Switching To Solar Battery System? Know How Is It A Smart Choice

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Energy storage technology has been around for quite some time now, but solar batteries that are used in home solar-plus-storage systems are relatively new to the market. If you don’t want to be dependent on the national grid, solar batteries can provide a significant economic benefit to homeowners. With the aid of a solar battery, you can store the energy generated by solar panels. So, it is advisable to switch to a solar battery system.

Switching To Solar Battery System? Know How Is It A Smart Choice

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Still not convinced?

Here are some important uses of a solar battery that you should know about:

Benefits of a Solar Battery

  1. Helps in Reducing Energy Bills

One of the main characteristics of energy storage systems is that they help you save money on your electricity bills. Once you start using a solar battery system as back up, you will be able to escape the charges associated with energy retailers, and this will help you save the electricity generated by your solar panel system.

  1. Offers Greater Energy Security

When it comes to electricity, a solar battery makes your home more resilient. If your area uses an unreliable source of electricity, or if the grid goes down often, the solar battery system will quickly and effortlessly supply power to critical areas of your home for hours.

  1. Makes the Most Use of Your Power

Solar panels can only generate electricity when there’s light outside. The output levels of solar panels can be lowered by clouds and shade. With a solar battery in place, it is easy to store the energy your solar panels generate that is not used at the time of its generation. The accumulated energy can be conveniently used at night or when on a sunless day.

Working of a Solar Battery

Solar batteries operate by storing the energy produced by solar panels, which can be used later. As an alternate to sending the electricity back to the grid, you can reserve excess energy at home by installing a solar panel system with a battery.

You can quickly draw down the energy you previously stored in your solar battery to use later, when your solar panels do not generate electricity. In case there’s a power outage, solar batteries will always provide power backup.

Types of Solar Batteries

Lead Acid Solar Battery and Lithium-Ion Solar Battery are two types of solar batteries that are used to store energy from solar power systems. Lead Acid Solar Batteries have two variants – Short Tubular and Tall Tubular Lead Acid Batteries.

Prestigious brands such as Luminous now offer various solar batteries for your solar system. 

  • L Series

These are specially built solar batteries for your home that provide long-lasting power backup. In order to endure power outages, they are equipped with thicker positive plates. L Series batteries are designed for long life and superior performance with tubular plate construction and come with a warranty of 3 years.

  • H Series

H series solar batteries can power your home for long hours. These low-maintenance batteries are designed for high-temperature efficiency to run in severe weather conditions and come with a warranty of 5 years.

Solar panels generate more energy during sunny days as compared to cloudy days. You would need a battery system to go entirely off the grid that can store large quantities of extra energy generated during the day so that you can satisfy your electricity needs during power cuts. Check out the Luminous e-shop today!


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