Spotify vs Amazon Music: Which Music Streaming Service is the Best for You?

Spotify vs. Amazon Music

Spotify vs Amazon Music, this is the battle of two sharks in the world of online music streaming platforms! Both of these apps provide a wide range of variety in music streaming with excellent assistance. They are followed massively at a global level.

Spotify is the biggest player in the market, but lately, it has been going through a tough face-off with its greater competitor, Amazon Music. Both apps offer billions of tracks to their users on demands and searches. Many music lovers are fond of both of the apps. But as the competition and comparison get intense, they want to know which one is on the top.

Are you one of them? Don’t worry. I have brought this detailed article Spotify vs Amazon Music, for you after a lot of research work, data analysis, and experience. The information in this blog will help you to decide better between Spotify and Amazon Music.   

Spotify vs Amazon Music: Features

Knowing the features of Spotify and Amazon Music will help you understand the qualities and attributes they both have to offer you. Features play a very vital role in knowing the best out of Spotify vs Amazon Music. The comparison of their features will help you in deciding and choosing the music app that will suit you the best. Below are some features explained that you should definitely go through.

1. Spotify vs Amazon Music: Music Library

Music Library is a very important factor in comparing Spotify vs Amazon Music. Both have loaded music libraries with a great range of globally popular tracks. Spotify currently has 70 million+ tracks in its music library. You can create your playlists from those tracks by saving them and enjoy listening to them online whenever you want.

Amazon Music, on the other hand, has up to 80 million+ tracks in its music library. It also allows you to save it in your personal playlist and listen to them later on. 

In this feature of Music Library, Amazon Music has a bit higher score than Spotify, but its number of tracks is not all that matters. As we already know, nobody listens to all 70 or 80 million tracks. Despite this, both apps continue to make improvements and upgrades. Spotify adds up to 50,000 tracks each year for its users.

2. Spotify vs Amazon Music: User Interface

In Spotify vs Amazon Music regarding the user interface, Spotify has a much more user-friendly platform built than Amazon Music. Spotify’s interface is very direct and simple on the front face, whereas Amazon Music is a bit complex and is divided into three sections: Browse, My Music, and Store. Both apps have easy access for their users, but Spotify has an easier interface format.

Amazon Music creates definite playlists, while Spotify targets recommending tracks based on the interests of the users. The user interface can be a great factor that may impact the number of users using the app. Here Spotify is more easily accessible and a primary choice. 

3. Spotify vs Amazon Music: Audio Quality  

Regarding the sound quality of the music, they both have excellent sound quality that users find amazing. For Spotify vs Amazon Music unpaid versions, if we dive into the technical details, you can know the various differences.

Amazon Music offers 192 kbps of standard quality to its users. On the contrary, Spotify offers 96 kbps of standard quality sound. 

For the paid memberships, Amazon Music offers ultra high-definition audio for over 7 million+ songs and lossless CD quality audio that allows standard definition streaming. In contrast, Spotify will only be able to give you 320 kbps to the maximum. 

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4. Spotify vs Amazon Music: Exclusive Content 

In terms of exclusive content, Spotify vs Amazon Music has distinguished things to offer its users. Except for the music content, Spotify provides a vast range of podcasts to its users that have received great positive feedback, like Joe Rogan’s podcast. In contrast, Amazon Music offers a great range of concerts and live performances. 

You can choose between both of them according to your suitable interests. For example, users who are fond of podcasts and similar discussions can go for Spotify, and those who are artist lovers can go for Amazon Music. 

5. Spotify vs Amazon Music: Radio

Spotify and Amazon Music both have the feature of radio stations. They offer a range of personalized radio stations depending on your interests, artists, and track preferences. In addition, both platforms provide a mood-based playlist and an option to start a radio station based on the song and artist you currently are listening to.

6. Spotify vs Amazon Music: Playlists

Spotify and Amazon Music allow you to make manual playlists according to your preferences in music. In addition, both platforms allow you to save, download and create your private playlists. You can also share your playlists with your friends who share similar music tastes.  

These custom playlists you create on Spotify and Amazon Music are confidential; others will only be able to see them when you allow them. 

Verdict: Draw
Spotify and Amazon Music offer amazing features, as discussed above. However, they have similar features with slight differences. Among all the discussed features of Spotify and Amazon Music, if I talk about a verdict on features, Spotify clearly wins as it has a very user-friendly interface. On the other end, Amazon has the best sound quality. So both of them stand in the same position, and their competition ends up with a draw between them.      

