7 Steps for a Self-Makeover When You’re On a Budget

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You don’t have to break the bank when you want a beautiful makeover when you’re on a budget. Usually, getting the look you want requires hundreds of dollars if you include your hair, nails, and other elements of a full treatment.

However, if you’ve been trying to save money, you don’t have to sacrifice taking care of yourself. We have seven easy steps for a self-makeover when you’re on a budget. 

You don’t have to slack or cut out certain items you want as part of your new look, either. We can help you customize your makeup, hair, and everything down to the jewelry. With options like a personalized name necklace, you can have a million-dollar look for pennies on the dollar. 

What Type of Look Do You Want? 

First, you should decide what type of look you want. That way, you can prepare everything for your makeover from the ground up. Again, there isn’t a limit on this if you’re on a budget. You can choose options that won’t cost a lot, even if it means going with a discount hair color or buying your own nail kit and handling your acrylic work. 

Consider the following options:

Natural Look 

A natural look is simple and sophisticated. It’s for women who don’t want to do anything too noticeable with their hair, makeup, or accessories. They opt for clear mascara and eyeliner instead of blacky-black ones like this one. Also, you can go with products like this deep conditioner if you don’t want to spend a ton on special shampoo and conditioners. 

Glam Look 

If you’re in the mood for something more flashy than just “natural,” then think about getting that glam look. You’ll need your base products like BB cream, so you don’t get a caked-up look. This will lighten your skin, so your makeup stands out. You should also get hairspray so your roots don’t curl after your hair dries when you’re done styling. 

7 Steps for the Budget-Friendly Makeover

For this example, we’re going to go with the glam look just to stick with a uniform look. These tips and steps can be plugged into any look with a few specific design changes. 

  1. Makeup

 You should try and find makeup that doesn’t cost a ton. You can even go with a drugstore brand that offers multiple types of makeup products like highlighters, mascara, eyeshadow, and other makeup tools for less than $5! Avoid the expensive lipsticks no matter how much you want to splurge.  Get something that matches the color of your makeup products. You can usually get a nice matte lipstick for under $5 as well. 

  1. Hair

Next, take care of your hair, so it falls smoothly and stays healthy when styling it up or down for your perfect look. Get deep conditioners that help with split ends and frizzy hair. You’re looking at right around $10 for a good conditioner.  If you want to style your hair into an updo without spending too much money on getting it done professionally, consider a strong gel. You can usually get the gel for $4. 

  1. Your Outfit

For step three,  wear the right outfit that ties everything together. That means no jeans if you’re trying to go glam. Get something like a con dress that accentuates all of your best features instead of making you look chunky in certain areas. You should also get cute accessories that go along with your style, like a bow headband that’s perfect for formal events or just wearing out on the weekends with friends. You can pull off a nice outfit for $25. 

  1. Eyelashes

When you get to step four, consider getting yourself some fake eyelashes so you can change up your makeup without spending a lot of money on salon appointments. To curl your lashes, use heated curlers with a time-saving mode that heats up in only 30 seconds! You can start off with less length and see if you get the results you want. You’re looking at about $10 here. 

  1. Nails

Step five should include a set of fake nails for a bit of added flair. You can go with press-on nail sets that will give you a sexy look without having to replace them all the time or have someone else do it for you at a salon. Get long, sharp fake nails so they match your glam makeup and stylish outfit. Throw another $10 in, and that should cover the nails. 

  1. Jewelry

Step six is about finding jewelry to help you complete your look. If you’re looking to save money on this aspect, try buying yourself some costume pieces instead of something expensive. You don’t need it to last forever! You can get cheap necklaces like the cheaper chunky styles you would see at a store like Five Below. These look expensive but only cost $4.99! Finish off your look by getting cute geometric earrings that cost around $3. Even if you splurge, you should be able to get everything you want for less than $30. 

Likewise, you can get things like bracelets and rings at a discount price. 

  1. Spa

Finally, for step seven,  you can get a full-body treatment that includes waxing, massage, and many other helpful services. This helps you feel and look your best before you go out for a night on the town. You can get a monthly spa membership for about $40. This budget-friendly club will include things like manicures and pedicures. Just ask them about the different packages they offer.  

There you have it. You just pulled off a full makeover that would typically retail for $500 or more for about $90.

Remember that there are tons of inexpensive ways you can change up your appearance without spending too much money! Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, products, and layers until you find something that works for you. If it’s not working, just try something else until you’re satisfied with the result. With a low price point like the one mentioned above, you can afford to experiment. 

When in doubt about how to make yourself over, get creative, and don’t be afraid to hit the discount bins. Try new looks that can bring a surprising but satisfying element to your fashion and beauty game.


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