10 Best Stardew Valley Mods: Available In 2023 | Guide To Install Mods

Best Stardew Valley mods

Among the various benefits of playing Stardew Valley on PC, taking advantage of the Best Stardew Valley mods is an extremely relevant one. Even though Concerned Ape has managed to add various kinds of interesting new additions to Stardew Valley throughout the many years, there are still a certain quality of life bits that he just simply hasn’t been able to get around yet. So, the modding community finally came forward with various best Stardew Valley Mods. 

The most relevant thing that you should keep in mind is managing to find the perfect mod set-up. It’s quite obvious that nobody would want to undo every single hard work that has been done on your farm over loads of hours with a cheat code. But, it is human to wanna check out where NPCs are on the map. 

The entire thing is mainly about finding the perfect balance. It is suggested that you pick and choose what you feel you would need without ending up destroying any ideas of progression. But, before we get into our list of best Stardew Valley Mods, it is necessary that you know how to install them properly. 

How to Install Stardew Valley Mods?

In case you didn’t know, a vital tool in order to download the best Stardew Valley mods is SMAPI. This program basically builds a mods folder within your Stardew Valley folder on Steam where you can paste all the best of the best Stardew Valley mods that you wish to play with.

10 Best Stardew Valley Mods| Working in 2022

Another essential tool that would be required to be downloaded is Content Patcher at Nexus Mods. If you wish to replace any in-game items with some different visuals, you would definitely need Content Patcher. To use the patcher, copy the folder into your mods folder which is created by SMAPI on itself, and once you are done with that, follow the instructions for each mod.

Best Stardew Valley Mods For A Fascinating Gameplay

Let’s take a look at 10 Best Stardew Valley Mods available in 2023 to have a game session like never before. Ride along-

1. Stardew Valley Bear Mount Mod

Best Stardew Valley mods

The first mod on our list of 10 Best Stardew Valley mods is the Stardew Valley Bear Mount mod. This Bear Mount mod, just as the name suggests, lets you go from a point A to B by riding a brown bear, black bear, panda or even a skeleton in the Pelican town on their back! Both SMAPI and Content Patcher are required for this mod. The mods would set brown bear as the default setting, but you can change it to any ride of your choice in the mods menu.

2. Stardew Valley Ghibli Critters Mod

Best Stardew Valley mods

Obsessed with Princess Mononoke or My Neighbour Totoro? Check out this Best Stardew Valley mod. Ghibli Critters from Sopholophagus turns out to be an amazing sprinkling of Soot Spritey charm. But you need to make sure that you have the latest version of Content Patcher installed for this mod to work. However, once it gets added to the mods folder, your work is done and it would automatically switch out the wild critters.

3. Stardew Valley Elle’s New Barn Animals Mod

Best Stardew Valley mods

The next on the list of Bet Stardew Valley mods is the Stardew Valley Elle’s New Barn Animals mod. To use this mod, you would have to search ‘Elle’s’ on Nexus Mode and you will be able to get lots of adorable creatures which you can switch with your farm animals. If you don’t like the current frightening pig designs, you can switch them with 18 different skins along with your existing cows, sheeps, etc. You would be required to create a config.json file and your mod will be in use. 

4. Stardew Valley CJB Cheats Menu Mod

Best Stardew Valley mods

The next Best Stardew Valley mod can prove out to be both boon and bane. Being a bane, they destroy all your savings which you’ve spent numerous hours to earn. Whereas on the other hand, it helps you in directly getting to the end of the game with a fully functioning farm and various other abilities. It won’t be wrong to say that this mod is definitely a god mod. Using this you can easily finish quests, obtain unlimited health and stamina, upgrade your machines to work faster and get yourself 100,000G. 

5. Stardew Valley Automate Mod

Best Stardew Valley mods

Those who have been following the Artisan career path, pay attention because this next mod on our list of Best Stardew Valley Mods is made for you. Automade mod basically gets the resources you need from a chest placed right next to a machine and pushes all the items that have already been processed back once it is done and ready to sell. Using this mod, you can keep adding the resources and pile them up in the chest. And, if you don’t want to compromise your farm area, you can even use paths as connectors using this Stardew Valley mod.

6. Stardew Valley NPC Map Locations Mod

Best Stardew Valley mods

As the title suggests, using this Stardew Valley mod, you can get to know where the NPCs are located on the map at one time. This mod is mentioned as one of the best Stardew Valley mods because it saves your work of loading the Stardew Wiki and tracking Shane’s movements. However, this mod won’t be able to let you know if you can buy hay from Marie at a particular moment.

7. Stardew Valley Tractor Mod

Best Stardew Valley mods

Next on the list of Best Stardew Valley mods is the Tractor mod. In this mod, you are supposed to hand over 20 Iron bars, 20 Iridium bars, and 5 Battery packs if you wish for a Tractor Garage to be built. Time taken for this would be two nights but once it is done, you can freely ride on your tractor with a selected tool. If you select an axe, you would be able to demolish all the leaves and wood in your way. If you pick a pickaxe, you can get rid of the stones coming in your path. 

8. Stardew Valley Chest Label System Mod

Best Stardew Valley mods

There might be a case where some players might have numerous chests lying around in their farms. Where on one hand, the expensive Qi Gem Junimo chests are connected to each other, the other chests need to be named or marked separately. This next mod on the list of Best Stardew Valley mods, i.e. the Chest Label System takes the workload off of your shoulders and names the chests for you individually. 

9. Stardew Valley Gift Taste Helper Mod

Best Stardew Valley mods

Among all the work, you cannot ignore having a good social life. If you are not paying attention to just one particular friendship, the villagers have a lot of food items as their preferences. The Gift Taste Helper Mod, which is the second last on the list of Best Stardew Valley mods helps you to remember who likes what. All you have to do is take your cursor to a particular villager and find out all their tastes and preferences then and there.

10. Stardew Valley Expanded Mod

Best Stardew Valley mods

Last but not least, the next entry on our list of Best Stardew Valley mods is the Expanded Mod. This mod, originating from FlashShifter, basically takes you to a next level in Stardew Valley. Although you would have to start with a new save to get the best out of it, using this Stardew Valley mod, you get new NPCs, new areas, new dialogues, items and challenges, and much more. Also, the endless challenges makes this mod more amazing than ever.

Watch How to Install Stardew Valley Mods

Wrapping Up

That is definitely all the best Stardew Valley Mods that we’ve managed to reap till date. Trust us when we say that it’s quite the bumper crop. If you’re after more games like Stardew Valley, you should definitely have a look at our article. We genuinely hope that our article managed to give you a helping hand. In case you have any further questions, feel free to drop a comment below. 


1. Is It Okay To Mod Stardew Valley?

The best Stardew Valley Mods can actually make for a smoother first playthrough of the entire game, or they may possibly even freshen up things. 

2. Is Stardew Valley More Fun With Mods?

If you want an even wider fan-made expansion for Stardew Valley, then our list of the best Stardew Valley mods would be an extremely fun choice.

3. Should I Play Stardew Valley Without Mods?

Even without Mods, Stardew Valley is possibly one of the best laptop games to play on a low-spec machine.

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