Spotify vs Amazon Music: Free Features Compared

Spotify vs Amazon Music

Spotify and Amazon Music have premium membership plans with additional features. Both apps offer great subscription plans to give access to songs for their users. After doing great research and collecting detailed information regarding the plans of the apps, Here is the list of the different premium subscription plans both apps have to offer.   

FeaturesSpotify Free PlanAmazon Music Free Plan
Access to SongsUnlimited AccessLimited
Highest audio streaming quality320/kbps850/kbps
Offline streamingNo AccessNo Access
Background playAllowsAllows
Ad skipsNo AccessNo Access
Song SkipUp to 6 SongsUp to 5 Songs

NOTE: Both of these apps offer a free trial of one month. 

Verdict: Spotify
Both apps have almost the same features to offer in their freemium plans. According to the statistics, Spotify clearly wins this because for any free listener, having unlimited access to the tracks is a big deal. Without paying anything if you can listen to any track you want. There is nothing else a music lover could wish for.

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Spotify vs Amazon Music: Premium Plans Compared

Spotify and Amazon Music have paid Premium plans that offer additional features to their paid members.

Let’s take a peek at the price list of both apps 

Both of the apps have a couple of plans that have similar pricing to each other. These were the premium membership plans that both the apps offer. You can clearly figure out which one suits you the best. 

Verdict: Spotify 
After looking at all the plans of Spotify and Amazon Music, I am set to announce that Spotify bangs the first position here! It is because of its Spotify Duo plan that offers a great discount as compared with two individual plans. Also, it gives you access to unlimited devices without any additional or extra charges. 

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Spotify vs Amazon Music: Premium Features Compared

Spotify vs Amazon Music

Paying for the membership of Spotify and Amazon Music apps makes a difference. Here are some of the features you can access after paying for them.  

  • You will have ad-free streaming on both apps.
  • Full access to all the music playlists, podcasts, concerts, and other audio content.
  • Access to download songs and listen to them offline.
  • Stronger, improved, and clearer quality of sound. 
  • Ability to connect to multiple devices. 
  • Ability to skip unlimited tracks during playback. 

These were some of the paid features listed above for you. Let us have a look at a comparison chart mentioned below for your better understanding: 

Premium FeaturesSpotify PremiumAmazon Music Unlimited
Add Free YesYes
Offline PlaybackAllowedAllowed
Improved Audio320/kbps850/kbps
HD Difference3D HD 380/kbpsUltra HD 3730/kbps
Download AvailabilityYesYes
DevicesUnlimited connectivity to devicesLimited upto bought plans

These were some of the Premium features of Spotify and Amazon Music that you should know before diving into any of their plans. 

Verdict: Amazon Music
After knowing all the detailed information about the premium features when compared, you can choose the best option. If you want to consider the sound quality of the music and access to the number of devices, then Amazon Music wins here! As it is better than Spotify in both of these factors.

Amazon Music vs Spotify: Availability

Spotify vs Amazon Music

Both of these apps, Amazon Music and Spotify, are used by millions of people worldwide but have a great difference in scale. Let’s find out the availability of Amazon Music and Spotify beyond territories across the globe. 

Spotify Availability

Spotify is currently streaming in 184 countries worldwide with 490 million current users. It has over 280 million users who use the free version of Spotify. Spotify attracts global mass due to the diverse content it contains in its platform. It has over 100 million tracks and keeps adding up to approximately 18,000 every month. 

Amazon Music Availability

Amazon lags far behind, with only availability in 50 countries with 90 million worldwide users. The number and stats of Amazon Music further shrink when it comes to HD Audio streaming options to mere 7 territories, mainly in the US. It is openly available in the US, UK, Europe, partially in Australia, and a few selected countries in Asia. 

Verdict: Spotify
Clearly, Amazon Music needs much more work in its availability of network expansion. Spotify has a much wider range and availability across the globe. Spotify has many characteristics that make it more easily accessible to listeners. 

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Spotify vs Amazon Music: Compatibility

Spotify vs Amazon Music

Spotify and Amazon Music are compatible with various devices. You can connect these apps to your personal devices and enjoy listening to music there. Let’s find out the compatibility of Spotify and Amazon Music with other devices. 

