Spotify Vs Apple Music: Battle Amongst the Best!

spotify vs apple music

Are you swinging in between a continuous struggle of making a choice for a music app? Is Spotify vs Apple Music on your mind? Don’t make it a big deal. I am here to clear your head! Read this article till the end. 

In this vastness of the digital world, competition for every platform is at its peak. In the music world, it’s a battle that every app wants to win, trying not to lag anywhere behind. Spotify is the shark of the music ocean, with its dominance there for more than 12 years. Lately, Apple Music has also grown into a big fish in 6 years and is giving a tough head to Spotify.

To attain clarity for Spotify vs Apple Music, I have brought this detailed guide for you. By the end of this blog, you will gain a better understanding of both these giant music suppliers.  

Spotify vs Apple Music: Features

Spotify vs Apple Music

Both Spotify and Apple Music are just loaded with a lot of amazing features. You might have heard about them in the air, but there is a chance you might have missed the details. This missed information can be of great help and use to your advantage. Let’s have a look at the thick features they both have to offer: 

1. Personalized Playlists

As you already know that Spotify allows you to create a personalized playlist. You can select the songs of your choice and put them in your customized playlist. Spotify allows you to do this in the free version of its app too. You can like songs or just add them to your customized playlist and listen to them online whenever you want. 

Apple Music, on the other hand, does not allow you to create a personalized playlist if you have not subscribed to it. If your paid subscription has ended, then you will lose all access to the playlist that you had earlier. Basically, you will only be able to have an Apple Music subscription before creating a personalized playlist. 

2. Podcasts 

Spotify has a giant collection of podcasts in itself. It is very famous across countries for its podcasts and telecasts. People already are aware of the vast podcast collection which is available online in the free version of Spotify.

Apple Music, on the other hand, will ask you to download another paid app, Apple Podcasts. Only then you will be able to have access to Podcasts. Apple Music only contains content that involves some 50+ million songs from artists of various genres, concerts, and countable live performances of some famous artists.  

3. Audio Quality

The sound quality Spotify offers in its free version is 132/kbps. Whereas Spotify Premium gives 320kbps to 380kbps-3D. This is the best that Spotify has to offer, and users enjoy it.  

Apple Music, on the other hand, offers default audio quality of 256/kbps. It may sound lower than Spotify’s 320/kbps, but it’s not like that. Apple Music uses its own AAC Audio codec. Apple has its default settings at a high standard if it’s connected to WiFi, but as you will switch to your cellular data, your sound quality will decline. 

4. Music Library

When it comes to Music libraries, both Spotify and Apple Music have massive collections of audio content. Spotify has up to 100 million of songs, whereas Apple Music claims to have over 80+ million songs.

Spotify has a vast collection of Music libraries, and the same is offered to freemium version users. Whereas, for Apple Music, you will need to have a paid subscription first, and then you can access the music libraries. 

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5. Family Plans 

Spotify has a family plan of up to 6 members, which costs $14.99/per month. This plan will be applicable under conditions like all six members who are account holders should live at the same address. Still, it allows each family member to have their own personal accounts features like music libraries, playlists, and recommendations— A full Spotify Premium experience.  

On the other hand, Apple Music provides this service of this family plan for 5 family members at the cost of $14.99/per month, the same as Spotify. In addition, it lets you access Apple TV and iCloud Storage. These features are, however, confined to iOS devices only. 

6. Content Exclusivity 

Spotify has greater exclusive content as compared to Apple Music. Spotify offers all types of musical content. It also has access to genres and platforms, Radios, and unplugged tracks. As mentioned earlier, it also has a giant collection of exclusive podcast episodes on its platform. 

As for Apple Music, it contains a giant collection of content personally from great artists. Among them, Most artists belong from the US, like Taylor Swift and Drake. In addition, Apple Music has a very specific kind of exclusive content. Again this is only accessible when you will have a paid subscription. On the other hand, Spotify gives all that exclusive content exclusively FREE!

