Spotify vs YouTube Music: A Detailed Comparison Guide!

Spotify vs YouTube Music

Music services like Spotify and YouTube Music have masses of music lovers tied around them. Deciding between two music streaming apps is hard, but don’t worry about them. I have brought this detailed guide on this exciting topic Spotify vs YouTube Music

Earlier on comparing Spotify with Apple Music, we found that Spotify won, whereas, in the comparison of Spotify with Tidal, Tidal took the lead. Before making a decision for a music app, you should know everything about them. I am here to clear things on YouTube Music and Spotify. You will learn all the details about these online music streaming applications.

This blog will help you to look into things in a thoughtful way. So read the blog till the end to attain complete knowledge of this topic titled Spotify vs YouTube Music. 

Spotify vs YouTube Music: Pricing

Spotify vs YouTube Music

Pricing is the most important aspect when it comes to choosing between two music apps. If we talk about the Spotify platform, Spotify has a free and premium app versions. On the other hand, YouTube Music also has free and premium versions where you can download music to listen offline and much more. Both of these music streaming apps have different plans and memberships that you can have a look at in below mentioned table: 

PlansSpotify YouTube Music
Single Premium $9.99/per month$9.99/per month
Premium Duo$12.99/per monthN/A
Premium Family Plan $15.99/per month$14.99/per month
Premium Student Plan$4.99/per month$4.99/per month
Premium Annual Plan$99.99/per annum$99/per annum
Verdict: Spotify
It's a win win for Spotify in the section of pricing. Both of the apps have almost the same pricing for similar plans. Spotify earned the winning point from its plan for couples or a pair of people sharing the same residence. When comparing two premium accounts, it costs about $19, whereas Spotify Duo will cost $14.99/per month, which is a huge discount compared to the two accounts on YouTube Music. 

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YouTube Music vs Spotify: Music Library

Spotify Vs YouTube Music: Here's the Detailed Comparison (2023)

If we talk about YouTube Music vs Spotify, the next big aspect to consider is the app’s music library. When seen and analyzed, Spotify has a much bigger library than YouTube Music. Spotify has weekly discoveries and playlists that refer to the artists, albums, and the genre of the tracks according to your listening preferences. A new weekly playlist is released every Monday with regard to your preferences, and a daily mix playlist is also made from the point of your listening habits. 

Spotify has millions of playlists that entertain every mood, occasion, and event. On Spotify, it is very easy to navigate what you want are looking for on the platform. The app also has the most famous top charts of various genres, which users love. 

On the contrary, YouTube Music gives you newly and freshly released tracks by your favorite artists every week. Google Services allow you to browse music tracks on the web according to your moods, genres, and listening taste, but the selection is limited.  

Verdict: Spotify
According to the above discussion on whether Spotify is better than YouTube Music, Spotify is the winner because clearly, it has a far better and great music library than YouTube Music, which more people are likely to be happy with. On the other hand, YouTube Music has a less quantitative track library with some limitations that users might find irritating.  

Spotify vs YouTube Music: User Interface

If I talk about Spotify’s user interface in the battle of YouTube Music vs Spotify, Spotify has a user-friendly interface that is direct and convenient to use. Spotify offers its users the option of Dark Mode. Users can set the Spotify settings to Dark Mode and block the white-blue harming light to protect their eyes. Spotify has this feature available in some countries, allowing users to customize their home screen. This is the most significant plus point of the app’s user interface that users appreciate. 

YouTube Music similarly has a dark-themed user interface with a stylish structure. It has recently updated its interface and brought a new stylish and tilted layout to show the recent activity of the music habits. The new changes in the user interface have been updated in the playlists section rather than in the albums. 

Verdict: Spotify 
I consider Spotify the winner because everything is for the user's convenience and Spotify provides that to its user base. Though YouTube Music recently developed its interface and adopted a stylish look, it cannot beat the fanbase and users’ love for the platform of Spotify. 

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Spotify vs YouTube Music: Exclusive Content

There are times when a person is not in the mood for music. You may want a relaxing tune to calm down in the middle of a chaotic day or to lend an ear to a currently sensational topic in the air. When it comes to the availability of exclusive content, Spotify has been in the lead everywhere. YouTube Music only has music content on its platform and no more exclusivity to explore. There are music discoveries weekly that are similar to those of Spotify’s weekly discovered playlists.  

On the other hand, Spotify has vast availability of nonmusic content too on its platform. 