Spotify Compatibility

Spotify supports versions like iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. There are numerous formats of web browsers that Spotify supports: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera. Other devices which Spotify supports are TVs, game consoles, Smartwatches, and Cars. You can also play Spotify on wireless devices like Bluetooth, AppleAir Play, Alexa, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Google Assistant, and more. 

NOTE: Spotify content may be only accessed by the Spotify app or apps that Spotify authorizes. 

Amazon Music Compatibility

Amazon Music is also compatible with numerous devices, such as Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Tablet, and Amazon Echo. There will be additional benefits if you are a Prime member of Amazon. Amazon Music is also supported by iOS and Android devices. As for Desktops, it also supports Mac and Windows 7 and above.  If you are a wanderer with a love for music, you need Android Auto or Apple’s Car Play, and you’re good.  

Verdict: Spotify
As per the comparison in the compatibility of these apps with the devices, it seems that Amazon is very much trapped in its brand space. On the other hand, Spotify expands beyond the brand wall and has a more extensive compatibility network with various devices and other wireless technologies. 

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Amazon Music vs Spotify: Pros and Cons 

Spotify vs Amazon Music

Now, we have covered almost everything regarding these music apps, Amazon Music and Spotify. I am going to mention below all the fairly collected advantages and disadvantages of both these apps.  

Amazon Music Pros

Here are some of the amazing plus points of the Amazon Music app.

  • Expansive Music Library: According to the latest update, it provides more than 10 million tracks online, with grand new releases from current and famous artists. This giant collection of the music catalog gives tough competition to Spotify and other music apps.
  • Free Subscription Model: This model of using Amazon Music is very similar to that of Spotify and Youtube. It offers access to tons of music tracks available on this online music streaming platform. With very prominent limitations, Amazon Music has a satisfactory free subscription model. At the same time, it offers 3 Month Free trial period. 
  • Best Audio Quality: In this factor, no other brand can beat Amazon Music, including Spotify! Amazon Music has the world’s best sound quality, especially in the premium version. It best gives Ultra HD qualities of up to 3730/kbps, 24 bit at 192kHz.
  • Non-Music Catalog: Amazon Music provides access to various video soundtracks and hit concerts by extremely popular pop stars. It has a giant collection of growing podcasts and other original audio content from well-known celebrities. It is also growing its music video content to intensify the quality of its audio content. 
  • Tight Integration into Amazon Ecosystem: It works great with the devices associated with the brand itself. It has a strong pack within its brand environment like Amazon Alexa, Smart speaker Echo and more. It is also compatible and works well with other devices.

These are some of the advantages that Amazon Music has. Amazon Music further is working and getting more and more better at improving its functioning and services. 

Amazon Music Cons

Like every other application, Amazon Music also has its disadvantages. I have mentioned some cons of Amazon Music non partially. They are as follows: 

  • Limitations in the Free Version: You need to make a note that Amazon Music does not allow its users to choose the tracks they want to play freely. The playlists are already in shuffle mode, and you cannot change that. Users cannot create stations of their choice also. As per a report, only 3 million tracks are available in every 10 million of the catalog. 
  • Complex User Interface: Amazon Music has a less user-friendly interface. According to the surveys, users find the face of the app very indirect and complicated to use. 
  • No Live Radio Streams: Amazon Music also lacks the streaming of live Radio stations. It is an important feature that Amazon misses. The lack of this feature prevents users from discovering random plays and tracks curated by a particular algorithm.
  • Regional Availability and Restrictions: Another disadvantage of Amazon Music is that it is regionally restricted and unavailable in many countries. The prime version of Amazon Music is not available in many countries like New Zealand, a few South American countries, India and a couple of European countries. In a gist, I can say that Amazon Music Premium is available with complete accessibility in certain countries only. 

I hope knowing these disadvantages will help you in making a suitable choice. 

