Starbucks Pride Cups 2022 | Awesome Rainbow Cups for Your Coffee!

Enjoy your drinks from these rainbow Starbucks Pride Cups!

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Pride month is here! And I can’t be more exciteddd! It’s the month we get cute little merchandise from so many companies. Personally, I love the Starbucks merchandise a lot. Especially the cups they release for every occasion. In this article let us look at the Starbucks Pride Cups 2022. Well, Starbucks has not released the cups as of yet. However, there is a speculation that the Starbucks Pride Cups 2022 will be released on 10th June.

Pride Month is the time of love and support. It is the month that shows our solidarity for the LGBTQ community. Love is love and everyone has the right to select who they love. While the companies use this month for their commercial gains, we laugh at them through memes. But what’s to complain? We are getting cute customized merchandise and we are here to grab it.

This Pride Month don’t just use your outfits to express yourself. Paint everything rainbow. From your bags to your cups! Scroll down to check the Starbucks Pride Cups.

Starbucks Pride Cups 2022

Here are all my favorite Starbucks Pride cups in 2022. Starbucks has not released the Pride collection as of yet. Don’t worry! Until Starbucks releases new Pride cups, let us check out the old designs. I will update this list as soon as Starbucks releases the new Pride cups.

1. Born This Way Scribbled Cup

Look at thisss! Favorite is the word. I can’t describe it in any other way. From the lid to the end, this design screams perfection. It has a rainbow flower around the logo. It has rainbow embellished lid. This cup also has a rainbow straw. Well, that’s not all. It has scribbles all over it that read ‘Happy Pride’, ‘Born this Way’, ‘Love Wins’, and so much more. This is my favorite Starbucks Pride Cup. Imagine carrying this cup to a Pride Party!

2. Metallic Ombre Rainbow Cup

This Starbucks Pride Cup is elegant. It is chic and stylish. It has a metallic surface with Ombre rainbow color. This cup screams glam! When you will step out of your house with this cup, trust me, people are going to turn around and ask about it!

3. Rainbow Flower Starbucks Pride Cup

If you are someone who likes cute detailed cups, this one is the best cup for you. This Starbucks Pride cup is too cute to handle. It is a simple cup with a rainbow flower around the Starbucks logo. It comes with a blue lid and a rainbow straw. It’s a perfect summer cup and Pride cup, what else do we need!

4. Simple Rainbow Cups

This Starbucks Pride cup is for those who love simple things that make a statement. This cup is simple yet stylish. It looks so elegant. I just want to pour some iced coffee into it and travel while holding it.

5. The Pride 2021 Cup

In 2021 Starbucks released this cup. While it is quite simple, many people liked it. This cup is simply transparent with a rainbow circle around the Starbucks logo. It has Pride 2021 written over it.

Starbucks Pride Cup 2022

6. Love Wins Starbucks Pride Cup

This Starbucks Pride cup is for all my friends who love pretty things. Look at the details! Around the logo, it is quite similar to the Starbucks cup listed before it. It has a rainbow circle around the logo. It has ‘Love Wins‘ written inside it. However, it’s the cute little details that I love! The pride hearts scattered throughout the cup add a statement.

Starbucks Pride Cup 2022

7. Rainbow Solidarity Starbucks Pride Cup

This Starbucks Pride cup is the right choice for supporting the cause. If you are going to the Pride parade, you should definitely carry this cup to match your outfit. It has a solidarity fist colored in the rainbow. The background of the cup is also rainbow-colored. The best part is the rainbow circle all over the logo.

Starbucks Pride Cup 2022

8. Melting Rainbow Starbucks Pride Cup

To all my artistic friends, let me present the melting rainbow Starbucks Pride cup. It is just so creative. It is simple yet fun. The logo is kept the same. However, it is surrounded by a blue melting circle that reads ‘taste the rainbow’. On the rim of the glass is a whole melting rainbow. Imagine how this cup will look with a colorful drink inside it!

Starbucks Pride Cup 2022

9. Rainbow Embellished Pride Cup

This Starbucks Rainbow Pride cup is a great example of a chic and stylish cup. It reminds me of the ’90s era with all the bling. This Pride cup has a colorful embellished rainbow. The straw is also a rainbow. For some reason, this cup reminds me of the show Euphoria! I just cannot take my eyes off the embellished logo.

Starbucks Pride Cup 2022

10. Rainbow Hearts Cup

This Starbucks Pride Cup is just too cute. It has a simple Starbucks logo with rainbow hearts surrounding it. It also has a rainbow flag running diagonally through it. It is simple and cute. If you love minimal designs then you should definitely give this Starbuck Pride cup a try.

Starbucks Pride Cup 2022

11. Metallic Love Wins Cup

This metallic Starbucks Pride cup is just too pretty to explain. It has a shimmery rainbow background with a simple lid. The logo is surrounded by a rainbow circle. It has ‘Love Wins’ written inside it. There are also two cute little hearts around the logo. Who would not want to get their hands on this cute glittery cup!

Starbucks Pride Cup 2022

12. Minimal Design Starbucks Pride Cup

If you don’t like glittery things and are a fan of simple and minimal designs, this Starbucks Pride cup is meant for you. Just look at it! Sooo cute! The rainbow is surrounded by cute little rainbow dots. There are rainbows drawn all over the cup. If you look closely, you will also find little hearts in the yellow strip of the rainbow.

Starbucks Pride Cup 2022

13. Glittery Rainbow Starbucks Pride Cup

Look at this cup! It is stylish. It is cute. It is everything! The cup is quite simple if you look at the Pride designs. It has a glittery silver background with the simple green Starbucks logo. However, what catches my eye is the little rainbow confetti throughout the background.

Starbucks Pride Cup 2022

Wrapping Up

It is time to wrap up! In this article, I have listed some of my favorite Starbucks Pride cups 2022. We are eagerly waiting for Starbucks to release this year’s Pride cups. This list will be updated as and when Starbucks released new Pride cups. Until then, enjoy your coffee in these rainbow-colored cups.

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