Storyteller Stamps Guide: Complete Secret Stamp Locations Walkthrough [2023]

Storyteller Stamps Guide: All Secret Stamp Locations [2023]

You can play Storyteller online to complete all fifty-six levels, finish all fourteen chapters, and collect over thirty hidden Storyteller stamps or secret stamps. Since the newest Storyteller game update came out in late September, we saw significant changes and additions to the main game. 

In the new recent update launched in September 2023, we saw an unexpected addition to Storyteller, including secret stamps. The problem with the Storyteller stamps is that people need to know which level can unlock stamps and which doesn’t. 

Luckily, I’ve got all the Storyteller Stamps mapped out with the stamp’s name, chapter, and level listed for you. Read on to get the complete Storyteller Stamps guide and complete your stamp collection in Storyteller!

All Secret Storyteller Stamps Locations | Storyteller Stamps Guide

The Storyteller game has secret stamps scattered all over its chapters and levels, waiting to be collected. Since these stamps are not apparent at the start of the game, you need to know the Storyteller Stamps’ locations to collect them. Lucky for you, I’ve got the hidden locations of all the secret stamps so you can complete your stamp collection in Storyteller.

Secret StampChapterLevelEdgar meets an old Dog in the garden after you revive Edgar
Romeo & Juliet42Lenora drinks poison after seeing Edgar dead
Werther41Bernard drinks poison after being rejected by Lenora
Macabre24Have Isobel laugh at Lenora’s grave
Excesses44Have Lenora drink wine and fall asleep after Edgar breaks Lenora’s heart.
Age Difference34Have the Baron kill the Queen, and the Knight takes the throne to marry the Baron
Persistence34Add the “waiting” icon in all six slides
Batrachian Affai53Have the witch turn both Snowy & Prince into frogs and have both kiss
Second Chance53Have the Baron murder the Knight, then the knight murders the Baron, and then they both meet as ghosts
Titanic53Have the Devil turn the witch into a frog and then sink the boat so the witch (now frog) watches the Prince drown
Fear83Make the Duchess afraid of the Butler so that she accepts the martini he made for her
Fright Battle71Have the Baron murder the Knight, then the knight murder the Baron, and then they both meet as ghosts
Unlikely Match94Have the Baron murder the Knight, then the knight murder the Baron, then they both meet as ghosts
Afterlife Love94Have the Baron kill the Queen, and the Knight takes the throne to marry the Baron.
Matriarchy115Have the Baron kill the King and kidnap the Queen, then the maid rescues the Queen to marry her
Crown Secrets144The queen catches the King in bed with the maid, so she kidnaps her. Then, have the king kidnap the Queen in turn. In the end, have the knight rescue the Queen to initiate an affair with her.
Dragon King75Have the Baron kidnap the Queen, then dress up as the dragon to save her so she’ll marry the dragon.
Gluttony103/4Have Adam and Eve eat the apple over and over
William Tell105Have Friedrich try to shoot the snake after it gets Eve killed
Evil Triumphs103/4Have both Adam and Eve die and then show each of their corpses to the snake.
Dust to Dust103/4Kill off both Adam and Eve and then judging them again as ghosts
Phases121Just have Bernard turn into a wolf and howl at the moon
Logical Explanation123Have the detective discover both the dragon and the costume and arrest Baron
Hard on the Outside124Have Mina kill Jon and make the Professor see that Jon is dead
Low Bar54Have the knight see the maid and King’s affair, then the King tells the maid the knight locked him up and have her push him off a cliff.
Family Bonds134Have Peachy have an affair with Bluey and then build a family tree so that they’re cousins
Backstabber Maid Murders Knight144Have the knight see the maid and King’s affair; then the King tells the maid the knight locked him up and have her push him off a cliff.
Spookierusing the Devil, scare a ghost
Frustration94Have the Devil kidnap the Queen, then have the Knight release her, then show the Devil the empty cage
Original Fight104Have Adam get Eve killed, then she’s revived and mad at him
Ghost Buster42Instead of the Devil tricking Lenora into thinking Edgar is dead, have him actually die so he’s a ghost when she breathes fire on him.
Shocked Wives22Have either Lenora or Isobel marry Edgar, then give Edgar amnesia so he can marry the other. Having both women meet up and discover it
SilenceYou need to turn off the Music and Narrator in the settings and then play any level to see it in action and get the achievement.

Wrapping Up

You can collect all hidden or secret stamps in Storyteller from Chapter 1 through Chapter 14 and complete your collection before you finish the game. I hope you found the Storyteller stamps and their locations helpful. Comment to tell me if you found all the secret stamps in one go and what your favorite chapter in the Storyteller game is!

Happy Gaming!

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