State lawmakers pass bill to regulate ‘alcoholic consumables’

State lawmakers pass bill to regulate ‘alcoholic consumables’

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)— State lawmakers are looking to regulate food items that contain alcohol at grocery stores.

Lawmakers in North Carolina passed House Bill 11 through the Alcoholic Beverages Committee today and now it is heading to Judiciary Two. The bill would put regulations on “alcoholic consumables” like ice cream, popsicles, and gelatin containing alcohol.

Representative Pat Hurley, a sponsor of the bill, said there are no regulations whatsoever on these types of products currently.  Anyone, regardless of age, could walk into a store and buy them.

“One of my colleagues came in last year and said ‘would you believe they have alcohol in ice cream now?’ And supposedly it’s in little boxes anywhere in the grocery stores,” said Hurley.

FOX 46 went to a major grocery chain and purchased two ice cream flavors containing alcohol, bourbon and Irish cream.

Parents FOX 46 spoke expressed concern when learning about the products.

“I think they should put more regulations on a lot of foods, cause no one reads the back on anything. But I have kids too and I don’t think that’s right. I wouldn’t buy it,” said Gina Marks, a shopper at Food Lion.

Hurley said it could also be damaging to teenagers.

“Anybody can get it, so there was no regulation and of course, we worry about young people.”

Others disagreed and thought it was up to the companies to label their alcoholic products obviously.

“I think they should just have it labeled properly, just for safety measures have it labeled properly,” said Richie Velasquez, a shopper at Food Lion.

Another company containing alcohol, Proof, sold ice cream with 7% percent alcohol content but was labeled obviously and was locked up in a box separately from other brands.

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