Spiderman Zero In Fortnite Launched | How To Get Spiderman Skin & Emote in Fortnite

how to get spiderman zero in fortnite

Epic Games has been bringing numerous successful collaborations in their super popular and fans’ all-time favorite battle royale game Fortnite. However, there are a few skins and goodies on which the fans are making sure to get their hands on. One of such cases is when Epic Games collaborated with Marvel Comics and brought Spiderman into Fortnite. This guide will help you with how to get Spiderman zero in Fortnite.

The first time when Epic Games decided to collab with Marvel Comics, was in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. Now, in Chapter 3 Season 3, they are bringing back one of their most popular and fan-loved collabs, well ofcourse, who doesn’t like Spiderman?! Fans would once again be able to obtain Spiderman Zero Skin and all the other related goodies so they can flex them in front of their friends as well as enemies.

We can understand how excited you must be to get your own Spiderman skin. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this guide on How to Get Spiderman Zero in Fortnite?

Spiderman Zero In Fortnite | Fortnite X Marvel

how to get spiderman zero in fortnite

Spiderman Zero can be termed as one of the rarest upcoming skins of Fortnite. This is because the Fortnite Spiderman Zero outfit is a limited edition only for the game. It can’t be found in any store, and nor will be shown in any upcoming Battle Passes. Hence, you sure don’t want to miss out on this one-time opportunity of getting your hands on your favorite Marvel character’s outfit.

Marvel Unlimited, in collaboration with Epic Games, released a five-issue comic book with the name of Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War that basically shows the Fortnite and the Marvel Universe, both in one frame. All thanks to this collab, the Spiderman Zero skin was introduced in Fortnite.

How To Get Spiderman Zero In Fortnite?


If the question in your mind is about how to get Spiderman Zero in Fortnite, then you have come to the right place. Let’s move on with the article and find out how to get Fortnite’s Spiderman Zero

There is only one way to get your hands on the Spiderman Zero skin codes.

  1. Purchase the First Edition of the first issue of Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War.
  2. From this comic, you’ll get a code that would help you get your Spiderman Zero outfit in Fortnite.
  3. Once you get the code, redeem it by following a few easy steps and the amazing Spiderman Zero skin would be yours to use in the game. 

How To Redeem The Spiderman Zero Fortnite Code?

Below mentioned are some steps which would help you redeem the code you got from the First Edition of Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War and finally get your hands on Spiderman Zero skin. Let’s check them out:

How To Get Spiderman Zero In Fortnite
  1. Visit the official website of Fortnite.
  2. Go to the redeem page.
  3. Sign in to your Epic games account.
  4. Enter your code in the Enter Access Code box.
  5. Select the Redeem option.
  6. Verify the item you wish to redeem.
  7. Select the Activate option.
  8. Launch your Fortnite using the same Epic Games account.
  9. While loading, you would notice a pop-up showing the item you’ve unlocked.
  10. Select the Equip or Claim option to get your item.

Your desired item would now be added to your Loadout.

Wrapping Up

That’s all you need to know about how to get Spiderman Zero in Fortnite. The fans have been eagerly waiting for this collab to happen once again. And now, both MCU and Epic Games have heard their fans and are back in action with a banger yet again. You can easily get your Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War comic book from your nearest comic books store. Go grab yours, redeem the code and enjoy one of the rarest Spiderman Zero outfit.

We genuinely hope that this article of ours on How to get Spiderman Zero in Fortnite helped you in collecting all the information you need. In case you have any doubt or query regarding the same, feel free to leave a comment and we will be glad to help you out.


1. What Is The Rarest Skin In Fortnite?

The rarest skin in Fortnite is Aerial Assault Trooper Skin.

2. Is Zero A Rare Skin?

Yes, Zero in Fortnite is one of the rare skins.

3. Can I Buy Old Fortnite Skins?

The only way to get your hands on old Fortnite skins is by buying or trading an account.

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