Tesla Dojo Supercomputer: The Most Powerful System Getting Ready

Tesla Dojo Supercomputer

On its AI Day, Tesla talked about Tesla Bot (Optimus Robot), FSD (Full Self Driving), and Dojo Supercomputer in detail. Tesla Dojo Supercomputer was revealed during the previous year’s AI Day of Tesla. Tesla has worked all over the year to make the supercomputer more powerful and ready to rule the world. Dojo will surely be one of the best additions to the technology and computing itself.

On September 30, 2022, Elon Musk along with Milan and Lizzy kickstarted AI Day with Tesla Bot. Tesla Bot runs on the same computer on which Tesla Cars operate. After that, Ashok along with his team defined the progress, new updates, and more details about the FSD (beta) software. In the end, just before the QA session, Pete Bannon (who runs the Custom Silicon and Low Voltage Teams at Tesla) and Ganesh Venkat (who runs the Dojo Program) launched the latest version of the Dojo.

Tesla Dojo Supercomputer

Tesla Dojo Supercomputer is so powerful that it can trip a big power grid. The vision behind building and developing Dojo, as per Tesla, is to build a large and powerful single unified acceleration. Previously, Tesla was told to be looking for a computer that could help it to build a better environment for self-driving technology and get the dream ‘Tesla Bot’ project accomplished more instantaneous. However, Tesla company felt extant computing of the supercomputers could not get them to the target.

The company came up with the Dojo D1 chip and it motivated Tesla to build the fastest AI-Training computer. Designed from square one for AI machine learning and video training consuming video data from its caravan of cars, Dojo is Tesla’s own custom supercomputer platform.

The latest Tesla Dojo supercomputer works and uses chips and an absolute infrastructure developed by the automaker. This supercomputer is being on continuous modifications and developments. Tesla is expected to achieve more heights in terms of training neural nets using Dojo’s video data for its FSD program.

Last year, the supercomputer had only D1 chip. This year Tesla, on its AI Day, revealed its full cabinet, ExaPOD. Tesla disclosed it is going to substitute as many as 6 GPUs with a single yet more powerful Dojo tile. On a single tray, there will be 6 Dojo tiles. That means one system tray in the Dojo supercomputer will be more powerful than 36 GPU boxes. And the good part is, Tesla confirmed that a Dojo tile (which is equivalent to 6 GPUs) will cost less than a single GPU. This means a single system tray in Tesla Dojo Supercomputer will be as strong as 3 to 4 fully loaded racks of a supercomputer.

Tesla Dojo Supercomputer

Tesla Dojo Supercomputer is going to bring miraculous changes to the world and especially to Tesla itself in the very near future.

Tesla Dojo Supercomputer: First Looks

Here are some of the pictures of the Tesla Dojo Supercomputer displayed during the latest AI Day of the automaker, Tesla.

1: ExaPOD

This is what the ExaPOD—Dojo Cabinet and Cluster—looks like. The company in its official Twitter handle has claimed “1 Exapod = 1.1 exaFLOPs of machine learning compute”

ExaPOD Naked

Tesla Dojo Supercomputer

ExaPOD Closed

2: The Dojo System Tray

Dojo System tray has 6 Dojo Tiles each tile is as powerful as 6 GPUs (Graphics Processing Units).

Tesla Dojo Supercomputer

3: Tesla Dojo Supercomputer Cabinet

One Dojo Cabinet is excepted to house two system trays (equivalent to 72 GPUs). Here is what Dojo Cabinet Looks like:

Tesla Dojo Supercomputer

4: Dogo Host Interface

With S12 total X86 cores, 8 TB total memory, 640 GB/S PCIE Bandwidth, Deco Host Interface has Hardware Video Decoder support and PCIe connectivity to interface Processors.

Tesla Dojo Supercomputer

Watch The AI Day 2022 Show: All About Tesla Dojo Supercomputer, Bot, and FSD

Wrapping Up

Tesla Dojo Supercomputer is super powerful. The supercomputer is rapidly moving towards its final touches stage. I believe it will go public very soon.

That’s all revealed about the Dojo Supercomputer on AI Day. I will update this article as soon as I get any news about it. If you have access to any early news, do share that in the comment box.

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