Shocking: Temperature iPhone 15 Pro Max Reaches 108° F During Call

Temperature iPhone 15 Pro Max Reaches 108° F During Call

As the world is in an absolute hurry to get the newest iPhone on the market, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, there are certain claims that the device is accused of overheating. The claims come from tons of users across the world. To know about the latest claim that the Temperature iPhone 15 Pro Max reaches 108° F During Call, go through this blog!

With few days after its release, the iPhone 15 is in the news again, and this time with a bad reason, as users have accused the iPhone 15 of overheats during calls. Reddit and Twitter have been set in flames after the claim, and much to the dismay of users, Apple has not responded to these allegations.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in to learn about iPhone 15 overheating during call and how can you fix the issue at your end.

iPhone 15 Overheating During Calls

iPhone 15 Pro Max has been in the news, and this time, it is not for its exclusive features like the titanium body but due to its issues with overheating and thermal throttling. Earlier, the overhealing was blamed on TSMC’s “A17 Pro,” but it turns out the real culprit here is Apple itself.

According to the reports by Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s cooling system is not efficient enough to cope with the heat dissipated from the main chip. It is to be noted that Apple has increased the power draw for the A17 Pro by ~4W.

While an iPhone 15 Pro Max user can expect to overheat their device while playing an HD-quality game, overheating during a 5-minute call should certainly not stress the chip.

Temperature iPhone 15 Pro Max Reaches 108° F During Call

It all started after a Reddit user posted a thread on Reddit on how the iPhone 15 Pro Max reached 108° F during a five-minute call, which is approximately 42°C. Another Reddit user weighed in and said that the iPhone 15 Pro Max becomes hot quite frequently, even when a user is not on call, and they had to take it out.

It is to be noted that the overheating issue has been a thing with previous generations of iPhones as well. The previous generation iPhones would become exceptionally hot while charging, even with a 20W charger. It looks like Apple has not mended the issue of overheating, and this is the reason that the issue is still pertaining to the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

With the huge outcry coming on Apple’s way, there is currently no official statement by the tech giant regarding the issue. According to experts, Apple will probably release a software update, but that would only make sense if the performance is restricted and the power draw is limited.

Wrapping Up

Apple has released its new range of iPhone 15, much to the users’ delight. But now the users have complained about the overheating issue of the iPhone 15 Pro Max during a call. To know the Temperature iPhone 15 Pro Max reaches 108° F During Call, read the entire article and share it with your friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is iPhone 15 Pro Max overheating?

The most possible cause of iPhone 15 Pro Max overheating is because of the Titanium frame.

2. How do I fix my iPhone 15 from overheating?

You can fix your iPhone 15 from overheating likely when Apple releases a new update.

3. Are all iPhone 15 overheating?

No, as of now, the issue is not universal, but many users have complained about the overheating issue in iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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