Tekken 8 Ending Explained | What Happened In Tekken 8 Ending?

Tekken 8 Ending Explained | What Happened In Tekken 8 Ending?

The Tekken 8 ending has been revealed now, and I bet that you are curious to know about it. Let me warn you that this article contains Tekken 8 ending spoilers, so proceed at your own risk. Anyway, the game has crucial twists and turns that make the ending more interesting and open for debate. Let’s find out what happened in Tekken 8 ending in this guide.

Tekken 8 is set to be released on 26 January 2024. However, excited fans have already figured out its ending, thanks to their eagle-eye detailings. And here we are with all Tekken 8 ending details. The Tekken 8 story focuses on a fierce battle between Jin and Kazuya along with interesting characters. If you have seen the trailer, figuring out Tekken 8 ending would not be hard for you. This article on Tekken 8 ending explanation will guide you through.

The Tekken 8-tier list contains many characters with prolific powers and interesting backstories. However, the Tekken 8 showdown revolves around Jin and Kazuya. Thus, it would be interesting to see whether Jin survives or not or who will die in Tekken 8, etc. Let’s explore how Tekken 8 ends here.

Tekken 8 Ending Explained: Spoilers Alert! 

Since the Tekken 8 game is yet to be released, the fans have already figured out the end by analyzing trailers, leaks, and all sorts of information to guess what might happen in the game’s ending. 

As per the trailer analysis, I have figured out the following crucial details that will happen in the Tekken 8 end:

  1. There will be an epic showdown between Jin and Kazuya. The intense battle will be the crux of the entire storyline.
  2. The ending will also connect with Jin and Kazuya’s New York venture.
  3. Jin will be able to get rid of his devil genes.
  4. Jin will kill Kazuya and win the battle.

What Happens In The Tekken 8 Ending?

Though Tekken 8 has many characters, it focuses on the relationship between Kazuya and Jin. The story is set in New York City and follows the back story of its previous installment. Tekken 8 ending includes-

  1. Kazuya wins the King of Iron Fist Tournament and defeats Jin in the first battle, wreaking havoc in Jin’s country.
  2. Jin explores ancient writings about Azazel to invoke his devil genes. Thus, he rigorously trains his devil powers to beat Kazuya.
  3. Lee, Lars, Alysa, and Jin become a team of four rebel fighters to take on a mission to take down Kayuza. Later, Raina joins the team.
  4. Jin also confronts Hwoarang in an epic fight.
  5. Jin uses his mother’s fighting style to beat up Kayuza in the end.

Wrapping Up

The article on Tekken 8 ending explains the major event and how Jin and Kazuya meet their fate. The player will have the option to choose whether Jin or Kazuya wins the game. The story will alter accordingly. So, if you were to play the game, which Tekken 8 ending would you prefer? Answer in the comments section.

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