Head Doctor
  • Taunt: Tuefort Tango
  • Taunt: The Road Rager
  • Taunt: The Killer Signature

Summer 2023 War Paint Case: 10 Community-Created War Paints

  • Sky Stallion War Paint
  • Deadly Dragon War Paint
  • Business Class War Paint
  • Steel Brushed War Paint
  • Warborn War Paint
  • Mechanized Monster War Paint
  • Bomb Carrier War Paint
  • Team Serviced War Paint
  • Pacific Peacemaker War Paint
  • Secretly Serviced War Paint

This was all about the new TF2 cosmetics you can get in this new update. Now, make a move ahead and see where you can add these cosmetics to your collection. Go on!

How to Get New TF2 Cosmetics in 2023?

You can get new TF2 cosmetics in 2023 via the in-game Mann Co. store or through Steam’s Team Fortress 2 Community Market. Although, you would have to purchase them from the store as they aren’t free of cost.

Wrapping Up

This was all about TF2’s new cosmetics. Read through this page and check out the ultimate collection of new cosmetics, taunts, and war paints you can encounter in this latest update. Also, Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any doubts, and I will get back to you ASAP.

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