Strava Wrapped 2023 – When Does Strava Wrapped Come Out?

Strava logo; Strava Wrapped 2023 - When Does Strava Wrapped Come Out?

Are you one of those people who miss the gym when your gym buddy is not coming? If yes, then I bet there is no chance at all of you being a Strava user. Even though Strava has nothing to do with the gym, it can be a very useful workout buddy for you. This app is even better than a live one. If you had used Strava before, it would have even made you a detailed yearly report of your workout activity in the name of Strava Wrapped 2023. Something else that your gym buddy will never do for you.

Just like Spotify Wrapped, Duolingo Wrapped, and Soundcloud Wrapped, you get wrapped in your Strava activity in the name of Strava Year in Sport 2023. It gives you everything you need to know about your exercise sessions, be it cycling, running, swimming, or just jogging.

In this article, you will find out exactly when does Strava Wrapped 2023 come out and what you will find in your Strava Wrapped 2023 report.

When Does Strava Wrapped Come Out?

Strava stats; Strava Wrapped 2023 - When Does Strava Wrapped Come Out?

Strava Wrapped 2023, also known as Strava Year in Sport 2023, already released its reports on 29th November 2023 for users worldwide. Most people’s reactions were mostly negative with their review regarding their own Strava wrapped 2023. Additionally, this was the first time that users had to buy the Strava premium subscription in order to be included in their Strava year in Sport 2023 campaign. Till 2022, the Strava Wrapped was a free feature that was available for every user at the end of the year.

Even though Reddit communities were particularly excited about Strava wrapped 2023, there was a huge crowd of Strava users who took pride in their reports and shared them all around with their Strava friends and even with friends on other social media. 

What Does Strava Wrapped 2023 Show?

Strava;Strava Wrapped 2023 - When Does Strava Wrapped Come Out?

The Strava Year in Sport 2023 mentions the following factors:

  • Race where I went too fast
  • 5 pm easy run that I meant to do at 6 am
  • Workout that became way too competitive on the last rep
  • Run with 2 pee stops in the first 5 miles
  • Long run where I bonked because I forgot gels

Wrapping Up 

Strava, in my opinion, used to be a very fun app 1-2 years ago with so many tracking features, and most loved was the concept of sharing with the community. It used to be really fun to rub your friend’s noses in your Strava score and flexing your rigorous workout routine. Strava Wrapped was also an awaited feature that showed many important and fun stats, unlike the latest Strava Year in Sport 2023, where it is so unclear to me what half the stats mean. Plus, the Strava Wrapped 2023 only comes with the premium membership, which is a bit too much, considering so many other apps provide identical features and services for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When Will Strava Year in Sport 2023 Release?

Strava Wrapped, or Strava Year in Sport 2023, was released on November 29th, 2023.

Q2. Can You Get Your Strava Wrapped 2023 For Free?

No, the Strava Wrapped 2023 is included only with the Strava premium membership, even though it was a free feature till 2022.

Q3. How Do I Get My Strava Wrapped 2023 Report?

You will have to download and create an account on the Strava app with the Strava premium included. Then, all your workouts will be tracked, and you will get your Strava year in sport personalized with your activity throughout the year.

Q4. Will I Get Strava Wrapped 2023 If I Sign In Now?

Yes, you will be given your Strava Wrapped 2023 even if you sign in now, as Strava tracks the information for December as well.

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