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Sample Text Messages to Customers

Today it’s impossible to imagine a well-known brand that doesn’t have its own advertising campaign. Companies use all available communication channels to reach their target audience, including SMS marketing campaigns. Text messages are still a popular tool because they establish direct connections with customers and they facilitate all marketing efforts. In fact, companies can now integrate an SMS API with their existing communication applications to programmatically send text messages. This, in turn, helps create more leads.

There are quite a few reasons for the continued interest in using text messaging. An advertising campaign that uses SMS will be popular for many years to come because:

  • you don’t need to spend a lot of time to read the text;
  • there is access to text messages without connection to the Internet;
  • meaningful SMS are opened much more often than meaningful letters in the mail.

To create a mailing list, use modern tools that will greatly simplify your work. Text marketing services allow you to automate the sending of messages, receive delivery data and analyze various indicators (open rates, referrals).

SMS Templates for E-commerce

Creating text templates requires adherence to several rules that will help you choose the key to your target audience. Text messages of different e-commerce industries have something in common – they remain concise, accurate, and informative.

In order to create a correct message, you need to adhere to a few rules from Atompark:

  • write the name of your company or indicate your brand;
  • state the essence of your offer (discount, bonus);
  • clarify your requirements;
  • indicate the closing date;
  • provide a link to study the conditions.

Almost all messages to clients correspond to the given framework. It doesn’t matter what you want to say, the main thing is to comply with the instructions and summarize the essence. Remember that all recipients must be able to unsubscribe. [If you need HIPAA compliance you can send an e-fax, the online version of a fax machine.]

Entertainment bulk SMS Templates

Owners of entertainment establishments should follow the above recommendations too. Inform your visitors about the upcoming holidays and celebrations, as well as the possibilities to receive a nice gift. Sending messages ahead of time and reminding them again based on your campaign metrics will help you increase conversions.

A call to action is a must, otherwise your message will be perceived as spam. If your recipients left their details in person, don’t forget to greet them. Personalizing your messages is a sure first step to make your SMS texting marketing successful.

SMS Templates for medical niche

Taking care of one’s health unites all clients, so a reminder of beneficial cooperation will always be great. Inform your recipients about the fulfillment of orders, the renewal of the assortment and other pleasant events. The message template remains the same, so you definitely won’t have to reinvent the wheel.

The success of an advertising campaign is determined not only by the number of responses but also by a variety of SMS marketing tools. You can change your strategy, correct the text and increase awareness thanks to tools. Analyze your mailings and make sure that your template is excellent.


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