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Is Dexcom Compatible in iOS 17 | Know the Truth

Although iOS 17 has been in the fray for more than three weeks now, many apps are still incompatible with iOS 17. And one among them is Tandem. It is not new since it has happened in the past as well. But what about Tandem in iOS 17? When is it going to be a reality so that users may get a sigh of relief? Stay connected as I will take you through this article. 

Tandem helps you to manage your diabetes with the t freely: slim X2 insulin pump and t: connect mobile app. The ability to deliver bolus from a smartphone sets it apart from the rest. It is a must-have app if you are diabetic and want to have a regular check with regard to this. Many iPhone users are using this app, and it has yielded positive results in return. 

Is Tandem in iOS 17 compatibility a reality as of now? This is the question I shall be dealing with in this article. Stay connected to know the answer. 

Is Tandem Available in iOS 17? 

Is Tandem Compatible in iOS 17 | Know the Truth

One of the major differences in the working of Tandem in iOS 17 is the inability to bolus from the phone. However, the good thing is that the rest of the functions are working properly. Going by the precedent, It is believed that tandem might take a few weeks before finishing and releasing the update that enables the bolus-from-phone functionality in iOS 17, as has been discussed in this Reddit thread

In addition, the apps also lose connection to t:connect several times a day. From the face of it, it seems that the issue is not going to be solved by itself; rather has to be fixed by Tandem.

What Are the Features of Tandem?

The features of the Tandem can be summed up as follows. 

1. Tandem allows you to deliver bolus from your smartphone.
2. It allows you to see immaculately with a secondary display. 
3. You are at liberty to be discreet with more places to wear your pump. 
4. The push notification feature on your smartphone makes it more versatile. 
5. It allows you to connect your wireless data. 

Wrapping Up

Tandem is an important and powerful health app that allows you to have a look at your diabetes. It is available for iPhone users, but the truth is that Tandem in iOS 17 is not a reality for now. If you have updated to iOS 17, you might face certain troubles; however, you may use it comprehensively in the near future. 

I hope this article might be of some help to you. In case something is missing, you can let us know by writing in the comments section. We also look forward to hearing from you. You can visit our website for content like this and much more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Is the Tandem app fully functional on iOS 17? 

Ans: No, for now, some of the features are not available in Tandem iOS 17. 

Q 2: Can I bolus from my iPhone on iOS 17? 

Ans: No, you can’t bolus from your phone on iOS 17 for now. 

Q 3: Is t: connect available for Android users? 

Ans: No, it is not available for Android users. 

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