Steve Jobs’ Daughter Eve Paving Her Way To Success

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When we hear the name ‘Jobs,’ the only person that comes to our mind is Steve Jobs. It has been 10 years since the Apple co-founder died of pancreatic cancer, and still, his name is enough to break the internet. After his death, all of his multi-billionaire fortunes were passed down to his wife, Laurene Powell Jobs. 

Can you imagine? £20 Billion granted to a family just like that. But here’s the twist, none of Steve Jobs’ kids are entitled to his wealth. It is only passed to his wife, Laurene. According to the billionaire wife of late Steve Jobs, the couple never wanted their children to have the wealth they earned. She doesn’t believe in the “accumulation of wealth.” According to the NYT, Laurene Powell Jobs said, “I’m not interested in legacy wealth buildings, and my children know that. Steve wasn’t interested in that. If I live long enough, it ends with me.” Her idea is to use the wealth “effectively, in ways that lift individuals and communities in a sustainable way.”

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Loosely translating, all the Jobs children have to earn their way through the success and work hard to have their millions. This brings us to the youngest daughter of this family, Eve Jobs. 

The 23-year-old Eve Jobs has started her journey to the top, and it is everything Gen-Z should follow. Let’s talk about her interests and skills in detail below. 

Eve Jobs Has Started Her Modeling Journey With Glossier

Steve Jobs’ Daughter Eve Paving Her Way To Success
Source: SheThePeople

When we talk about the rich kids, it usually involves words like privilege, wealth, and comfort. But none of these words will be included in the story of Eve Jobs. Since childhood, it was clear to all the Jobs kids that they would not inherit their fathers’ wealth, so they had to make their fortune. Obviously, their mother is going to help, but the hard work would be all theirs. 

Eve Jobs has started her modeling career with an amazing shoot for Glossier, a beauty brand. She uploaded a picture of her in a bathtub sipping Champagne. In fact, she named herself an Instagram Influencer with her debut with Glossier. In the campaign, she co-worked with Sydney Sweeney and Naomi Smalls.

Eve has 226k followers on Instagram, and when we combine that with her growing social media presence, we are sure she’s going to be super successful. We are not just throwing balls in the air. Before starting her modeling journey, she has been a successful equestrian for quite some time now.

Elite Equestrian is the title that is often given to Eve for being tremendous at the game. Since she was two, she has ridden horses and enjoyed it. Her training started when she was six. This skill of hers has definitely made her outshine other celebrity kids of her age. 

Eve Jobs has repeatedly won several jumping competitions in Kentucky, Lexington, and Hamptons. She has also earned money through her wins in Canada and the UK. You will be surprised to know that in the list of 1000 Horse Riders Under 25, she was ranked 5 in the world. WHOA!!! Eve was also named ‘rider of the month’ by George Morris, President of the Show Jumping Hall of Fame. 

The Daily Mail says that her family’s money cannot buy her all the medals, but it did buy her a ranch, worth 15.3 million dollars, where she could practice for her successive win. Her rivals, Jessica Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen’s daughter) and Jenifer Gates (daughter of Bill Gates), have also been gifted momentous ranches for their equestrian passion. 

Eve Jobs graduated from the very prestigious Stanford University this year. Both her parents passed out from the same university, and her mother is also on the board of directors of Stanford. 

Eve wrote the caption “thanks camp Stanford” when she hit the milestone of reaching 220k followers on Instagram. 

Eve Jobs Is Dating A Musician

Steve Jobs’ Daughter Eve Paving Her Way To Success

At the beginning of 2021, Eve, the youngest Jobs, posted a picture of her and Harry Hudson. His song “Yellow Lights” was among the Top 10 on Spotify’s US Viral Chart. Hudson has been successful in the pop music and folk-rock genre. 

The guy is a well-connected musician. According to Cosmopolitan, Huson is a close friend of the Kardashians. He’s friends with Billie Eilish and JB. 

Steve Jobs’ Daughter Eve Paving Her Way To Success

Eve met her boyfriend, Hudson, through Instagram. (Millennial Love) In an interview with Horse Sport magazine, she said, “I met my current boyfriend through a DM [Instagram direct message] – ladies, go for it!

Wrapping Up

That was everything about Eve Jobs. She has started her modeling journey with all eyes on her. From what it looks like, she is also going to be a billionaire just like her father, but without getting his inheritance. Tell us in the comment section what do you think about her. We will appreciate your feedback. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EveJobs’ net worth?

The net worth of Steve Jobs’ family is US$ 21.7 Billion. However, Eve Jobs will not get any inheritance. Her mother, Laurene Powell Jobs, intends to spend the billions on charity work and philanthropy.

Where did Eve Jobs go to college?

Eve Jobs has completed her graduation from Stanford University. 

What does Eve Jobs study at Stanford?

Eve Jobs has majored in science, technology, and society. Both of which are heavy subjects. 

How old is Eve Jobs?

Eve is 23 years old. Her date of birth is 9 July 1998. 

What does Eve Jobs do?

Until now, Eve Jobs was an Equestrian, but recently she has also done some campaigns with beauty brands. This means she looks up to make a career in the modeling industry as well. 

Is Eve Jobs a model?

Eve Jobs is now a model for Glossier. This is her debut at modeling. 

Did Steve Jobs leave his daughter any money?

The first daughter of Steve Jobs was not from his wife, and it was a child of him and Chrisann Brennan. When Steve was alive, he had many frictions with his ex-partner and denied that Lisa was his daughter. However, when he died, Lisa did inherit a multi-million dollar inheritance

Why did Steve Jobs deny Lisa?

Steve Jobs did not believe that the baby was his and hence denied taking her responsibility. However, he claimed “Lisa” and said it was an acronym for Local Integrated Systems Architecture. Later he accepted that it was named after his firstborn daughter, Lisa. 

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