Spiderman 2 Game Ending Explained & What it Tells About the Sequel [2023]

Spiderman 2 Game Ending

Questions are everywhere now that many gamers have finally finished Spiderman 2 gameplay. The Spiderman 2 game ending will tell gamers why Miles Morales is the only hero in the spotlight in the sequel and what to expect from the sequel. In this article, you’ll find out what happened in the Spiderman 2 game ending and some educated guesses of where we could go from here in the sequel.

The post-credit and mid-credit scenes in Spiderman 2 have raised doubts and possibilities about the game’s future, but the climax only resolves the questions we had already. The Spiderman 2 game ending resolves questions and doubts about the main story of Spiderman while dropping exciting hints about the sequel. 

With so much happening so quickly with Peter, Miles, Hailey, and Dr. Osborn, details get missed, and things tangle pretty easily. So, read on to know what actually happened at the end of Spiderman 2 and what the possibilities of the storyline in the sequel are.

What Happened in the Spiderman 2 Game Ending?

Spiderman 2 game ending

The climax of the Spiderman 2 game shows both classic Spidermen, Miles Morales and Peter Parker, working together to destroy a meteorite connected to Venom (symbiote consciousness.) The final boss fight in Spiderman 2 was with Venom, and it was nothing short of a rampage.

In the main Spiderman 2 game (the final chapter), Peter manages to extract his friend Harry from the suit just before the meteorite is destroyed. As Harry is saved, the dangerous symbiote takes a severe toll on Harry.

Since Dr. Osborn sees Spiderman at the scene of the crime, he blames his son’s (Harry’s) condition on him and views revenge. The promise of revenge causes Osborn to go crazy and destroy everything in his vicinity and, in the end, asks someone to prepare a “G-serum.”

Note that although we didn’t see the Green Goblin, the G-Serum points to his emergence soon.

At the end of Spiderman 2, Peter ends his journey as the city’s hero and gives up the Spider-Man mantle to Miles Morales, who then becomes the only Spider-Man in New York.

What Will Happen in the Spiderman 2 Game Sequel?

When the Spiderman 2 game ends, we see villains either made, destroyed, or changed for the better in some way. We can’t expect the finished villains to make a comeback, but we might see the reformed supervillains coming back to lend a hand in saving lives. 

Another strange thing I’ve noticed in the Spiderman 2 game ending might be giving us a peek into the one and only Marvel’s multiverse of madness. If you collected all the spider bots in the game, you might have noticed a newfound portal resembling the Spider-Verse movie portals.

On a more light and romantic note, we might finally see lovebirds Miles and Hailey have a successful romantic life in the sequel after their brief kiss in the post-credits scene.

Watch the Spiderman 2 Game Ending Explained

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Wrapping Up

So in the Spiderman 2 game ending, Miles and Peter beat Venom, but Harry’s life is at risk now. With Peter giving up the Spider-Man mantle to Miles, the city’s life is in Miles’ hands now. Will reformed villains return to help save the city, and will we see the spider-verse flourishing in the sequel? Stay tuned with Path of EX to get the latest gossip on the future of Spiderman 2!

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