Spotify has uncountable Podcasts, Audiobooks, and other audio telecast content, including unplugged tracks, self-generated music, concerts, and live performances, which makes its content exclusivity impressive.

Verdict: Spotify
Spotify clearly shines out for me in this comparison for the exclusivity of the content. Whether is YouTube Music better than Spotify regarding the availability of exclusive content and release radars. Spotify has more exclusive content on its platform than YouTube Music. While as YouTube Music is more of a music driven app. 

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Spotify vs YouTube Music: Audio Quality

Whether Spotify is better than YouTube Music, the audio quality plays an essential role for the user. If we talk about YT Music vs Spotify, YouTube Music provides 256kbps/ACC of sound quality, which is the best to offer. On the other hand, Spotify provides 256kbps in its free version and 320kbps/ACC 3D in its premium version, which is the best. 

Verdict: Spotify
In this comparison guide of YouTube vs Spotify, in terms of audio quality, Spotify has the upper hand. You can clearly see that Spotify provides much better sound quality to its users than YouTube Music. 

Spotify vs YouTube Music: Availability

Spotify is globally dominant and currently available in 185 countries worldwide. It is very easily accessible across the territories. It has over 490+ million users and 200+ premium subscribers. It has a giant user base in all major parts of the world, like the US, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

On the other hand, YouTube Music is currently available in 101 countries, mainly dominant in the US. YouTube Music has nearly 80 Million subscribers and 77 million global downloads. Other than in the US, it is also available in some parts of South Africa, Spain, South Korea, and Slovenia.  

Verdict: Spotify
According to this section of availability in the discussion of YouTube Music vs Spotify, Spotify shines out bright. Spotify has no comparison in the flexibility of the network across territories. 

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YouTube Music vs Spotify: Compatibility

Spotify vs YouTube Music

In this discussion of whether Spotify is better than Youtube Music, it is essential to discuss the device and platform compatibility of both platforms. They both are globally available and are compatible with all mobile devices. 

It includes Androids, iOS, Windows, and Mac. These are compatible wirelessly with cars, smart watches, Bluetooth speakers, smart TVs, etc. In this section of Yt Music vs Spotify, YouTube Music streaming app offers a web browser version so that users can browse, discover and listen to music on browsers. Whereas Spotify, on the other hand, has both app and web versions for its users.   

Verdict: Spotify 
Spotify bangs the winning spot again here! There is almost no difference between the compatibility of both Spotify and YouTube Music. Only the factor that led to the winning of  Spotify is its availability in the app version. This will be more convenient to users because always going to a web browser to explore music or discover music or playing it to listen isn’t a suitable idea and act. 

Final Verdict: Spotify

After all the comparisons made above regarding Spotify vs YouTube Music, the final winner is Spotify. Spotify has almost won in every category that we discussed above. In every aspect, Spotify has a better and more enhanced build than YouTube Music. I can clearly state that Spotify has superior service and the best algorithm. Here is a table mentioned with a final verdict for your better understanding: 

Spotify YouTube Music
Music ExclusivityA vast variety of Audio content Music centered
Sound Quality320/kbps 3D ACC162/kbps ACC
User InterfaceMore easy and directLess user friendly 
Music DiscoveryPlays according to the requested artist, album or track nameNot convenient (Doesn’t give direct access to a vast variety of content)
Availability185 Countries101 Countries
PlansSpotify Duo is there.No Such Plans

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Wrapping Up

After reading this Blog, Spotify vs YouTube Music, you will get all the essential details and initials of both apps with their verdicts. I hope all this information serves you in the right direction. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment down below. To read more such informative and interesting blogs, visit our website, Path of EX. 

Have a great day ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Is YouTube Music audio better than Spotify?

Spotify stands ahead of YouTube Music in almost every aspect. Users love and appreciate it, especially its audio quality and giant music library. 

2: Which pays more, Spotify or YouTube Music?

According to a report, the streamers earn $0.0033 per stream, and on YouTube Music, it is even less, $0.0022 per stream. Whereas artists on YouTube receive 75% of the revenue made in total in the YouTube streams. 

3: Is YouTube Music any good? 

YouTube Music is an amazing music streaming service that provides access to a giant music library and personalized playlists. However, its less user-friendly interface and some acute limitations might turn off the moods of some users. At the same time, some of its features are only available to paying subscribers. 

4: Should I get Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube Music?

Spotify has a great music library. On the other hand, Apple Music has the best sound quality in the world. If it is about the comparison between Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music, then clearly, Apple Music wins. It also has additional features like Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos. 

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