Tachiyomi Shutting Down? Uncover the Closure of Your Favorite App

Tachiyoni app; Tachiyomi Shutting Down? Uncover the Closure of Your Favorite App

Watching animated movies and series is actually fun, undoubtedly, but some streaming fans love to enjoy animated series in a different way. Have you heard about Tachiyomi? The Tachiyomi is one of the most popular apps for reading manga, webtoons, and comics. You must find it cool. Well, reading the storyline and characters of your favorite manga series in depth gives immense joy. However, recently, there has been a lot of buzz about Tachiyomi shutting down.

I know getting the news of your favorite app’s closure is heartbreaking, but you need to find the reasons and facts behind it. There are millions of users of the Tachiyomi app worldwide, and finding an immediate alternative to your favorite app can scare you. From library management to online and offline reading and customization, everything is there in the app.

The uncertain future of the Tachiyomi app can give you the feeling of insecurity among users, so you need to find out the reality about Tachiyomi shutting down. To help you out better, I have shared below all the details of the news so you can be relieved.

Is Tachiyomi Shutting Down?

Tachiyoni app; Is Tachiyomi Shutting Down?

No, the Tachiyomi app is not technically shutting down entirely. However, the active development has stopped due to some reasons. Tachiyomi’s main development has stopped, but the effect of the stopped development on the manga reading community is huge. Users should be aware of the current situation and be careful when exploring other options. If you are curious to learn about the Tachiyomi extensions then you must check out the article

Now, you are aware that the active development of your favorite manga app has been stopped, so try to find some alternative apps that have almost the same features. However, you should be careful with the legality of the alternative apps and restrictions, too.

What are the Reasons for Tachiyomi Shutting Down?

Tachiyoni; What are the Reasons for Tachiyomi Shutting Down?

Now, you are aware that Tachiyomi is not shutting down fully, but the development of the app has been stopped. So, you should know about the reason for it. You can go through the below given key events that are responsible for stopping the development of the Tachiyomi app.

  1. Cease and Desist by Kakao Entertainment: The main reason for the cease development of the Tachiyomi app is the desist notice from Kakao Entertainment. The notice was about legal things to the direct developers of the app.
  2. Extension Removal: The app is not going to have active development from now, but the Tachiyomi app will function the same way. Plus, users should note that there will be no further fixes, bugs, feature updates, and official support from now on for the users of the app.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, I have shared all about why is Tachiyomi shutting down. Your favorite reading app can restrict some leverages for the users, so try to find some good alternatives to the app. You are aware of the reason for the development discontinuation of the Tachiyomi app now. The notice from Kakao Entertainment has a huge impact on this decision of development.

Go through all the reasons and key events of the app to understand the matter deeply. Share this post with your friends and family who love to use the Tachiyomi app and want more details about manga series. Follow Path of EX for more updates. Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Tachiyomi Shutting Down?

No, Tachiyomi app is not technically shutting down entirely, however, the active development of has stopped due to some reasons.

Q2. Is Tachiyomi safe to use?

Yes, Tachiyomi app is safe to use.

Q3. Are Aniyomi and Tachiyomi the same?

The Aniyomi and Tachiyomi are not exactly the same, but both apps have many similarities.

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