7. Social Features

Compared to Apple Music, Spotify has more flexibility regarding social features. In addition, Spotify is an app that supports all kinds of devices, such as Androids, iOS, Windows, Mac, Smart TVs, and cars. 

Apple Music has a setup in which it mostly supports its Apple family devices. Apple TV, Mac, windows. Recently Apple Music opened its way to Android devices through the website. Doing this will help Apple Music in growing its presence around the world. 

Winner: Spotify
As per the features mentioned above, my research and analytics, I can announce Spotify as the winner. The biggest reason for considering Spotify as the winner here is because whatever Apple Music is offering is all placed behind a giant paywall. On the other hand, Spotify is giving off many of its features for free. In my view, why would an individual pay for one app when he/she can get those similar services on another app for free. 

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Spotify vs Apple Music: User Interface

As we already know, the interface is the first thing a user comes across while using an app. Both apps have a great fanbase and are widely used by music lovers. It is very important for you to know whether the music app you are using has a basic and simple user interface or a puzzle to solve. 

Spotify is the most loved online music streaming platform globally, with a very comfortable user interface. Spotify has a very user-friendly and direct interface to use. The content, like playlists, music libraries, liked songs, and downloads, can easily be navigated. Spotify offers its users the option of dark mode. Users can set the Spotify settings to Dark Mode and block the white-blue harming light to protect the eyes. Spotify has this feature available in some countries, allowing you to customize your homescreen. This is the biggest plus point of the app. It allows full access to listen to any content online. Users using the free version also have access and can listen to any music content they want. 

On the other hand, Apple Music gives its users a modern and sleek user interface. Apple Music claims to have a broader range than Spotify of music and exclusive content. Users have access to create and make their own playlists. Apple Music users also have access to lyrics for songs. But all of this can only be done if you have paid Apple Music subscription.  

Winner: Spotify is the winner for me due to its accessibility for services without any charges AGAIN! 

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Spotify vs Apple Music: Price

Pricing is a very important factor that a user bothers about. Every app user considers the prices of the apps and their plans before using them. As one of the biggest online music streaming platforms that too free, Spotify is currently with approximately 200 million free version users. Spotify has a main Spotify Premium Individual plan worth $9.99/per month after a free trial of one month. 

On the contrary, Apple Music has no free plan offer available. It starts and offers services only when you pay for Apple Music. The very basic and minimal plan for Apple Music starts from $4.99/per month and has many limitations. Apple Music’s standard plan for individuals starts from the same price as Spotify, $9.99/per month. Both of the apps contain a list of plans that it has to offer to their users. Family plans, Plans for couples, premium student plans with discounts, etc.  

Here is a detailed chart for you below to understand the premium plans of both apps in a better way:    

SpotifyApple Music
Free PlanAvailable Not Available
Premium Individual$9.99/per month$9.99/per month
Premium Duo$14.99/per monthNot Available
Premium Family Plan$15.99/per month$16.99/per month
Premium Student Plan$4.99/per month$5.99/per month

Winner: Spotify takes up the lead here. Firstly it is available in the free version. Further, all Spotify plans are $1 or $2 cheaper than Apple Music. 

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Apple Music vs Spotify: Sound Quality

For intense music lovers, sound quality is essential. Unfortunately, Spotify has a basic audio quality in the free version, which is 190/kbps. However, if you are a Spotify Premium member, you can access 380/kbps-3D of music quality.   

On the other hand, Apple Music gives 256/kbps with a unique AAC Audio Codec. This may sound low in quality than Spotify, but it is not. It is special ultra HD quality, only accessible on iOS devices. Apple Music has unique qualities like lossless audio quality, which is the richest audio quality possible, as claimed by the company itself. 

In comparison, Spotify has been dropping notifications on Spotify HiFi, which will also be giving superior most quality of Audio quality. 