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Spotify Pros

Now is the time to look at some plus points that Spotify has. They are listed below:

  • Simple and Intuitive Interface: Compared to Amazon Music, Spotify has a very simple and easy interface. It is very user-friendly. It is direct and has many features easily accessible on the screen. 
  • Flexibility in Sharing Music: Spotify allows you to share your music taste with friends and people you are connected to on social media. Regardless of the social media platform, you can easily share the links and get them to hear the tracks you are vibing on.
  • Solid Compatibility: Spotify does not have any limitations to any sort of ecosystem. It has a much greater range of compatibility with devices and varieties of technologies. The amazing thing is that this compatibility is accessible for all free and paid membership users. 
  • Customizable Playlists: Spotify allows you to customize your own playlist personally. You can anytime create your playlist even with a free subscription. 
  • Free Access and Exposure to New Music: Spotify is the very best app if we count in for this feature. It suggests the best music based on the user’s search habits and music tastes. Spotify gives you free access to unlimited music and libraries. 
  • Wider Availability: Spotify is available in many more countries than Amazon Music. It is available almost all over the world in around 184 countries with around 500 million current users. 
  • Access to Download: Spotify gives complete access to download the content on its platform. It is available only for premium users. You can download podcasts and original content of celebrities and listen to all of that offline. 

These were all the pros of the Spotify app that you should know before using it. 

Spotify Cons 

As with every other app, Spotify has its disadvantages. Here are they listed below. 

  • Inferior Music Quality: Spotify lacks in providing the best when it comes to sound quality. Spotify does not give the so good listening quality to its free users. Also, its paid version’s sound quality is not up to the level of Amazon Music.
  • Interrupting Ads: Spotify-free users have to bear with interrupting advertisements. They cannot skip ads and have to listen to them in between streaming music. 
  • Limitations for Free Version: Out of approximately 500 million users of Spotify, 290 million users are free Spotify users. Unfortunately, the free version is laced with limitations such as limited skips in a playlist, no access to download music to listen offline, and no access to skip multiple ads in a row.

And that’s it. These were the lists of the advantages and disadvantages of Spotify and Amazon Music. This section of the article will help you out in making a clearer decision.  

Verdict: Spotify 
Based on the pros and cons of Spotify and Amazon Music, you can suit yourself with whatever app you choose. According to the above-mentioned pros and cons and from my analysis and point of view, Spotify wins this battle because it has only one drawback that counts compared to Amazon Music. Amazon Music has many more lacking features like major limitations and availability across territories. 

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Spotify vs Amazon Music: The Final Verdict

Spotify vs Amazon Music

As earlier mentioned, making a decision completely depends on the users’ priorities and music tastes. Both of the apps have their features, advantages, and disadvantages. Choosing anyone between both of them depends on you. Once again, I have given you a brief quick peek to clear your fog!

Spotify Amazon Music
Individual Plan$9.99/per month$9.99/per month $8.99/per month (prime)
Availability180+ Countries50+ Countries
Global Users490+ Million Users100+ Million Users
Device CompatibilityFlexible in CompatibilityMostly Rigid to Amazon environment
Sound Quality320kpbs-3D HDUltra HD- 3730kpbs
InterfaceDirect and Easy interfaceComplicated and indirect interface

I hope this table will help you in making your final decision and verdict for Spotify vs Amazon Music. 

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Wrapping Up

In this blog, I have covered in detail all the free and premium features of both Spotify and Amazon Music. Which app will suit and serve you better depends on your priorities and preferences. If you want a user-friendly interface, you can go for Spotify, but if you are a fan of sound accuracy and quality, pick Amazon Music. Again Spotify is available on a wider scale, whereas Amazon is restricted to countable territories, which can be an issue if you are a traveler. 

Regardless of which app you use, both online music streaming apps are amazing. Choose wisely and accordingly! If you have any queries related to the topic, comment down below. To read more about such topics, keep visiting our site, Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Can I use Spotify and Amazon Music for free?

A1. Yes, you can use Spotify and Amazon Music for free. They both have free trial periods for prime memberships and free versions for use. However, Spotify has fewer limitations in the free version than Amazon Music. 

Q2. Can I download songs to listen to offline on Spotify and Amazon Music?

A2. Yes, both apps allow you to listen to your downloaded music offline. You need to have a premium plan to do so. If you are using a free version of the app, you cannot listen to music offline or download it from both apps. 

Q3. Which music streaming service offers better sound quality, Spotify or Amazon Music?

A3. Amazon Music takes the lead when it comes to the better sound quality of the audio. Where Amazon Music gives Ultra HD 3730kbps, Spotify lags behind by giving only 380 kbps- 3D. So here completely, Amazon Music is a better option to go for. 

Q4. Does Spotify or Amazon Music offer exclusive content?

A4: If you want to know about the availability of exclusive content, Spotify ranks in for podcasts, and Amazon Music ranks in for live performances and concerts of artists and celebrities. You can choose according to what you are looking for. 

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