All Stray Safe Codes & Door Codes December 2022 | Open The Safe!

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If you are looking to unlock the puzzles and crack the safe in Stray Safe. Our list of Stray Safe codes is helpful to you. This article includes all the available Stary Safe codes  & its door code combinations for all the safes available in Stary Safe, which are the flat door codes, the slum door codes, the slum safe codes, doc’s secret room codes and the midtown safe codes. 

While playing Stray Safe, you will encounter several safes on the journey while progressing through the chapters one by one. The safes which you will encounter are a sort of puzzle which you need to solve by yourself. The Stary Safe codes are always near safes. But you have to figure out how to unpuzzle the safe & get Stary Safe codes and open the safes successfully.

We have gathered all the Stary Safe codes for all the safes in Stary safe. You can directly enter these Stary Safe codes and easily open the safe without any problems. So now that we know the importance of Stray Safe codes. Let us scroll on and find out the different locations of Stray Safe codes and their Door combinations which helps us to solve puzzles.

All Stray Safe Codes & Digicodes Available In 2022

We have gathered all of the Stray Safe codes & door codes available in all of the 5 safes of Stray Safe. Make use of these Stray Safe codes to unlock the safes.

List Of All The Stray Safe Codes & Door Codes July 2022 | How To Solve The Puzzles?

1. The Flat Door Stray Safe Code & Door Code 

The 1st door flat door stray safe code is:

  • The flat door safe code & its door code is 3748
  • Location Chapter 3: The flat
  • The code unpuzzles the exit of B12’s building.

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2. The Slums Door Stray Safe Code & Door Code

The last stray door slums door stray safe code is:

  • The slums door code is & its door code is 1283
  • Location chapter 4: The Slum
  • The code Unpuzzles the music sheet.
All Stray Safe Codes & Door Codes December 2022 | Open The Safe!

3. The Slums Safe code & Door Code

The slums safe code, the second safe of stray safe’s code is 

  • The slum’s safe code and its door code is 1283
  • The code unpuzzles the music sheet

4. The Midtown Safe Door Code

The midtown safe is the last safe of the Stray Safe and its safe code is:

  • The midtown safe code  & door code is 8542
  • Location chapter 10: Midtown
  • The code puzzles the cat badge
All Stray Safe Codes & Door Codes December 2022 | Open The Safe!

5. The Doc’s Secret Room Stray Safe Code & Digicode 

The doc’s secret room’s stray safe code is:

  • The doc’s secret room safe code & door code is 2511
  • Location: Chapter 6: The slums
  • The code unpuzzles the doc’s secret room.

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Wrapping Up

So these were the 5 Stray Safe codes, their location and their importance. Now solve puzzles & decipher the passwords for the safes easily with the help of these Stray Safe codes and door codes. Stay connected with Path Of EX for more updates. Happy gaming!!!


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