Tesla Diner/Drive-in Theater | The Future of The Charging Stations is on The Way

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Tesla is again in the news with a massive surprise for its automobile owners. They have laid down plans for a diner and a Tesla drive-in theater at their charging stations. Isn’t it some good news for Tesla owners! The company added Tesla Theater to the vehicles with apps. So, the user only pays $10 a month for Tesla’s LTE cellular connectivity to get the service. So, Tesla knows how to keep their consumers happy while their vehicles get some charging.

The electric vehicles manufactured by Tesla take somewhere around thirty minutes to twelve hours to charge. So the feature would help the owners have a good time while charging their cars. However, Elon Musk, CEO of the company, had plans to introduce roller skates and a rock and roll restaurant at an old school drive. He even announced his goal of raising a Tesla diner/drive-in theater in 2018, and gradually from introducing charging stations by 2022, it is moving towards its final shape.

Step-by-Step planning for the Tesla Drive-in Theaters

Since 2018 Tesla has shaped the plan for the drive-in theaters. They have incorporated many charging theaters all over America. After the pandemic, they have planned to upgrade their charging stations into a more exciting place. Hence, the amenities for entertaining their consumers are on the go.

1. Delay in the Project

The diner/drive-in theater project is moving at a slow pace due to the struggles and regulations faced by the company. Even the pandemic had also shelved the project for a brief period. However, after many hindrances, the company has finally developed the site’s blueprint with charging stations and two-storeyed restaurants. The restaurants would be open 24 hours a day. There might be an addition of a proposed roller skating area as well.

2. Proposed Location of the Project

Earlier the project suppose to come up for Santa Monica, but now the company has released images that show that the bustling charging stations are near the Hollywood area. As of now, there is only a food truck to offer meals, but slowly restaurants will come in place with time.

3. Long Queues at Charging Stations

Tesla Diner/Drive-in Theater | The Future of The Charging Stations is on The Way

Some automobile owners complain that the queue of the vehicles at the charging stations is frustrating for them. Due to the availability of the theater and diner, the vehicle owner may linger at the chargers for a more extended period. So, the company is also figuring out to deal with the same, to give their customer the best service ever. 

4. Amenities Provided at the Tesla Drive-in Theater

Tesla has suggested two movie screens, one on the north and one on the west side. A movie may continue for almost thirty minutes which is the average time for charging a vehicle. People would get a good view of the screens from the cars or the restaurant’s rooftop.

5. The Idea Behind the Tesla Diner/Drive-in Theater

Tesla Diner/Drive-in Theater | The Future of The Charging Stations is on The Way

introduces drive-in theaters as it would give a good rest to the drivers traveling for a longer time. It would also help them refuel themselves while relaxing and watching a movie. Musk came up with this idea to give his consumers something to kill time while charging their vehicles. 

Wrapping up

The entire project is just a proposition and is yet not sanctioned by the relevant authorities. It may turn out to be a fun gimmick by Musk; you never know. But the addition of the restaurant and other amenities to the charging stations would pool the company’s revenue. 

Tesla may also propose a go-to order window for its diner/drive-in theater, as it helps customers who want to charge and push off. It could be Tesla’s new edition into the hospitality industry; you never know. So, be with us for more news on this topic. 


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