Winner: Apple Music
Although it is a paid deal, still it has a better quality of sound when compared to Spotify. The best possibly available in the world of music.  

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Apple Music vs Spotify: Device Compatibility

Apple Music and Spotify are both available with a wide range of compatible devices. Both services are laced with apps to be compatible with all ranges of devices. Spotify is easily compatible with all basic kinds of devices and platforms like iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and web browsers. Spotify is not trapped in any brand environment and connects beyond any brand or gadget limitation. 

On the other hand, Apple Music is more packed and directly available for its iOS devices and Mac. If any other device user wishes to use Apple Music, they will need to have access through Browser or any third-party application. These music services are also available in cars, wireless gadgets, smartwatches, and gaming consoles. 

Winner: Spotify! 
Here Spotify is in the lead because of the variety of Spotify’s compatibility devices. It has no limitations and is easily compatible with mostly all devices across the globe. 

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Apple Music vs Spotify: Music Library

Music libraries of both Apple Music and Spotify are loaded with massive music libraries. Apple Music claims to have over 100 million pieces of music content in its library, including exclusive content like concerts, live performances, etc. It has a different platform for those who love podcasts called Apple Podcasts. Apple users must download it, as this genre is not available on Apple Music. 

Whereas Spotify is one complete package app that has everything in itself. There is no need to have any other third application for listening to audio content other than Music. Radio, Podcasts, and other unplugged music content, including a giant library of 90+ million songs. Spotify claims they keep adding over 18,000 new tracks per month to the platform. 

Winner: Spotify!
It is a win-win for Spotify because it has everything packed smoothly into one app, and you will not need to look over any third-party app for any Audio content.  

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Apple Music vs Spotify: Final Verdict

Apple Music vs Spotify! Both of these apps are heavily stuffed with extremely tremendous and unique features. In this blog, you’ve read the detailed comparison of both apps’ features. 

After considering the complete analytics of this blog, I consider Spotify more beneficial and considerable than Apple Music because there are many features that Spotify offers for free, whereas Apple Music charges for it. Spotify’s flexibility in connectivity is also the biggest factor, whereas Apple Music will require you to put in extra effort to step out of its brand comfort zone. 

If you consider sound quality superior and want the best, then you can go for Apple Music clearly. As mentioned above, it provides the AAC audio codec that is the best of its kind in the domain of music. All the factors and functions of the app are openly in front of you. Now, the decision clearly depends upon you, what are your preferences. Spotify is a great tool to save money, whereas Apple Music is great if you want great audio quality. The decision to make is completely yours, as both of the apps are worthy of being used.

SpotifyApple Music
Free PlanAvailable Not Available
PricesAffordableSlightly more than Spotify 
Exclusive ContentAvailableThird-party apps
Sound Quality380kbps/3D256kbps/AAC 
Device CompatibilityHigherMostly in Brand Environment
User InterfaceSimple and DirectModern and Sleek

Wrapping Up

I hope this article serves you best in its way. It will clarify all your doubts related to Spotify vs Apple Music. You can make a final choice based on your priorities. If you have any suggestions or comments, write them down below. To read such informative articles, keep visiting our website, Path of EX. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which music streaming service has more songs?

A1. Apple Music is the app that has more songs. Apple Music claims to have over 100 Million songs on its platform, whereas Spotify only has 90+ Million and keeps adding 18,000 new tracks every month to the platform. 

Q2. Which music streaming service has better sound quality?

A2. Apple Music streaming service has better sound quality than Spotify. Spotify gives 380/kbps 3D in the premium membership, whereas Apple Music has 256/kbps AAC audio codec, which is the best audio quality possible. 

Q3. Which music streaming service is cheaper?

A3. Spotify is more pocket friendly than Apple Music. Spotify has most of the plans cheaper than Apple Music. Spotify provides maximum features with minimum limitations in the freemium version, whereas Apple Music puts many limitations in the free version (in some countries free version isn’t available). 

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