Starbucks Halloween Cups Collection | Celebrating Disney’s Bday

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And it’s back! Your favorite festive season to scare everyone out with your crazy looks and funniest pranks. From choosing the best pumpkin patches to attending the famous Haunt O’ Ween in LA, everyone is super excited about the season. To make the Halloween vibe a little eerier, Starbucks is back with its Halloween special tumblers and you are going to be obsessed with them, again. From their spooky theme to the new items in their collection, let’s cover everything about the “Starbucks’ Halloween Cups”. 

Last year during Halloween 2020, Starbucks surprised everyone with their unique merch cups and everyone was completely surprised. Their spiked-tumbler collection got popular just for its looks and we can expect the same this year. But this time, they are bringing something more diverse to the table. There are going to be new themes, various cups, and tumblers. Plus Starbucks has also made something special for Disney. 

If you check the official website of Starbucks, they haven’t updated any information regarding their ultimate Halloween collection. However, from S2021, they started rolling out some pieces from their merch and the coffee lovers are loving it.

Out Now!! The Whole Collection of Starbucks’ Halloween Cups 

Starbucks’ Halloween Cups Collection 2021 | Celebrating Disney’s Bday

The official merchandise of Starbucks’ Halloween Cups is available in cafés only. Since there’s no official update on them (from their website) and there are only a limited number of items in this collection, you would have to visit different cafes and search for the latest pieces. 

In 2020, Starbucks did something of an experiment by bringing their cups & tumblers merch for the first time and it became a massive success for them. After being super successful with their last merchandise, Starbucks has brought more tumblers. I know you can’t wait to hold those cute yet creepy tumblers in your hands but there’s still a lot left for you to know. Don’t worry we won’t take much of your time. 

The 2020 Halloween collection by Starbucks had two travel mugs, which were printed with floral and pastel colors. Its cost was $12.95. From last year’s merch, the spiked-tumbler coffee cup was the most popular one. I think because of such great demand for spiked tumbler coffee cups, Starbucks has brought more versatile designs this year. Name a Halloween drink and Starbucks has it! Do you want Fake Blood? They have it!

Starbucks’ Halloween Cups Collection 2021 | Celebrating Disney’s Bday

This year, Starbucks’ Halloween Collection has everything you could wish for. From the classic spider web design to the black cat print, you would want to buy all of these beautiful yet haunting pieces. Do you know what’s the best part about them? Starbucks’s Halloween Collection is Customizable. According to different themes, there are different stickers for every cup.  

The fact that the latest Starbucks’ Halloween cups are Glow In The Dark, is making everyone want them even more. 

All Starbucks’ Halloween Cups Merch

Starbucks Halloween Cups Collection | Celebrating Disney’s Bday

Let’s quickly check out the complete collection so that you can decide which ones to get your hands on first. 

1. Starbucks’ Spiderweb Cup with Stickers | Glow in the Dark 

The cup seems black in the day and unravels a sea green color in the night. Totally Halloween-ish (I know, cringe Halloween Joke!). If you don’t love it, then I am sorry, you have a really bad choice. 

2. Purple & White Ombre Halloween Tumbler | Glow in the Dark

A great choice for the ones who love ombre shades. What’s better than the subtle lavender turning into white? I know it’s not a cup of tea for everyone (see what I did there!) but you can surely buy it for a friend who adores light pastel shades. 

3. Black Web Ceramic Cup | Purple Lid

Now, when you are not sure about anything else, just go for the Black Web Ceramic Cub from Starbucks’ Halloween collection. Firstly, it is dark and black (precisely matching our Halloween personalities), and secondly they are limited edition. So, I hope I don’t need to give you more reasons to buy this spider web printed cup. 

4. Dark Tumbler with Black & White Glow

Starbucks decided to make a tumbler inspired by our brain when it doesn’t get enough coffee. Hence the dark tumbler in black and white. 

5. Black Scary Cat Over Purple Cold Cup

Now, who wouldn’t want this? If you want to embrace the wild feline inside you this Halloween, do it by all means. Just don’t scratch anyone and enjoy your favorite Starbucks coffee with your cat and don’t forget to give some Halloween candies to the little animal. 

6. Cute Black Fat Cat Mug

The cute little black cat comes in Porcelain. If you love consuming large amounts of coffee and if you are obsessed with collecting crockery (it’s an actual obsession guy, don’t judge), then get your hands on this baby. 

Starbucks Halloween Cups Collection | Celebrating Disney’s Bday

7. Ceramic Cat Mug in Hot Pink

I know a black cat mug doesn’t fit everyone. So, for those ones among you Starbucks has created a special black cat mug but with a hot pink background. It has spider webs in the background and you can also add customizable stickers. 

8. Reusable Pumpkin Hot Cups

Starbucks’ Halloween Cups also have included some reusable hot cups but with pumpkin, prints to give you a spooky vibe. Now, there are many options in this particular reusable item so choose accordingly. 

9. Fancy Yet Simple, Baroque Cold Cup 

Umm, it’s basic but fancy. You know what I mean, those items that aren’t flashy and shiny but they don’t put you in the boring box. If that resonates with your vibe then you have your ideal piece from Starbucks’ Halloween Collection. 

10. Black Matte Mug

Have the complete haunting vibe with the Black Matte Mug. it has prints of some unknown horrifying animal that I can’t name along with some skulls printed on it. You’ll also see some black stars here and there so don’t get scared if you accidentally see them at night. 

11. Pumpkin Cold Cup

Every cutie out there needs a cute little pumpkin cold cup in their collection of Starbucks cups. Its orange color is very enriching and if dark colors aren’t your thing, you can go for this one instead. 

12. Witch Hot Cups

Embrace your inner Bonnie, light some candles, and drink your coffee in the witch hot cups. After all, nothing gives you more energy than coffee right? Not even spells! So get your cup and hold the magic in your hands. 

13. Black Cat Cup & Full Moon

I promise this cat is less terrifying than a monster but more terrifying than most humans you know. So, if you are daring enough choose this one from the latest Starbucks’ Halloween Cup collections.

14. Purple Spiderweb Cold Cup

A violet tumbler with slight spider web patterns on it seems just perfect for a Halloween night and for nights even after that. Your perfect fall tumbler will be this one if you want to use a tumbler even after Halloween. 

Starbucks Celebrates Disney’s 50th Anniversary with A New Magical Tumbler

It’s the 50th birthday of the most magical place in the world, Disney, and Starbucks is doing their best to celebrate it. Releasing some rare Disney-inspired tumblers and mugs, in the perfect purple colors with the popular spiked style. The limited items are only available at Disneyland. If you are visiting the place in a few days then don’t miss visiting Starbucks cafe in The Magical Kingdom and Disney Springs. Most of the Disney-inspired tumblers are available there only. 

Wrapping Up

That was all about “Starbucks’ Halloween Cups Collection”. Now, you know all the items in this year’s merch. Also, Starbucks has launched its Disney tumblers only to celebrate the 50th birthday of Disney. If you love the magical world then visit it and see if you can get your hands on some limited pieces. 

Hope this article was informative to you. Keep visiting us and share this article with your friends. 


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