5 Major Steps in Preparing For Writing Your Thesis

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Shivangi Gupta
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First, consider that all essays have three major parts: thesis, main body, conclusion. The thesis is the main idea, the guiding theme which sets the essay’s tone is consistently upheld and supported throughout. Think of the thesis as a one-sentence answer to the essay question.

How do you come up with a thesis to make your essay outstanding? Take your topic and focus on some especially interesting aspects. They should help the reader to understand better who you are. Continuing with the example above, let’s say you selected meeting a relative from overseas as the most influential event of your life.

Now take your topic and narrow it, reducing it to a specific statement that reveals important information about you in connection with the event. Your thesis statement might be: “When I met my great aunt from Thessaloniki, I had the feeling I was encountering someone completely foreign, someone, whose life could have no bearing on my own.”

Notice how this statement gives an intriguing personal glimpse into your mindset at the time you met your aunt. The reader will expect you to explain why you had this initial impression and how your impressions changed through the course of subsequent encounters. This material will form the body of your essay, where you’ll give details about how the event changed you, made you grow.

Before we consider how to tackle the body, however, it is essential to establish that your thesis statement does not need to be the opening statement of your essay. It doesn’t even need to be stated directly at all if it can be implied. At this stage, you should not worry about phrasing. Just plan your main idea, and think of the thesis statement as the central orienting concept of your essay, which will come through plain and clear no matter where you place it or whether you state it outright.

Writing a thesis is an extremely hard task for many students. Even the preparation process sometimes looks like a challenge. You can order it in a custom writing service to help you, or you can cope with it by yourself. But the good beginning makes the good ending. So it is essential to prepare for this process carefully.

Why Do We Need The Thesis Statement?

In an argumentative essay, the thesis is usually the leading argument. While writing an essay, the crucial point may change. That is why you should reread everything and evaluate whether the thesis statement still reflects the content of the resulting paper. The main reasons why do we need a thesis are:

  • To highlighting one or two main ideas
  • To better organize the structure of the essay and reveal the arguments
  • To introduce the reader to the main idea before parsing the arguments

Let’s try to figure out how to write a powerful thesis to impress everyone!

1. Choose a Topic

Choosing a topic is an essential part of the preparation process. If you are lucky and choose the topic that is interesting for you, this is great. But, make sure that your headline is relevant, interesting, and thought-provoking.

If you don’t have any topic ideas – don’t worry. Think about the subjects that you’ve been taught in school and group projects. Watch your favorite movie or read a book to find inspiration. Look for a topic that is interesting for you personally or that can help to improve your knowledge in the necessary field.

2. Be Specific

This step chooses a particular narrow aspect of the topic that you will discuss. As an example, let’s choose computers and laptops as your topic. We can describe computers in terms of their hardware content, software, and programming. However, such broad directions are unlikely to form the basis of a good thesis. Then how about something more narrow, like Steve Jobs’ influence on the modern computer. Or if you argue that all rock music is aggressive — your essay will be unfocused and try to cover many ideas. Try to make your arguments specific.

3. Make a Logical Argument

Usually, the essay is limited by the number of words. That is why it is essential to clarify your ideas in the very beginning. If a reader can’t catch the direction of your thoughts while reading the thesis statement alone, then you should rewrite it to clarify your point of view is stated plainly.

4. Form the Thesis Statement Creatively.

The standard formulation of a thesis statement involves a direct expression of thought. For example: “People understand it is necessary to protect nature, to preserve the surrounding world for posterity.”

Creatively, there are several options. The most convenient and easy way is the question-and-answer method when we ask a question and answer it ourselves. You can also use the analogy – comparison with the natural world.

5. Theoretical Framework is Important

Don’t forget that you have to several theories and scientific research in your essay. These theories will be a theoretical base for your composition. It will make your thesis more trustworthy. Here, try to find relevant resources that are connected with your headline.

Wrapping Up

Creating a thesis is a great exercise not just for writing essays but in your everyday life. It shows how to analyze ideas, organize them into arguments, find persuasive evidence to support your ideas. This skill helps in many situations.

If you are still not sure how to write a thesis – discuss it with your teacher. In this case, you can be sure that you are doing everything in the right way. It is always a good idea to check if your thesis is making a trustworthy argument and that you can support it with your research.

When you have finished your essay, it’s essential to find someone to check your writing and take a second look. In this case, you can be sure that there are no grammatical or punctuation mistakes. It’s hard to find your own mistakes. That is why it is recommended to have someone proofread your essay.


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